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  1. Here's an idea I had:

    My script JEBUS saves a group, complete with full load out and vehicles to be spawned and respawned later. So I can have CUP units dressed in FoxFort Camo with NIArms weapons driving Burnes Huskies if I want (to use an extreme example).

    My question is: Would it be possible to use a similar script to "register" a group with ALIVE Military Placement?

    It would save a lot of mucking about with configs and allow non-ALIVE compliant units to be used.



    AFAIK unit configs must be declared using a static faction file not via in-game script.  See here for more info:







    Alive Menu issues.


    Hello community since the 1.60 update no matter what i try i cannot get the alive menu to work. i can however talk to pilot on the transport option and then it brings up the tablet. remapping to 20 and app key does not work and all i get is a beep when pressed.

    I have the latest build of alive and CBA so can anyone help me. Is their any known mods to conflict with alive?

    Thanks in advance.

    The most common cause of this is outdated @alive or @cba_a3 - make sure both of these are the latest versions.
    CBA_A3 -
    ALiVE -


    If you re-map user key 20 to App Menu you need to restart Arma for the changes to take effect.


    Other than that I suppose it could be a mod conflict - please list the mods you are running.

  2. Ah I see, there is an isNil check in the config file...


    Exactly this is what I need, thank you. Until now I always changed the config file and de-/pboed. The nice thing is, you can save such an object in Eden for later use ("Custom composition"). So I will create a DAC_Config game logic...



    Yeah if you're doing a lot of custom stuff in DAC it's much easier to just de-pbo and work with those files, but for a few small changes it works well.

  3. Hi guys, I am using the mod version. My goal is clicking/exporting a quick mission via editor without having to touch mission folders/files.


    Now let's say I want to have markers in a mission. Is there a way to override the pbo's DAC_Config_Creator.sqf setting ("DAC_Marker = 0") via some editor objects init line?



    If you want to do it without adding files to your mission folder I believe you can just use an objects init line (ie: the DAC module - add DAC_Marker = 0 to the init line).  This will override the default value.  See the note at the bottom of page 38 of the DAC manual. 

  4. If both machines have the same IP then yes that is the problem.  The easiest solution would be to change the IP of his client computer.


    However I'm thinking he is behind a NAT router and as such the public IP will be the same however behind the router the server and client will have different private IPs (usually 192.168.x.x).  What he needs to do is determine the private IP of the server and connect using that instead of the public IP.  Through a command prompt on the server you can type ipconfig /all which will list all IPs for each network interface.


    This should have worked through the LAN option.. if he still can't connect then my guess is firewall rules on the server which are preventing him from connecting over LAN.

  5. I'm fine either way you go.  The key is that this wonderful map stays "alive".  It's a gorgeous upgrade from the original and I definitely love using it in my Ops.



    I see what you did there...  ;)


    Will probably need a re-index after the update.  Add an issue request here once done:





    You can also try it yourself if so inclined:



  6. Few options:


     - check this forum there are some good missions posted (might require additional mods)





     - you can also check out the demo missions available here:





    It's really not that difficult to create a simple mission using ALiVE.. especially if you are used to MSO editing.  Check the wiki it has a quickstart section:



  7. Yes, vanilla factions. Tested on both Stratis and Thirsk islands, with RHS also and the same results both times.


    Just tested using NATO on Stratis and it works fine for me using:


    this setVariable ["CS_TYPE","ARTY"];


    in the init field of a BLUFOR Mk6 mortar


    However as soon as I add this optional param:


    this setvariable ["CS_ARTILLERY_HE",50];


    I get a script error.


    Strike my last the optional ammo param should be:

    this setvariable ["CS_ARTILLERY_HE","50"];

    Wiki has been updated.




    Are you using more than one synced artillery piece?  My test I just had the one mortar.  Also if you have a vanilla repro mission please fwd to me.

  8. I don't think manually placed artillery is working right. I'll place down a artillery group, put "this setVariable ["CS_TYPE","ARTY"];" in the init of the group leader, and sync the group to the Player Combat Support module, and they either won't fire when a request is sent, or only one group member will fire one or at most two rounds and then be done. Even with a single artillery unit, it will either fire one or two rounds, or none at all. The unit still shows up in the tablet, and they'll still go through the motions with the radio chatter, just no actual rounds are fired. Tried both with and without mods.


    EDIT: The regular artillery ALiVE module is working just fine, it's just the manually placed arty units.



    Thanks for the report will try and repro - are you using vanilla factions (ie: BLU_F, OPF_F)?

  9. im hoping some one can help. i want to place a arty piece one of the rhs paladin looking things but i only want one instead of 3. that you get with the combat support module for arty. i read the advanced placement but i'm prob doing it wrong can some one tell me how to get it to work using the advanced vehicle placement cheers. 


    Place your (crewed) combat support asset in the editor and sync (F5) it to the combat support module


    In the init field of the CS asset put this:

    this setVariable ["CS_TYPE","ARTY"];

    Optional settings:

    this setVariable ["CS_ARTILLERY_HE",50]; //Number of HE Rounds. Can be HE, ILLUM, SMOKE, GUIDED, CLUSTER, LG, MINE, ATMINE, ROCKET

    (note that not all arty vehicles can use all the ammo types of course)



    If it still doesn't work test with a vanilla artillery piece (ie: NATO or CSAT) to make sure you are doing it right.

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  10. I've tried and tried, but arma crashes everytime, gone over the instructions and making sure im doing it right. The indexing window appears for a split second and then it crashes.


    For whatever reason certain maps will not index automatically - as Fritz mentioned it appears Hindu Kush is one of those maps.  I'm unsure if there is a way to do it 'manually'... it would involve a ton of work if that was the case.



    TLDR: how to set up automatic overseas troop transport?

    Is this even possible?


    Currently no it is not possible - there has been some discussion about adding in features like that but I'm not sure how far that has come.


    edit: if the units stay virtualized they will cross water without any problems or slowdowns however if they are spawned into the map they will attempt to swim ;)



    Quick question about War Room.

    So I'm still not getting the 'my profile has loaded' message on mission start since he update. That said, on War Room, under "Your Stats" and "Profile" my mission is showing. However, under "Operations" it is not.

    Does the mission only show under "Your Group, Most Recent Operations" AFTER a mission has been successfully server saved and exited? Just trying to get clarification why the mission is showing in those two tabs on War Room but not under 'most recent operations.' Trying to figure out why that message isn't showing up for me on mission start since the anymore. It always used to.


    Latest patch introduced some persistence issues... I believe they are already fixed just waiting for release (that's what she said!!).

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  11. No you can't (not without a script I'd assume), not if you want motorized units in the mission. At least not with how I'm going about it, anyway.

    I really didn't mean to cause any confusion. I'm open to a faction suggestion if you guys have anything more similar to what I'm looking for. Are pickups with technicals part of any of these similar factions (Locals, Militia, etc?)?


    You can blacklist units with ALiVE however if you want to replace vehicles/units you'll have to create your own custom config