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  1. Nah, you're not being dense. When you get a bit beyond the default settings, DAC starts to become very complex.

    I love the complexity of it though. See I was assuming that DAC handled choppers in the same way as vehicles - spawn with crew inside and spawn appropriate # of vehicles for the number of units in a group (I think it keeps spawning vehicles until all units are 'mounted'?).

    The key issues with helis are: the choppers spawn empty; DAC will spawn exactly the right number of crew for each chopper; and DAC will spawn grunts according to the settings in the zone & the configs. The latter is one of several reasons it's best to spawn helis in a dedicated zone. Use configs that will spawn a a number of groups matching the number of choppers, with the group size set to the exact number of grunts needed to fill the chosen type of transport chopper. That should give predictable results (apart from what DAC might decide to do thereafter :)

    Hmmm.... Let's say I have a DAC call: fun=["heli1",[1,0,0],[6,2,20,8],[],[],[4,1,12],[0,0,0,0]] spawn DAC_Zone with the 1st group size as [2,2] in Config_Creator

    From what I'm understanding DAC will spawn 4 empty helis with 2 crew each (as part of the "heli section" ie: [4,1,12] of the DAC call) and then 'pull' units not part of the "heli section" (ie: [6,2,20,8],[],[],[4,1,12] ) in order to fill the empty cargo spaces in the heli?

    Sorry if I am hijacking this thread Mr. Rydygier


    ---------- Post added at 04:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:24 PM ----------

    Does any of you having a working demo of a HACDACTICTACPADDYWHACK all working that I could get a scooby at? I'd fund it a whole lot easier than relearning everything you guys have done so far! Also, I'm assuming you're doing this all from a SP perspective, and haven't ventured into making it dedicated server compliant for MP at all? It's something I'd like to explore more (we had an older version of HETMAN working fine with MSO for a while, so it's certainly possible)

    hehe... I would sacrifice small children to get HAC working in MP!! It's exactly what is needed - higher level 'thinking' for the AI. I think Orcinus said he was working on some kind of HAC/DAC demo but for SP only

  2. There's an issue I encountered when generating helis with DAC if you have AirCargo = False for any leader. When the helis have cargo carrying capability (e.g., Mi-8, MH-60) some at least will have loaded some or all grunts before the release is completed (as DAC will not allow helis to be spawned without grunts). The helis then get stuck because the on-board grunts ignore their squad leaders' orders to disembark. Simplest workaround is to create a user-defined DAC_Config_Units that lists only helis with no cargo space (e.g. AH1Z, AH64 etc.). The grunts will set off on foot; if the zone is well behind the lines, placing some empty trucks in the editor might be a good idea.


    Perhaps I'm not understanding the problem but would you not be able to spawn heli groups with only 2 units in the group (pilot, copilot/gunner) so that regardless of chopper type there are only 2 "DAC units" per chopper? So your Config_creator say has group size 1 = [2,2] and you set the heli spawns in zone to [4,1,12].. spawning 4 choppers with 2 units per chopper and 12 waypoints.

    Or perhaps a way to either delay the release of heli groups or have the heli groups spawn already inside the choppers?

    Or am I completely missing the problem? Are the 'grunts' you are referring to part of the DAC heli group or their own group (ie DAC inf or editor-placed units)?

  3. 2012/04/18,  6:57:54 Warning: no type entry inside class RscDisplayLoadMission/controls/Name 
    2012/04/18,  6:57:54 Warning: no type entry inside class RscDisplayLoadMission/controls/Date 
    2012/04/18,  6:57:54 Warning: no type entry inside class RscDisplayLoadMission/controls/Title 
    2012/04/18,  6:57:54 Warning: no type entry inside class RscDisplayLoadMission/controls/Progress 
    2012/04/18,  6:57:54 Warning: no type entry inside class[b][font=Arial Black] RscDisplayLoadMission/controls/Briefing[/font][/b]

    I wonder if these are 'normal' errors?

    Got your PMs.. thanks.

    edit: Are briefings supposed to run on the server only, clients only, or both? I would think it would be clients only?

  4. Alright I was able to replicate it. I don't know if I will be able to fix it though. It seems like a lot of the vehicles are fine with it but others just suck. Abrams, LAV, HMMV, and M113 are all fine. T-90, T-72, Stryker, and Bradley all tend to have problems.

