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  1. More thanks!! I am hoping to have time over the holidays to test out the HC with MSO.

    I would thoroughly recommend using the newest version of TPW suppression, set to "2" (multiplayer, effects server AI and client AI), and also ASR AI. I also use a heavily de-scoped GL4 (basically just to get the info sharing and also the splitting of AI groups into smaller flanking groups)

    Interesting.. re: GL4 do you use specific .pbos from the mix or do you just // out the stuff you're not using? My experience with GL4 has not been great recently but I do not customize it much.

    Alternatively you could use DAC http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10621 to create the friendly groups and also to create a DAC waypoints zone whcih covers most of the map, so the AI Blufor groups will go off and do their own thing. They will basically appear to be patrolling as they will use roads until they are in contact. You can set DAC up so that cargo units in groups will leave vehicles at waypoints and patrol, check buildings etc. That can be quite an immersive way to play as conflict will erupt all over the place, particularly if you are using MSO static enemypop.

    Bloody great idea.. have you actually tried this out?

  2. @HFTB & SavageCDN: Sorry guys, I guess too much time has passed since the last time I've used this mod. After trying to find the number for SavageCDN, I realized there's not such thing in UPSMON. My memories about that feature were from DAC.

    UPSMON does not take any consideration when spawning units, so there's no check for any enemy force near the respawn point. Obviously, I may be mistaken again :), but after a quick look at the code I believe this is the right answer.

    Ok thanks for checking!!

  3. Things are getting a bit intense-- my obsession with this project is at what I hope is the height, feels like it's getting a bit unhealthy. Talk about an artist suffering for his art-- my mind is constantly occupied with this Campaign, I sometimes have dreams about the story, or dreams that I'm trapped in the editor somehow haha. It's tough to focus sometimes when I'm not working on this project, but I know that this Camp has the potential to be really well-received, and I'm at the home stretch here basically.

    Just need to finish off these cinematics and make the fixes uncovered during testing and then I can have a break and maybe do a short and quick SP scenario release.

    Well good luck then and don't burn yourself out. I'm sure they will be on the level of the official BIS campaigns although I must admit I've never played those :p

  4. Does DAC not work on shapur?

    I'm pretty sure I've used DAC on Shapur before I would be surprised if it didn't work on a stock map. Some custom maps it has problems (I think to do with the 0,0,0 coords not being in bottom left?). Are you getting errors when trying or is it just not starting up?

    Re: reducing individual zones I do not think that is possible it's all or nothing. I can't think of a way around that either without using some other caching script which would probably be a Bad Idea.

    Re; Config events- I screwed around with that feature a while back and couldn't make it work (prob my own fault).. so I've never really used it

    Aside: I went through some of the DAC demo missions and found a cool feature I didn't know about. You can spawn armor/inf patrols as part of the same group:

    fun=["z1",[1,0,0],[],[],[2,[b][1,4,1][/b],20,6],[],[1,1,1,1]] spawn DAC_Zone;

    In the section for armor instead of the single digit size parameter you put [1,4,1] which spawns a single armored vehicle and infantry (group size 4) as part of a single patrol group (only works for inf and tracked vehicles)

  5. Question (may have asked it before but ran into the problem again recently):

    I can't seem to figure out something that has been bugging me for a while with DAC. Whenever I have 2 sides using DAC (east and west), and both are using respawn camps, it screws up. I can't remember if I'm also moving any DAC zones post-init but possibly.

    What happens is that after a group is eliminated it will respawn at the camp... however it respawns not as it's own group but into another existing DAC group (same side). This effect snowballs and I've seen DAC groups with > 100 units in them after a while (at least that's what the DAC_Marker is showing on the map). Now I've actually confirmed that this group does not in fact have 100 units (teleport near it and visually confirm size). I assume DAC is still spawning in new groups however it is very difficult to troubleshoot with map markers that either 1: don't exist for that group or 2: aren't showing the actual # of units in that group.

    Has anyone seen this before?? Please say yes or I'll think I'm losing it :p

    The first few times I ran into this I assumed it was my in-experience using DAC or scripting in general but now I'm sure it's nothing I'm doing wrong...

  6. ^ no ACE but as mentioned ACRE works and is supported by a script that comes with the d/l (basically gives anyone that should have a radio ie: RTO a PRC148)

    Cheers from Japan!

    I can't wait for playing in Wake Island. For all BF1942 players, Wake Island is special one.

    I'm sorry for my poor English. I just say thank you to all HIP members!

    OMG Wake Island demo.. far too many hours on that one :p

  7. And If Im using the .PBO version, I just plop that in DAC_INTERN. Correct?

    Yes you can put the DAC_Res_Side = 0 variable in the init line of DAC_INTERN (or I think you can also use another game logic.. not sure I've only started using the pbo verison recently)

    If you use DAC_Extern you will need the DAC folder from \@DAC\Configs (copy paste to your mission folder) - this is the better way if you are making a LOT of changes to the default config files, but means you have to edit .sqf files instead of doing everything in the editor.

  8. Well, what I'm trying to stop is AI targeting non-essential members of their group for "Sizing down".

    And I put it in the DAC_Intern logic and it did nothing. :l

    You might need to explain this in more detail... you want to stop the AI from shooting other members of it's own group (this should not be happening)? Or you want to stop DAC from 'reducing' group units when far away from players for performance reasons. If 2nd reason there is no way to tell DAC which units you want to be reduced from a group.. it reduces all but the leader. Once the player is close enough DAC will 'restore' the group to it's original level

    Ok grabbing more coffee :)

    I can then deactivate the zone after no helos are present and then reactivate it. The only problem is that the new helo spawns at the same spawn location as the previous helo. I guess it's no big deal though as long as player don't catch onto it.

    Hmmmm... that might be an issue specifically with heli zones as I'm pretty sure an infantry zone would spawn the units at random waypoints. Remember too that de-activating a DAC zone keeps the existing units and waypoints for when it is re-activated while deleting and re-creating a DAC zone creates new units and waypoints.

    I did it several times, It seemed to work okay. I'm not sure how reliable it would be, my experience with repeatable triggers hasn't been the best . Also idk if publicVariable is nessecary either. Should I only run those triggers on the server? ie condition isServer &&... :cool:

    It looks OK to me and I don't think you would need to PV... normal DAC zones don't require this but I guess I'm not 100% sure. Also I've never actually tried repeatable triggers for activation/de-activation so it might be worth doing a quick test of that.

    How would I be able to detect if the helos in the list are opfor and in the air. I have a friendly transport chopper and also there's one empty opfor helo that's part of my mission. So those would count as "helicopters", thus making the method above worthless to me.. to some degree

    Hmmm... someone else might have to answer that.. some kind of side=west check with a height check but I'm not sure how to go about doing that :confused:

    Or I need to find out how to detect if a specific dac zones AI are all dead. Any idea how to do that?

    Pretty sure there is a way... probably a DAC variable array that the zone's units are added to at start.. but I'm not sure what that would be. I have a bunch of DAC-related notes on the home PC might have some info there.. I'll check later.

  9. Thanks again for the updates!!

    [*]tpwcas_mode 4: Headless Client mode, and only to be used in conjunction with tpwcas_mode 3 Dedicated Server: this manual mode will activate suppression for any AI local to HC

    - Should be manually set via userconfig on HC client

    - Experimental - not fully tested yet


    So to run this with the HC I need to have the mod running on the HC (mode 4) and server (mode 3) and manually change the HC userconfig setting? (sorry if this is a dumb question)