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  1. OK need some help on Artillery!

    I have set KRON_UPS_ARTILLERY_EAST_FIRE = true; when bluefor are ion the area but only want them to fire once or twice then wait for say 10 min and fire again if still in area and spotted , and idea how to do that , as they just keep firing

    A bit late but... you need to adjust one of the parameters in the init line of the static arty piece being used by UPSMON:

    nul=[this,3,3000,100,7,2,"ARTY_Sh_81_HE",25] execVM "scripts\UPSMON\MON_artillery_add.sqf";

    25 is the # of seconds between salvos.. so for 10 minutes you can change this to 600

  2. Hej i was wondering

    We have rented a arma server at lowpinggameservers and does anyone know if its possible to set up PDB to work on that, for as far i understand you need access to the server beyond ftp.

    No you will need more access than just FTP.. it will require MySQL installed and configured on your server and unless your provider is willing to do that you may be out of luck. You can still use MSO with some persistance.. but if the server or the arma server .exe is reset you will loose your mission progress and have to start over

    How do I disable that persistentDB thingy? I think that might be making those wierd spawn-in-air issues.

    I can't look right now but I think it's disabled by default just the Nomad save-state thing is active... not 100% sure though

  3. Would be there a parameter that would make the AI use the buildings (ie fight from) more, much more?

    Don't think there is an actual parameter no.... have you tried running ASR_AI mod when playing? It shouldn't break anything else...

    edit: I am wrong there is a CQB unit spawn parameter but not 100% sure what it does

  4. Thank you very much. So I just plop this on the Config, and this will stop the AI from Shooting each other to reduce group size?

    Hmm.. if the AI are shooting each other it's not to keep the group size down :) There must be another problem (most likely a side setting that is incorrect ie: you are spawning Russians but the side setting is set to West)

    What DMarkwick was referring to was DAC_Reduce_Value = [2000,2050,0] which reduces an AI group down to just the leader if there is no player unit closer than 2000m. Setting the third value to zero disables this feature.

    Unless I'm mis-understanding your question?

    *I would like to have a constant patrol helo. When the DAc created helo(s) in any given dac zone are dead, I want to initialize that zone again, to keep helo patrols constant. How would I do this?

    I think the only way would be to check for when all helis are dead, delete the heli zone then re-create it

  5. If you want to do it specifically for a black screen until DAC is finished init use waituntil {(DAC_Basic_Value > 0)}

    Something like

    disableUserInput true;
    waituntil {(DAC_Basic_Value > 0)};
    disableUserInput false;

    disableUserInput so players don't shoot the guy in front of them at the start point :p

    And, in the same file, you can set DAC_Fast_Init = true which will have almost the same effect as your black screen idea: it will reduce the drawing distance to minimum, and also increase the fog to maximum, in order to allocate as much resources to the DAC initialisation as possible. Only works in SP though.

    Just tried this - great for testing missions thx!!

  6. I've made single player MHQ scripts, I'm just not so good at MP scripting, regarding marker JIP for an MHQ. I'll defo have a look at this respawn INIT though.

    Yeah this is usually the part that gets me.. the MP/JIP marker updating on a moving vehicle.

    @savage - Regarding file size, it's just a pet peeve of mine. Having ~50-75 unneeded files floating around in a mission folder makes me shudder =)

    Anyhow, I just thought it be a nice thing for F2 to include a couple different official versions. Lite/normal etc etc.

    Yes I am built the same way. Sometimes I even go through the F2 files and delete the commented out stuff 'cause I'm crazy :p

  7. Two questions for the developers. I tried Lingor version of 4.5 and:

    - cannot seem to find any radios in the mission, at the end we aborted the mission and edited the mission with the backpack crate that contains radios so we could play secondary ops missions. What am I missing here, we don't use ACRE (small team, <10).

    - occasionally a dead player would start on the middle of the map 500m above the ground and fall down the ground, no respawn possible? This occurs even when you rejoin the JIP game. Any clues what causes that?

    I assume you mean the ACE radios? I've never tried MSO without ACRE but for ACE stuff you might have to manually add them to ammo crate script.

    For your 2nd issue are you using the persistent DB feature?

  8. Nope, despite the same name, they're different thing altogether. The supression in UPSMON means units will shoot in the general direction of the enemy unit, nothing more. It very effective against human players, but not much against other AI unless they hit of course, because current AI does not take supression into account very much.

    Hence, TPW + UPSMON should "theoretically" take care of both ends of the supression, it would certainly be something good to watch.

    Thanks I did not know that

  9. I've used UPSMON in conjunction with this script to get around that problem. Basically use UPSMON on the unit (or group) with a respawn parameter, then set the empty vehicle beside the UPSMON group making sure it respawns quickly when destroyed (ie: 5-10 seconds). UPSMON groups will automagically search for empty vehicles to use if their assigned waypoint is > 500m (you can adjust this distance in UPSMON init file). Of course this only works when the group and vehicle start a good distance away from their assigned patrol area.

  10. I amd doing some changes on the medevac right now(now its fully PvP compatible, since each side can have their medevac), but no, i have never seem the issues you describe. The teleporting thing i may know what caused that, when the chopper lands at base, after a few seconds if the chopper lands too far from the initial point it gets teleported to the right position, since the AI sometimes landed on silly places and i thought it was better having a 1 second unrealistic teleport than a weirdly landed chopper at base :P.

    Also on lastest versions(meaning for example the current public release) the choopper should land without the smoke, but if you don't throw green smoke the chooper considers it a hot extraction so it just keeps hovering, while if you launch green smoke it totally lands and stops it's engine. Still you should have the return to base option in both cases. I will investigate what could be failing there, thx for the report.

    As its taking me longer than I spected, to end this final release, i may post a beta release soon so the final release could be as much bug free as posible. As i said i am thinking on implementing this last wave of features and leave this script till arma3/ACE3, but i will still always fix any bug that could appear with ACE or arma updates.

    Edit: it would help if you send me a way to reproduce those issues unless they where totally random, as i haven't been able to reproduce them

    Thanks for the reply!!

    I'll try and make a simple repro with no other addons or fancy scripts (other than ACE obviously)..anytime I've tried and seen those issues it's been with a bunch of mods (although none I can think of that would conflict).. maps, ASR_AI, TWPC Supp and TWP LOS, etc. and usually some kind of AI script like UPSMON or DAC. It's possible that it is something to do with my setup although I see psvialli has experienced the 'no option to tell the chopper to go' problem.

    If you need some testing help otherwise just fire me a PM I can give it a go on a dedi with a group of players.

    PS: Sometimes we cheat and use the medevac as a transport chopper :o

  11. Wont the supression effect from upsmon conflict with supression from tpw??

    That's a good question and my answer is that I have not noticed any negative effects - with the TPW debug on I still see the coloured balls over suppressed units... perhaps TPW overrides the UPSMON suppression?

    I know it does conflict with one mods suppression.. I think it might be GL4? With GL4 though you can disable AI suppression.. ChrisB might have a better idea he uses GL4 a lot.