    They do the same thing on Chernarus too (both bridge models) so I don't think I can do anything about it.

    Ah OK I did not realize... well thanks for taking the time to test it out!!

  5. I had that happen with a T-90 once too. Oddly enough though I was never able to repeat it and I know that I have driven across it several times. I will check it again.

    Martin I do have Skype. I just added you. I tried sending you a PM but it didn't work.

    Ok thanks I'll try and reproduce it myself.

  6. Played about 30 mins yesterday using Kermator's Battlezone mission and I noticed AI vehicles flying into the air while crossing the Pegas (sp?) bridge. It's the only one I've noticed it happening on (other bridges seem OK). It was quite funny actually a striker with a loaded squad drove across, launched about 30m into the air, the troops bailed and the stryker rolled and caught fire!!

  7. Nope.

    I was wondering if someone would try one of my missions and put it on their server and see if the briefings show for them,

    because they dont show for me on my server, only when i host the mission (client) that they show, before they showed np.

    Anyone its just a test, play the mission if you want, but I need to know, because then it may tell me that it could be Server related somehow.

    If needed just PM me with the file.. won't be able to test until Friday though.

    Is that .rpt file from your dedicated server? I'm new to dissecting .rpt files but there are more than one entry in that file stating 'isDedicated=false' - not sure but perhaps that is 'normal' behaviour?

    "XEH: PreInit Started. v3.3.3. MISSINIT: missionName=I44_merderet_winterIntro, worldName=I44_merderet_Winter, isMultiplayer=false, isServer=true, isDedicated=false"]

  8. Nope, still too busy getting HAC & DAC to work together the way I want, plus attempting to make my first addon. Not sure how GL4 would integrate with HAC, though of course the DAC release function was specifically to allow DAC to work well with GL4.

    If groups can be excluded from HAC (which you mentioned before), then GL4 might be useful in a situation where you require a group or set of groups to defend a specific location or objective, and call in reinforcements outside of HAC control (ie: a reinforcing group set to support ONLY one specific group) There are probably other uses as well but I'll need to get more familiar with HAC first.

    No, I meant that HAC cannot take into account the special role of the DAC camps, apologies for being unclear.

    Leaving the groups spawned in the camps out of HAC means the camp will be defended against marauding enemies. Because those units are not released they will get respawned if & when they get killed off, maintaining a camp-specific defensive zone. The composition of the defence force & size of the patrol zone is controlled by the configs. The camps should be well back from the front line in any event, though the spawn zones can be anywhere.

    OK I get it now... thanks. That actually sounds like a good thing!!

    Cool, I'll try that out soon. All except the units in the camps are released from DAC. It occurs to me that the units at the camp could be released just before the camp is deleted, but your idea of moving the zone(s) sounds very much better than the approach I've taken. Cheers for that :)

    Now that I've thought about it a bit more I don't think I've ever tried to move a DAC zone that included a camp.. I've only tried it on zones that spawn units and/or waypoints. I'm not sure what would happen to the camp itself after the zone is moved.. old camp 'disappears' and new one is created in new zone? With units it's easy as they are just assigned new waypoints and move off accordingly.

  9. Your point about moving DAC zones is intriguing, I had not considered that.

    You know what's funny? After posting yesterday I thought 'you know what? he's going to reply with stuff I've never tried or considered before' ... especially since (as you mentioned) there are a bunch of undocumented features missing from the manual.. and that's exactly what happened :p

    It's not an issue if you set DAC to spawn all units into an array....When DAC has finished spawning, you can release them

    I tried that once and couldn't make it work properly (due to my lack of coding/scripting skills I'm sure). Now I have homework to do... in addition to re-reading the DAC thread.

    You can do that, but it somewhat defeats the idea of having HAC run things

    Of course you are correct... this is my method when just using DAC and trying to create a 'front'

    Oh, definitely have a go! Even a basic mission is a lot of fun (so much so that testing often turns into an extended play session instead, oops!).

    Well I'm sure that would NEVER happen to me.... I will try it out this weekend. Have you used GL4 as well in conjunction with DAC/HAC?

    Note that if you spawn camp units into arrays which are not released and are listed as excluded in the init, they will guard the camps under DAC control & respawn as necessary. The spawn parameters allow you to define how far they will patrol. This is crucial because if the camp is destroyed, all its spawn zones will be inactivated. Never let HAC grab the forces defending the camps.

