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    Well done on finding the problem! So far so good on our public server.

    And as others have said, really pleased to see that the community can now help index maps.

    Very many thanks from 3CB for this update. :-)

    Thanks to 3CB and Apollo for the repro mission which helped nail down the server freeze issue.

    So, I have to Report a "bug":


    As I reported on Discord I still have the problem with two pairs of helicopter spawning on the military base close west of the Altian Airport. Since they spawn on top of each other they just blow up.
    Have not noticed that on any other Heliport in any other military base (tested most of them)


    Also still have a Request:
    Please add a "Code"-Line to the Artillery! Can't use them atm because I can't except them from VCOM.



    Thanks for the report.  Issue added for that particular base - I assume they are spawning on the helipad there?


    Also feature request added for arty code line.

  2. Does that needed to be done by the island authors or the alive authors?

    I don't know how it works, but can be done when we know how.

    regarding airfield beacons:

    i would need to check that in arma 2 and see if they worked there, but i will add it to the bug list for the next release.


    I've added it to the TO DO list of maps.  Very shortly you'll be able to index your own maps, but for now it has to be done by the ALiVE dev team.



    Great work BTW - did the 'blowout' module make it to the A3 version?


    I'm having an issue with using ALiVE to populate two markers. The override factions i'm using are rhs_faction_usarmy_wd and rhs_faction_msv. When I preview the mission both markers have proper factions spawned, but also units from RHS's Insurgent (Independent) faction in each one. I know that faction isn't supported by ALiVE (according to this), is there a way I can stop this?


    Happy to dropbox the mission pbo when I'm at my home machine if that helps.




    Ditto.  This happens even using vanilla units with RHS loaded...  I first thought maybe it was the CBA bug but after rolling back still happening



    Thanks for the reports - looks like the static mappings to make RHS work with ALiVE need some attention.


    @gibfender - if you have a repro mission with just RHS, ALiVE and CBA then PM to me if you can... thanks!





    Here is a link to a file .rpt -> http://forum.hastati.pl/arma3.rpt


    I do not use the War Room, and I do not have this mod on a server or in my client.

    Thanks Dogpatch will take a look - are you placing the ALiVE data module in your mission?


  4. Can someone help me with this? This error appears to me the logs on each map and mission.




    Hi Dogpatch - can you post the full RPT file to pastebin and link back here?  Are you using the War Room with persistence?  If so double-check you've setup the server properly (instructions are under your group profile in the War Room).  If not, then remove @aliveserver from the list of mods for your server (and do not run it on your client).




    Since the latest update my HC does diconnect if i start the server with Alive with the following message:

    23:32:03  > You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.alive_sys_adminactions, alive_sys_aiskill, alive_sys_weather, alive_sys_gc, alive_main, alive_sys_profile, alive_sys_crewinfo, alive_sys_viewdistance, alive_amb_civ_population, alive_amb_civ_placement, alive_mil_c2istar, alive_mil_cqb, alive_sup_combatsupport, alive_sup_artillery, alive_sup_transport, alive_mil_opcom, al

    The startup script of my HC is:

    start "Headless" "C:\Server\....\arma3server.exe" -connect= -port=2312 -client -nosound -password=xxxxx -mod=-mod=mods\@bwa3;-mod=mods\@CBA_A3;-mod=mods\@CUP_Terrains;-mod=mods\@ALiVE;-mod=mods\@task_force_radio;-mod=mods\@MightyGau;-mod=mods\@ace;-mod=mods\@Leights OPFOR;-mod=mods\@RHSAFRF;-mod=mods\@RHSUSF;-mod=mods\@optional;-mod=mods\@taw_viewdistance;-mod=mods\@TalibanFighters;-mod=mods\@talibanRHSweapons;-mod=mods\@MELB;-mod=mods\@IWAR- Irregular Warfare;-mod=mods\@BW_Kleiderkammer;-mod=mods\@DAC


    Usually this error means the server (or HC) does not have the required mods loaded for the mission.  I would try using this format for your mod params: