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  1. Ok I've had a gutful of coding, here's the latest version before I hit the sack

    TPWCAS 2.02b: http://filesonly.com/download.php?file=166TPWC_AI_SUPPRESS_202.zip

    • Uses bDetect 0.64
    • User configurable minimum skill values
    • User configurable reveal value ( 0 = unit knows nothing about shooter, 4 = everything about shooter is revealed to unit).

    Knock yourselves out, and tell me about how flawed it is in 8 hours time :)

    Thanks again for your hard work :p

  2. ;2181439']Quick question.

    Can I create a zone that has units that a purely for support of other units?


    I have 2 zones(z1 and z2)' date=' that have patrolling units. I would like to have a third zone (z3), that has a couple of wheeled units NOT patrolling, but ready for a call for support if the need arises.[/quote']

    You can certainly have units in z3 support the other two zones but not sure if there is a way to prevent the z3 units from moving after being created - can't say I've tried this but what about having zero waypoints in a zone?

  3. Here's some notes re: testing with TPWC version 1.01

    Note that since my tests (Wednesday) TPWC is up to version 1.04

    Tested with 2 missions - SeizeZones and Flashpoint Zargabad both in SP mode

    - Default init time - make sure this is set high enough to allow for other mods setting AI skills, etc. Configurable in the .hpp file (addon)

    - script error when used with ASR_AI - this should be fixed soon in a new version - they are working to make it 100% compatible with ASR_AI

    MP still has some issues however it looks like those will be fixed soon, based on the activity in the release thread for TPWC. In my opinion this mod MUST be included when it is ready (hell it should be integrated into the next Arma beta release!!)

    Gunter I'll PM you the RPT files next

  4. I still maintain my claim to the title of shittiest coder in the thread).

    *raises hand*

    Many people are glad to support you, as you notice.

    That's because you all (You, Coulum, Ollem, ...) are doing a great work.

    Simple as that. Keep it going.

    Quoted for Truth

    @twp/coulum - you've probably had offers already but if MP testing is needed with a group of players I can offer a dedicated server and warm bodies

  5. TPWC AI suppression system

    Worked great for me in SP. It did wonders on getting the AI to get their heads down, but I wish that it had more of an impact on the player. I remember SLX for OFP, where it would force you to instant-prone, and breathe heavily, and shake. I liked most of it, except the instant-proning, as more times than not, instant-proning was nearly guaranteed to save the player from certain (deserved) death. I liked how Project Reality handled it for Battlefield II, by penalizing the player with severe visual blurring (well, it was too severe in my mind, but...). By blurring the vision, it forced the player to have to make a body-decision quickly, but it was only executed on the player's demand, not due to some programing feature ala SLX-OFP. In any case, till TPWC makes further adjustments, I wouldn't hesitate to use it.

    Out of sever curiosity, I tried an AI combination that I fell in love with tonight: COWarMod+ASR_AI+Group Link 4 Special FX Edition ( http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8848&highlight=GROUP%2BLINK ), and in that order inside the Properties window. I had my hands full against that AI, like never before. No problems either, as far as I could tell. I just wish that the newly destroyed & burning buildings produced smoke from the wreckage, but it's something that I can easily overlook considering the challenge that I got.

    Yes GL4 is great just wish it was still being worked on and updated.

    I have been testing with TPWC AI suppression as well and so far no conflicts or issues. Keep in mind that TPWC is still being updated (daily now?) to solve various issues including working in MP. They have also improved the player suppression and its effects.

    Gunter - if you are thinking of releasing COWar update very soon I would hesitate to include TPWC or at least make it an SP-only addon for now. That's not to say it isn't freakin' awesome but just that it needs more MP testing and tweaking

  6. @Inlesco - a 'play dead' option is already a feature in (IIRC) GL4, so it's certainly do-able. However, IMHO it isn't a core fit with TPWC, which needs to be as lean & light as possible if FPS isn't to drop to the floor in big firefights.

