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  1. Well after a quick test I'm sure it's not the same problem. What happens is that once German units start respawning they will get 'blocked up'.. the camp shows # of respawns and # of groups in the queue waiting to respawn... after the first group or two respawn the queue gets stuck.. number of waiting groups increases for both camps. Then it gets weird and difficult to describe.. marker shows a large group of 42 units but only for about 5 seconds then it disappears and somewhere else on the map appears a 102 unit group :confused: I'm going to assume it must be something with the other scripts and DAC, or just outright bad config on my part...or maybe something to do with moving the zones.

    Using F2 framework (but I've used this before with DAC and no issues), Norrin's revive, and some ambient scripts...arty and smoke

    This particular mission was more of a mash of things I was trying out and didn't spend too much time troubleshooting. Few things I did notice:

    - after the unit/wp zones were moved to a new location, the little line that connects the camp zone to the unit zone was still pointing to where the unit zone used to be, not where it was currently (does that even make sense?? hope so...)

    - the first few german units that did respawn were given waypoints INSIDE the camp zone (which had different zone ID than the unit/wp zone the unit was originally from)

    Not sure if this is at all helpful but hey...

  2. Ahh.. so you seem to have had a similar situation to Avibird1, i.e. vehicles rather than squaddies piling up. Odd. Would you place a playable observer at the scene? It would be useful to know if they are spawning with full crews or not. Is i44 the only mod you had running, and DAC the only script (whether in script or PBO form). Only problem I've encountered so far (apart from my scripting incompetence, lol) is with chopper pilots at a late-spawned or activated zone getting out of the choppers & running off to the main zone, but that's another story),

    Yes it would seem the situations were similar although I think the large group actual moved around the map not stuck in one place.. but I'll have to see if I can repro the problem as my mind is getting fuzzy with age.

    I will plop down an observer and see what happens. I44 was the only mod running and I was using the built-in DAC for I44 (with my own DAC\configfiles.sqf stuff). I was also running some other scripts (ambient artillery, smoke columns, probably something else I can't remember). I'll post some more info when I dig up the mission files.

    Edit; there is soo much good stuff in this thread I have to re-read the whole thing now.. hmm.. why don't I make a document that lists all the little tidbits (undocumented features, incorrect info in manual, etc) and we can post it in the configs thread or somewhere easy to see?

  3. ^ Yes I hadn't thought of checking that.. I'm not 100% sure but I believe I had it set to 2 (_setJoin). I still have the mission around somewhere I'll fire it up and see if I can reproduce it. Now that I think about it a bit more I'm sure that a respawning group would appear at the camp for a few seconds then disappear (marker) from the map and merge with the big group (ie: big group's unit count would go up by # of units in spawned group).. so you might be on to something. In my mission there were only vehicle and armor groups spawning in the German DAC zones.

    Also note that I didn't actually 'see' this big group with my own virtual eyes.. I'm just going off of what the markers were displaying.

  4. I am using Two large zones that cover most of the playable map with Each zone spawns 8 inf, 5wheeled and 3 armor groups. Both zones are linked.

    here is my zone setup fun=["z1",[1,0,0],[8,4,35,5],[5,4,20,5],[3,4,15,5],[3,4,200,0,100,14],[0,0,0,0,0]] spawn DAC_Zone.

    Just a stab but are you using the optional WP config [0,0,0,0,0] in the zone?

    This is the issue. At one of the camps I get multiple empty wheeled vechicles and mutiple vechicles with only a few units sitting in cargo with no driver after a few wheeled groups are killed. With each wheeled group that is killed the situation at the camp base continues to grow and grow until it starts messing up the game performance over 40 vechicles just sitting around. The other inf, armor and some wheeled groups are working fine and moving around the zones.

    Is it the same camp that does this all the time? Are the camps placed randomly or specific locations?

    Has anyone had this happen when using DAC in a mission. I have two large zones that are connected. Each zone has 3 camps and 14 respawns. Each zone spawns only 7 inf, 4 wheeled and 3 armor groups. I am using DAC in a domination edit with a few other scripts added to the mission. I let the game run overnight to see how the performance would be. One camp was destroyed and next to the camp was a group of 136 units both crew and regular soldiers just sitting around. The other camps were still active but the mission should have 14 inf groups, 8 wheeled groups and 6 armor groups A total of 28 groups. When I look to see there was less then 12 groups moving around the zones not including the non active group with 136 units. Any input on this would be great. When I killed the 136 unit group my performance with FPS went from 17 to 37. thanks Avibird.

    Yes I have run into a similar problem in an I44 mission. Merderet map using DAC zones for both sides.. Germans had 2 camps in 2 separate camp-only zones and 2 German unit spawn/wp zones (unit zones were moved after init to another location). Similar setup for Allies but with only one camp zone and one spawn/wp zone.

    After a while when German units started respawning I noticed FPS would drop so turned markers on and noticed a single German group with over 100 units (at least that's what the DAC marker was reporting). There were other Ger groups still alive however when they died and respawned they were lumped into the massive group.

    Not sure how that helps but at least you're not crazy? :p

  5. Nearly finished - part one, anyway. Currently working on resolving a conflict we've found between HAC & DAC wrt chopper spawns.

    Part 2 will have setting up DAC zones dedicated to fronts, & spawning of independent DAC zones for insurgents/guerrillas; with the activation of one, both, or none, and location(s) controlled by a random number script.

    Part 3 will be 'cycling' DAC zones between active & inactive to regenerate forces. This would allow for smaller initial spawns (less CPU load) but still support long, intense battles.

    Either part 2 or part 3 will include taking the player group out of HAC for a specific mission (while the main battle rages on). Failure in that mission will make it significantly more likely that the player's side will lose; under those circumstances, & if the player survives he/she will need to take drastic measures to hamper the enemy. If successful in the side mission, they will need to escape, return to their lines, & rejoin HAC.

    FYI these are set on Chernarus; they use only A2 content and scripting commands common to both A2 &OA. Currently testing is with CO, but will be tested in A2 before release.



    Sounds bloody awesome can't wait to see how you've done it!!

    BTW still do not know, what is the difference between this command and "courage" skill setting.

    See this post for info:


  6. Thank SavageCDN, and Jedra for trying the mission/s out and helping me get this small minor thing resolved.

    That's great glad I could help pinpoint the problem... still an Arma 'noob' compared to some but trying to give back to this GREAT community.

    Thats resolved but the C&H Battlegrounds I44 missions still dont work like they do when you host.

    Im looking at the init script for I44_C&H_Battleground.I44_merderet

    Is there somthing wrong with the code that isn't allowing the player on my gameserver, (me and my buddy) to not be able to play the

    mission like I can when i host the mission on client, I mean is there something here that is different then the codeing

    for the same mission on another person server where the mission works for them?

    Only thing I changed in the mission was the respawn time that was it,

    I felt 30sec was to long to wait as its onkly my buddy and I playing and maybe another friend on occasion.

    I PM'ed you with my original 2.6 copy of that mission - I would try it out and see if you get the same results. Perhaps changing the respawn time did some other kind of damage?? Just guessing here :)