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  1. If i remember correctly ASR_AI_Skillz somehow affects the relation between AI+Enterable Buildings (?)


    I m really interested if someone tried ASR_AI+Zorilya's Garrison Script ..or one breaks the other ?

    I have indeed - TPWC Supp and TWP LOS, Garrrison script, ASR_AI (server side), UPSMON, Tophe's Housepatrol script, (ACE, ACRE as well)

    See this post:


    Short version - works great no issues we could see. Static units in bldgs were using Houepatrol script, static groups were using garrison script, patrol groups using UPSMON. No problems with units staying in buildings and we noticed UPSMON groups entering and clearing buildings as well.


    I've been running ASR_AI+TPWAC+TPWAC_LOS since the first TPWAC scripts became available (with some selected files from CoSLX) and the combination is a real game-changer.

    These also seem to be pretty compatible with DAC (in which there is a lot of scope for customisation anyway, to address conflicts), and is perfectly compatible with HAC (very much unlike GL4).

    Yep I've also added UPSMON to the mix as well (DAC, TWPs, ASR_AI) and haven't noticed any issues.. still a WIP though

  2. ^psvialli - no you would have to add some other script to respawn it or set it as captive, invulnerable, etc.

    When you are in the helo you should get an option on your mouse wheel menu to return to base.

    And the helo if doesnt see the green smoke( you should throw it BEFORE he arrives) it considers a hot extraction point and just hovers like 1m above ground, but you should be able to get in. If it sees the smoke, it will completelly land there.

    Btw i m still thinking on releasing a final version, it just that i never get in the mood to end it :)

    Thanks for this great script... if you're thinking of releasing a final version I've found a few issues:

    1 - Sometimes if you don't throw the green smoke the chopper will still land or hover but you get no "All ready.. GO GO!!" message in the scroll wheel (obviously I don't have the exact text :p) and the chopper just sits there

    2 - More than once I've experienced getting in the chopper, scroll wheel GO, and the chopper just sits for a few minutes.. then magically teleports back to it's starting point.. like it's taken the time required to fly back there but doesn't actually do any flying

    3 - I can't remember if I've seen this more than once but after calling in the medevac chopper and it returning to base I cannot call it a second time (ACE menu option is there it just tells me that medevac is not available at the moment)

    Have others experienced these issues? If so I'd be willing to help troubleshoot the problems as I think this is an excellent script and adds some much needed functionality to missions. If not perhaps it's just my own idiocy and I'll crawl back into my hole :p

  3. Hi Wolf I'm having trouble posting on the I44 forums at the moment so I'm posting questions here.

    Finally getting to the ORBATS for I44 starting with US Army. I'm trying 12 man teams instead of 14 (default) as we discussed with the following structure:

    A Lead - SL, Medic

    A1 Recon - FTL, SMG

    A2 FT - FTL, Rifle, Gren, Rifle/Bazooka/FT, SMG

    A3 Support - FTL, AR, Assisstant

    I think I like this layout better than evening out A2 and A3 with 4 per squad but am open to suggestions.

    I am somewhat new to the assign gear stuff and the unit naming scheme so just working through that.. what is the convention for the actual unit names in the editor? IE: UnitUS_A1_AR ... say I wanted to name the SMG unit in Recon A1 would it be UnitUS_A1_SMG? Basically I use the assign gear 'label' as the unit name like (nul = ["smg",this] call f_fnc_assignGear)?

    Also what are your thoughts on the other factions? Should I attempt to keep the same squad layouts as US Army or use more 'accurate' ones (especially for ze Germans)?

  4. What kind of changes and what kind of modules? ACE actually was created for more detailed combat simulations :) If you say about stamina and rucksacks, then: 1 - ACE stamina will not good in most situations (no chances to escape from some monsters and dogs, especially with dogs, because now they run really fast, faster than any human). 2 - all units already can use backpacks from OA, so no needed in ACE rucksacks. And, of course, ACE weapons :) In original games all actions in game occur on post Soviet space. So most of weapons will be Soviet-made. And no any hi-tech M16A4 with ACOG and M203 :)

    Hi DAP,

    I had asked GiorgyGR in another thread about his Stalker ACE configs and he was nice enough to post the inquiry here.. let me quickly explain.

    Our group uses ACE/ACRE exclusively now (once you go ACE it's hard to go back :p)... so my request was more from a consistency angle than any specific ACE feature or weapon.

    The real reason (at least for me) is that ACE has a lot of great features for mission makers (lots of editor modules for example) and if custom units do not have ACE configs for them it makes it much harder to make missions with these units.

    I understand this is a specific request and if it's a ton of work I don't expect you to undertake such a project but if is a relatively simple task then it would be much appreciated.



  5. Great script, works like a charm and will probably replace UPSMON as "the" garrison script in my missions. I'll try it in conjunction with murk_spawn later today and will report back but I'm expecting no issues.

    One request though and it's a bit of a general request to all scripters:

    Could you put your entire script in a custom folder by default? I know it's not much work to do on my side but it would make your script even more convenient out of the box ;) Maybe I'm just too much a sucker for neatness in my mission folder and other people don't mind cluttering it up. If so, ignore me.

    I've tried this with UPSMON and no issues... I think UPSMON still does a better job of patrolling especially in large zones... and of course the reinforcement options :) IMO of course.

    Also +1 for the custom folder request.. makes things cleaner for sure.. or at least have it in a \scripts\ folder

    Thanks for this Zorilya

  6. Thats strange. I thought ACE used an ASR variant and TPW's code is built to run with ASR..?

    Using ACE and TPWC no issues whatsoever. If you are experiencing issues (and are running it as well) I recommend disabling LOS to see if that solves it (I run ACE and ASR_AI and TPWC and suppression works).

  7. Thats sad, because in my case ACE disabeles tpw totally(. There are still coloured balls above AI, but units do not quickly engage the enemys being in LOS-radius anymore (as they do without ACE) and their reaction are much slower too:icon_cry:.

    Can it be fixed?

    Yes this is an issue with LOS not the suppresion script.. initial contact the AI unit reacts well but if you come back later to the same unit it's like the LOS stuff has stopped working. As far as I know this is not ACE-related (check out the previous page)

  8. Yesterday on our Team's Coop night we had again the "annoying Red Ballz"

    After numerous disappointments of WHAT-THE-FAQ is causing the issue (even in TPW_DSC 0.4 version) i have found the culprit.

    One of my team members had TPWC_Suppr. client enabled.

    We tested same mission later..and No more Red Ballz.

    I ll keep following every update tho.

    Thanks :)

    Yes sorry I should have posted that as well... we had one guy who still had client version running.. ended up just removing the key files for both addons from the server so that if someone had it loaded it would kick them.