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  1. ALiVE needs patience :rolleyes:, lot of testing and excessive use of the ALiVE debbugers



    ^ quoted for Truth.  When making your mission be sure to enable all the debug options on the modules below.  Do your ALiVE testing in SP editor (faster to load), and preview at 4 x speed.
    Virtual AI Module - debug will show the group locations on the map, as well as their destination (a small X).  Note that when AI groups are spawned into the game world you will not see the destination marker on the map.
    AI Commander module - OPCOM/TACOM orders in sidechat
    CQB module - debug will show spawn locations (green dots)
    Placement modules - debug will show location and size of objectives (MP and CP).
    The first number (50) is the priority of the objective in relation to OPCOM. The second number (150) is the size of the objective (radius from centre). Taken together with some other data such as proximity to the location of the Mil Placement module, OPCOM will use these numbers to determine which objective to attack first.  Zone markers show the type of objective: red for military, yellow for civilian.



    Logistics module - Displays remaining force pool and status of BCRs (in sidechat) as well as a map marker for BCR insertion/destination.



    When trying ALiVE with a new map here's what I do:


    Open in SP editor, add required, MP and CP modules.  Turn on debug for MP module.  Preview, open map, take screenshot and save to desktop.  Turn off MP debug and turn on CP debug, repeat screenshot procedure.  Now you can plan your TAORs and get the marker to cover the objective by referring to your screenshots.. much faster than trial and error.


    Other stuff:


    CQB module will work on non-indexed maps

    CQB module will populated military structures manually placed in the editor.

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  2. dear ALiVE Developers,


    Have a question,

    how do you think about to finally release some parts of the strict mission license of "Insurgency | ALiVE" ?



    This mission is soon one year old and does nothing than collect dust, also nearly nobody does play it in it's actual state.

    Really sad this situation for a such great mission with a big potential inside.


    I did some heavy edits and some corrections to this mission and would like release it for public use, but not under this strict license !

    (this part specially: -- TERM.A - You must NOT re-release the mission to the BIS forums or any other distribution platform.)


    certainly I will if allowed for a free release on any distribution platform respect all credits !


    I did try to contact "hazey" the author of mission, but he does not answer me. :(


    kind regards and hoping for a positive answer

    maquez [Q-Net]



    Hi Maquez - I'll try and ping Hazey to see what his thoughts are... he probably doesn't have the time to maintain the mission anymore so let's hope he's OK with opening it up to others for official edits.



    I was just thinking about FATA! It's pretty though kind of desolate. What kind of mission works well on that map? Do you think it has enough civ and mil objects to work well as an Assymetrical Insurgency or would it likely need some C2ISTAR tasking and custom objectives to keep things interesting? Or would conventional work better?

    It's a strange map! I'm finding the same is true with CLAfghan (not enough objects). Though with a little generated tasking, CLAfghan is freaking brilliant! I had an amazing time last night chasing generated tasks and interrogated tasks at the same time. They were both on the same block and it was brilliant!



    There aren't a lot of objectives on Fata (compared to say Altis) and they are somewhat concentrated in the centre/north-centre but that is due to the locations of the villages IIRC.  That being said I can see this map working well for asym.  In Arma 2 we played a lot of Insurgency / MSO style missions on Fata.

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  3. Thanks savage! What other maps are you getting good performance on? I was playing Kunduz yesterday, I was hosting and something weird happened (it was only myself and two friends on the server) and my frames jsut tanked (Was getting ~60 FPS with dips into 40 fps regularly) and then it would just randomly tank to 0 FPS.



    From the supported maps list I would say these have the 'best' performance (I have not tried all supported maps):



    Caribou Frontier*











    *my favs

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  4. Is the starting point truly random or just picks from a list of available start points?  If the latter you could create a Save Pos at each spawn point.


    I'm not sure about debugging this I've never seen a hint for it.  Don't think it's the map itself.  You could 'kill' the DAC groups that are nearby your spawn point and have them respawn at a DAC camp (or move them)... but that might not be ideal and a bit messy.

  5. Not much to go on there either unfortunately... at least to my tired eyes :)   Maybe someone else will notice something I missed.


    You said the server actually crashes - does it generate .minidump files in the root directory?  If so you can upload those to the BI tracker for them to check.


    My guess would be a mod conflict / out of memory error.... there have been lots of these since the 1.54 update.  Your best bet might be to try using a vanilla mission to see if it is in fact a mod issue... or something with a limited modset like @ace3, @cba_a3, @tfr

  6. Not much to go on in that RPT snippet can you post the whole thing to pastebin and link back here?


    Those "object not found" messages are super-common and probably not the cause of the crash.  Someone explained to me what causes them but I've forgotten (maybe Zeus as you mentioned).


    edit:  found it (credit to QuikSilver on Discord)


    execute the command '#exportJIPQueue' on the server, to learn more about those errors. It will generate a file in the same folder as RPT. Basically it occurs when a machine deletes a non-local object.




    Tracker ticket:


  7. @froggy - yes and yes!!  Give it a try if you haven't before it has some great features


    @mobile_medic - thanks for the RPT file.  Things are a bit slow around here over the holidays but it will get looked at.


    @opendome - welcome back - I find the best performance maps are smaller ones (Stratis vs Altis for example).  One of my favorites is Koplic.


    @neodyn - this is a very common error found in RPT files.. I'm betting your non-ALiVE missions also have this error.

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    hmm... can you do me a favor and try the same with vanilla units (BLU_F, OPF_F, IND_F)?  Are you testing in SP/editor or on dedicated server?

  9. Curious if anyone else has this problem...


    In the editor preview... If I have "installations" in an asymmetric style Military AI Commander, on the map (with debug) you can see "ALIVE_fnc_cc_getWeapons". If I am in the spawn vicinity of that area, I get an error saying "bis_fnc_SelectRandom", and if I hang around in that area, it will often lead to a game crash.


    Is this already a known issue?


    Am also running, ACE, CBA, Task Force Radio, Massi's nato/rus weapons/vehicles, and massi's mid east warfare pack. Thanks.


    No reports of this problem AFAIK.  Can you provide your RPT file?  Do you get the same errors with vanilla units?

  10. Just to add what Maquez - do not run @ALiVEserver on your client.. and only run it on the server if you have a war room account setup and working for persistence.  For more info see the wiki link in my signature.


    Also (and to be honest I'm not sure if this even matters anymore) try to load @CBA_A3 first in your mod list.

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