    You lost me here a bit.. are you referring to the group that spawns with the camp and defends it in a set radius? So if HAC takes command of this defending group it kills the camp?

    If that leader succeeds in recapturing this original base, the original camp is recreated. Do you think that moving the zone is more realistic? It might be fun of all the associated vehicles & grunts 'flee' to the moved zone - I haven't figured out how to achieve that in the 'create new zone' scenario.

    I would say it would be more realistic yes, as the units are not deleted and re-created (which if I remember correctly is what happens when you delete a DAC zone... or are your units released from DAC by then?) rather they are just assigned new waypoints... and as such will 'flee' to the new zone :p

  10. THe problem is that I copy and paste the scripts but i don't understand what to change... I don't understand where to put an eventual unit name and other stuff like this one

    Using the faat.sqf script I posted (you shouldn't need to change anything within the script itself.. just add the editor units and their init lines as well as the targets):

    Place an arty unit in editor

    Put this code into the artillery unit's init line in the editor (and call the unit gun1)

    nul = [gun1, target1, 20, true, true] execVM "faat.sqf";

    gun1 = units name in editor

    target1 = arty targets name in editor (for ambient arty I use an invisible Helipad object and set it's height at 300m).. this can be any object I think as long as you name it

    20 = seconds between firing

    1st true = prevents gunner from engaging other targets

    2nd true = enables auto-rearming (ie: unlimited ammo)

    Make sure the faat.sqf file is in your mission folder.

  11. (With DAC) ....if you ever want to see two opposing forces fight, you technically have to give them the ability to spawn right next to each other...

    And while that might make for an interesting "instant action", battle, its pretty lame when you're trying to create a mission in which two AI commanders direct assets against one another.

    There are a few ways to accomplish your first point in DAC - Orcinus mentioned one.. linked zones. The problem with using linked zones is that the units will continue to use the waypoints from the 'spawn' zone as well as the linked one, which may not be ideal if you are trying to simulate a 'front'. A better way is to move the DAC zone after DAC has initialized by adding a few lines to the end of your init.sqf (or some other method).

    **I am doing this at work so not sure if I have it exactly right.. this code was pulled from the main DAC thread (a response by shiloa)**

    // Move DAC Unit zones
    waituntil{DAC_Basic_Value > 0};
    if(isServer) then
    [zone1,(position zone3),[],0,0,0] call DAC_fChangeZone;
    sleep 1;
    waituntil{DAC_NewZone == 0};
    [zone2,(position zone3),[],0,0,0] call DAC_fChangeZone;

    This will move both zone1 and zone2 to zone3's position after DAC has completed initialization. The units created in zone1 and zone2 will be assigned new waypoints. If zone3 is 'linked' to the other zones then the units will have a waypoint pool consisting of all three zones. If you only have one zone to move, get rid of these three lines:

    sleep 1;
    waituntil{DAC_NewZone == 0};
    [zone2,(position zone3),[],0,0,0] call DAC_fChangeZone;

    So for a 'front' you would create a DAC spawn zone (no units just camp) in the rear-area, then separate unit spawn zones where you want the units to appear at mission start, then move the DAC unit zones to where you want the units to 'attack'. Units that are killed will respawn at the rear-area DAC spawn zone and move to their 'new' zone waypoints.

    Simply put, I've been testing it, and I've been given no indication that HAC will "assume control" of AI spawned with DAC.

    I'm not too sure as I've never tried DAC and HAC together (but will do so now!!), but I would assume you need to release the units from DAC after they are created. Howto is probably in the DAC manual somewhere. Not sure about re-spawning DAC units and then releasing them... but I'm sure it's possible :o

    edit: I just re-read my post... hopefully it makes sense my coffee intake is lower than usual today

  12. Hmmm I may have to set Zernovo alight then with WAR :)

    +1 :yay:

    Also with regards to the AI and bridges I threw down some DAC zones on this map yesterday and let it run and found that the units had ZERO issues with crossing the bridges.. in fact the motorized units didn't even slow down!! AWESOME!!

