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  1. I got this frome my RPT FILE...


    Sombody know whats that can be


    Try re-downloading your alive.cfg file from the War Room... I assume things were working fine until the last update?




    Will do.  Seems weird that the same server can fire up the other Alive default mission on Stratis no issues.  I'll look into it, thanks!




    Yeah if other ALiVE missions work then that is not the issue.. unless it's just the Tanoa one that doesn't?  Perhaps your dedi doesn't have the most recent server files?



  2. Has anyone had issues getting the Apex Getting Started mission to run with TADST?  It works fine if I start it in SP, and I tried the Stratis default Alive mission on TADST and it worked too, but whenever I try to run the Tanoa version my client Arma locks up on the loading screen after selecting a role...


    Any ideas?


    Check the server's RPT file and make sure all the mods required for the mission (CBA and ALiVE) are loading properly... usually what you are describing is caused by the server not having the required mods to run the mission.

  3. Sorry your RPT file as Heroes said should be in that location (C drive\username\appdata\local\arma3) or if you are using a dedicated server in the root of the A3 server install directory.  Also as Heroes mentioned make sure you are not using the -noLogs parameter for your server config.


    There should be a persistence log in the @aliveserver folder (or maybe in root of A3 directory same as the RPT file?).

  4. wow. I havnt looked on this thread in a while. I thought there was no interest in ambs anymore. btw MOVING AGAIN! Soo once I get settled AGAIN and get my scheduled worked out. I'll look into making an update for this one. I also need to find a good turorial or someone willing to take the time to show me have to make modules work correctly in Zeus and Eden. Specially Zeus. If that happens I'll start creating more modules. Right now just released a unit mod. Going to put up that thread now.


    Great to hear Mikey!

  5. Hello, 


    And congrats on an awesome mod!


    This is all we play on our server now :)



    Was wondering about this:

    • ALiVE Persistent

    Does that mean that the cache hunt is persistent with alive even after restarts? Havent been able to figure out what to turn on to get this feature.

    Would be awesome if we can keep hunting even after restart since we are a small group. 



    Yes see here for more info:



  6. Just realised we've configured our 3CB units to be ALiVE compatible but neglected to ask you guys to add them to your list on the WIKI.


    Hi Serjames - PM me a link and the faction classname(s) and I'll add them to the wiki.




    That list hasn't really been updated in forever. SavageCDN needs to get locked back in Spyderblack723's basement for being bad.



    Please no he only feeds me table scraps and there's a weird smell   :wacko:

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  7. I am having trouble spawning civilians on "Koplic" map.

    They just refuse to spawn.


    Is this map still supported?


    It actually was updated recently - for the most part ALiVE still works although some objects have been moved (not sure about objectIDs) so it might not detect all locations.  Groups will spawn and CQB still works.. didn't test the civs myself but I assume it's because of the changes.  It's been added to the list to be re-indexed.


    edit:  nvm I see it has been re-indexed



    So no civilians spawn at all?

  8. Thanks.  TO be clear however, for example, i tested with rockets for example.  Right from mission start, i asked to shoot 12 rockets...and notice it fires only 4....so looking at the unit....it still has plenty of rockets left.  So again to be clear, its not a out of ammo issue.  If i ask again to request more, it will again shoot, but limited rounds.


    I know when you use the modules, it spawns 3 units at once rather then one.  So not sure if its designed to spread the request across 3 units (4x4x4 = 12)...but since i need more control of where the unit is placed, using the modules doesnt work for me.


    Hmmm.... try using vanilla mortars (BLU_F, OPF_F) and don't put anything in the init lines.  Request 12 rounds - does it only fire 4 again?