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  1. 1 hour ago, zuzul said:

    Hi everyone,


    I'm discovering the Alive mod with great pleasure.

    I'm working on a asymetric warfare on Tanoa island and I may need your advices: it will be for 4 to 10 players max, mostly 5/6 on the average.

    It will be a BLUFOR played on domination against Syndikate on assymetric.

    My question is how to balance the numbers of opposition forces to keep something playable for so few players? 

    Any other advices or recommendation will be much appreciated. 






    Heroes will have some good suggestions for you... basically testing is your best bet.  Let the mission run through for a few hours (run in editor at 4 x speed) so that you get a feel for how things will go without players (ie: how the AI do on their own), then adjust your numbers from there.

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  2. 4 hours ago, phlux1 said:

    Hi there.

    I noticed you added support for "Suonkomar Sahav," but this map no longer exists and has been updated as "Prei Khmaoch Luong" it is available on the steam workshop here. It has been vastly improved.


    Thanks for the info it is back in the queue for a re-index.



    2 hours ago, scottb613 said:

    Hi Folks,


    Wow - this mod becomes more amazing every time I look at it... Superb effort guys - truly looking forward to trying the new features...


    Question: I see that some of the UNSUNG maps are indexed - were the UNSUNG factions ever officially added or do we need to use the ORBATS tool to create our own ?


    Question: (Player Logistics) - - - last weekend I was messing with an RHS scenario - requested a parachute drop of an "RHS Ammo Crate" - said crate was delivered but was empty... If I place the same crate manually it contains ammo... Anyone else see this issue ?


    Thanks !!!




    The wiki shows these as supported:


     UNSUNG_E, UNSUNG_C (Civs)


    OpenDome has also created some compatible factions which are stored on the ALiVE Google drive.  See here for info:



    edit;  forgot he released a compatibility mod as well:



    With regards to the RHS ammo crate.. I believe this has been reported before.  Try requesting a vanilla crate - if it contains stuff then I'm not sure there is anything the ALiVE team can do to fix it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Hamakaze said:


    Thanks for the answer! I've got another question if it's not too much trouble?


    Is it possible to build a outpost using the logistics system then have Friendly AI garrison it to hold ground? :satisfied:


    You would have to script in the addition of a custom objective 'on the fly'.   See here for more info:




    edit:  there is actually a feature request to have this ability added to the ALiVE tablet in-game:



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  4. 1 hour ago, maquez said:


    don't you think this first I controlled? (btw this option is disabled by default)

    listen I have no need for pointless advices... I do make missions since OFP


    Hi Maquez,


    Please no need to be short with Marcel we are just trying to help.  Can you post your server's RPT file for us to look at?  This problem did not come up in testing before release so we'll need some more info to go on.  Does this only happen on Tanoa (ie: have you tried Altis or Stratis)?


    edit:  also please post your mission for us to look at




  5. 1 hour ago, neodyn said:


    My last test configuration was without the ALIVE skill module placed in the mission but with Potter ASR AI. Same issue, a really bad AI behviour. My this info is helpful. I start my dedi. server in Veteran mode.

    Does the server difficulty affecting the AI skill?


    Server difficulty setting will affect the initial skill level of the AI however your AI mod will usually overwrite these values.





    15 hours ago, friznit2 said:


    SpyderBlack continues to enhance his Orbat Tool.  


    Oh my!  :ftvsmilie1:

  6. On 4/30/2017 at 2:53 PM, tourist said:

    Same here; I got a great WW2 scenario in mind.  Artillery (BIS fault) is still firing 1 or 2 rounds though even in ALiVE support roles, isn't it?


    Yes for IFA the units appear fine and turn to face the proper direction but will not fire any rounds.. .this happens with some other mods and crewed mortars.



    On 4/30/2017 at 3:50 PM, escforreality said:

    Current entry:

    • Russian Federation Troops: rhs_faction_msv
    • Russian Motor Rifle Troops: rhs_faction_vdv

    Should actually be:


    • Russian Motor Rifle Troops: rhs_faction_msv
    • Russian Airborne Troops: rhs_faction_vdv



    Thanks wiki updated.

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  7. 4 hours ago, TheLimbo365 said:

    We have also encountered another bug where Alive persistency is spawning static weapons where ever they have been assembled after a sever restart (In this case there was a 50 cal in each fire support position despite the fact we only ever had 1 and it was disassembled and brought with us each time we moved)


    We only noticed the bug last night so I don't have much info other than that for the time being, but I will update you guys as we get more info


    It sounds like disassembling static weapons doesn't remove them from the persistent vehicle data.  Can you confirm this happens more than once and if possible provide your server's RPT file and persistence log (alive.log)?  Feel free to PM me here or post on our issue tracker https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/issues



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  8. 1 hour ago, reggaeman007jah said:


    Is there any way to see what the objectives are of teams, or units, so when I tag along I can help, and work with them to complete their own objectives? Or is it more a case of just picking a team that seems to look like they know what they are doing, following in their footsteps, and shooting at whatever comes in our way..?


    Try this as well:



    Create 2 radio triggers (or addActions) one for Attacking and one for Defending - choose one in-game and it will teleport you to the action!



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  9. 5 minutes ago, Hamakaze said:

    Has anyone else been having trouble with CUP mortars through combat support?


    They go through the motions of the fire mission but never actually fire...


    This has been reported before with Iron Front mortars... check this thread on the ALiVE forums:




    It seems to happen mostly with non-vanilla mortar units and I don't think was ever solved.

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  10. 17 hours ago, JD Wang said:


    I'm still waiting on my ALiVE hotfix to fix the civilian grouping :don11:


    From HH The Dev re: civ grouping



    fixed with this commit:






    he could help us confirm its fixed and it should be compatible to the current live build too if he is running a server

  11. 13 hours ago, lawndartleo said:

    At this time the only appropriate thing for me to post about my problem is... I apparently don't have one. All appears to be working now.  I don't know what I did wrong yesterday that I am doing right, today.  After having no luck yesterday I just put the server back to normal.  Tonight, to provide you with the files that you needed for review, I stopped it, reconfigured and restarted the server with ALiVE... and its working just fine, so far.


    haha sounds like you got Arma'd  :don11:

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  12. 2 hours ago, lawndartleo said:

    Operation Landlord | ALiVE...


    Server has @Alive and @AliveServer

    Both have been added to the server string

    alive.cfg is in the root of the dedicated server

    Key for Alive is in keys folder

    Data module is on map.

    Server has been registered with war room


    Join server and the mission partially loads and then hangs


    Remove @AliveServer from the server string


    Mission runs fine.




    Hey LDL - you'll need to post your server's RPT file (root A3 dir) as well as the alive.log file (@aliveserver folder).  Post them to pastebin or similar and link back here or to the alive forums




    Also make sure you have the most recent @aliveserver files which you can find once you log into the War Room.



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  13. Aww. :)

    I take back everything bad I said about Canada. Your president is handsome and you people are so nice and blackberries are awesome and I can't believe how the election turned out yesterday (I'm not very political but I didn't think he had a chance).


    No need to tiptoe around the BB issue anymore... I've finally upgraded to an Android device.


    PS: we have a Prime Minister not a President... .at least not until Trump invades  :ph34r:

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    Acknowledgements and Thanks
    Particular thanks to all those on our support forum who have worked closely with us to identify bugs, provide logs and generally help us improve ALiVE. Your assistance is valuable and your dedication to ALiVE makes it all worth the effort!




    On this note I'd like to say a special thanks to HeroesandvillansOS for his work helping other ALiVE users - both here and on the ALiVE forums.  Know that it is appreciated.



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