  13. I44 testing going on at the moment :) My nudges obviously worked :)

    I'm like a kid at Xmas.. I keep checking 'under the tree thread' for a surprise :p

    UPDATE: Amazing new Celle2 is now supported!

    Also to celebrate the release of updated Lingor, I have updated ALL of my files to version 6d with some tweaks and improvements. All found in first post.


    2 minutes later, I'm writing this and alt-tab back to find that insurgents have been shooting my cobra and I'm out on the ground, dead. My copilot jumps out, and revives me!

    Good story.. that's one of my favorite parts as well..watching the AI revive me when I get taken out.. sometimes it can take a while and the guy looks like he's forgotten.

  14. This is what I use for ambient arty...Fatty's Ambient Artillery Tool. Guns fire live ammo!

    Copy and paste this code into a file called faat.sqf and put it in your mission folder. See below for parameters.

    You'll also need a target for the arty to shoot at. I use an invisible helipad approx 100m from the gun and using setPos have it hover about 300m in the air.

    fatty's ambient artillery tool (faat) version 1.0
    by fatty
    Forces an AI gun (e.g. cannon or rocket artillery) to fire at regular intervals at a defined target. Gunners will persist until out of ammo or dead.
    CAUTION: the guns fire live ammo, so be careful where you aim!
    Required Parameters:
    Artillery Piece (object) - object to begin firing.
    Target (object) - target at which the artillery piece will fire. Suggested target is an invisible H setPos'd several hundred metres above the gun.
    Optional Parameters:
    Delay (number) - delay between shots in seconds (default is 10 seconds).
    Disable aiming AI (boolean) - prevents AI gunners from engaging other targets (default is true).
    Enable auto-rearm (boolean) - enables automatic rearming of gun after every shot (default is false).
    nul = [big_gun, gun_target] execVM "faat.sqf";
    nul = [rocket_artillery, house, 20, false, true] execVM "faat.sqf";
    if !(isServer) exitWith {};
    private ["_gun","_target","_delay","_disableaim","_autorearm"];
    _gun = _this select 0;
    _target = _this select 1;
    _delay = if (count _this > 2) then {_this select 2} else {10};
    _disableaim = if (count _this > 3) then {_this select 3} else {true};
    _autorearm = if (count _this > 4) then {_this select 4} else {false};
    if (_disableaim) then {
    {_gun disableAI "_x";} foreach [move,target,autotarget,anim];
    _gun setCombatMode "BLUE";
    (gunner _gun) lookAt _target;
    _gun addEventHandler ["fired",{faatAmmoType = _this select 4;deleteVehicle (nearestObject [_this select 0, _this select 4]);}];
    While {alive (gunner _gun)} do
    sleep _delay;
    _gun say "gerFire";
    sleep 2;
    _gun fire (weapons _gun select 0);
    if (_autorearm) then {
    	_gun setVehicleAmmo 1
    _gun removeAllEventHandlers "fired";

  15. I had reported earlier about my issue with the C&H Battlefield mission where I get on the mission on my server, pic my role, the mission starts,

    but Im stuck on a black screen with the word battlefield in the center, after a few min (takes forever) Im finally ingame, but theres no menu or anything unlike when i host the mission.

    The Ai is there as well as all the equip and vehicles, but they don't move, if i respawn then they all dissapeer, and i come back same spot and basically in an empty field.

    Nothing wrong with the server as Jedra joined my server played the same mission and said its fine, so Im at a loss as what it could be,

    and only the C&H Battlefield missions do it on my server, all the other MP missions work perfectly.

    Also the briefings dont show for the 5 C&H Missions, nor for my custom ones I built and have on the server,

    yet when Jedra joined my server I had him try one of my small coop, custom ones and the briefigns work np.

    When i host on my end all missions work np.

    Any ideas of what that could be, its got jedra stumped too, and we tried all sorts of stuff.

    -i have the latest CBA both client and server (8.3,178)

    -latest patch 1.60, tried with and without beta, makes no difference

    -deleted mpmission cache, dont do nothing

    -took out my arma2 profiles, didn't do anything

    -reinstalled Arma 2, and Oa, repatched, even deleted registry keys, still same issue, re uploaded a fresh mission, still same problem.

    -Im just running @CBA;@I44

    -game runs fine, no crashes, no freezes

    Im at a loss of what it could be, any ideas?

    Hmm...anything in the .rpt file?