    Yes it is GL4 that has this and it works for AI and players.. but I agree that should not be integrated with TWPC. I tried a DAC mission yesterday (adding the TWPC script) with AI vs AI (about 40 groups...so probably 200ish units) with humans on Blufor side and noticed some slowdowns when lots of action was going on.. very minor but it's there... so keeping it slim and trim is important IMHO

  7. As for incomplete zone formation, I had this problem when setting up a complex set of zones. MadRussian solved this for me as follows:

    In the DAC_Config_creator, find this section:

    if(DAC_Code < 2) then
    // StartScriptOnServer                       |
    //player sidechat "ServerStart"
    //[] execVM "myServerScript.sqf";
    //onMapSingleClick "_fun = [_pos,_shift]execVM ""Action.sqf""";
    //[[sec1,""]] execVM "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Sector.sqf";

    and change it as follows:

    if(DAC_Code < 2) then
    // StartScriptOnServer                       |
    //player sidechat "ServerStart"
    //[] execVM "myServerScript.sqf";
    //onMapSingleClick "_fun = [_pos,_shift]execVM ""Action.sqf""";
    //[[sec1,""]] execVM "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Sector.sqf";
    [color="#B22222"]MRU_DacReady = true;[/color]

    then your init.sqf needs to look something like this:

    if(isServer) then {waitUntil{!isNull player}};
    MRU_DacReady = false;
    DAC_Zone = compile preprocessFile "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Init_Zone.sqf";
    DAC_Objects = compile preprocessFile "DAC\Scripts\DAC_Create_Objects.sqf";
    execVM "DAC\DAC_Config_Creator.sqf";
    waitUntil {MRU_DacReady};

    The MRU_DacReady variable enables a better check for completion of the set-up scripts than does the default

    DAC_Basic_Value = 0;
    waituntil{DAC_Basic_Value > 0};

    Thanks Orcinus and MadRussian for this good info

  8. What you guys think, or should i just stay with the full regular version like CWM v 1.1 and do the CL=Customization Light version which is almost done.

    questions, thoughts.

    I would say stick with the two versions for now... players can still customize their install by removing mods. Perhaps if there are enough requests for it.. but otherwise sounds like a lot of work :p

  9. @SavageCDN

    Its got to do with the locality of the vehicles - if there are 2 players in one group it will confuse some of the scripts .

    use teamspeak to talk with other players as if you were in a group.

    i will try and do up something that may act like you are in a group , ie - only show markers players that are linked to you.

    chat and voice will be an issue tho.

    Makes sense thanks for responding.. we do use TS3 exclusively (in-game VON is crap) it was just a request by another player. Don't spend too much time on it if it's a pain in the ass.

    I'd love to use ACRE with it but I know that involves adding items to crates, etc.. how 'easy' would it be to make it ACE/ACRE compatible? (not asking you to do the work... would be willing to do it myself with some pointers)

  10. Thanks for this much-needed script !!!!

    will this be put up at Six's updater? I'm foreseeing this mod will be constantly updated similar to Robalo's ASR AI.
    Great to know, if it's catching fire it's most likely my wife burning it down for overplaying this awesome game. :D
    "makes it harder to get a bead on an enemy when you're shaking like a dog shitting peach pips." One of THE best descriptions of suppression I've ever heard! lol

    +1 to the above :p

  11. @SavageCDN - yes, one reason I switched to the script version, plus the missions I've been working on require the script version anyway for various reasons. In any event people are more likely to download a mission of ot doesn't need addons.

    ~tpM: ASR_AI has a config with options that includes sound range adjustment, plus lots of other great features - especially the latest versions (v1.15+).

    Not sure about your

    _setBehav = ["safe"];

    entry - have you tried switching that to "aware", for example?

    Agreed although ACE includes it so it was 'easy' to use it in ACE missions... but I'm switching back to script version for sure.

    Yes of course ASR_AI (better than GL4 as it is still worked on and updated by Robaldo).. let's hope that the new TPWC suppression script will work in MP :)