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  1. Hey Whiztler how goes the bean farming?

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    2. whiztler


      Everybody deserves an ARMA break (and a break from Arma). Haven't touched Arma in 2+ years. A community woke me up to update some missions. Still not playing (Arma) much. Very high ping here (300+). lay tested a few with a few locals but that's pretty much it.


      We don't sell online. We have a website which ranks well with Google. So most buyers find us that way or when visiting trade shows. Our business is bulk (min 5000 kg or full container) and then ecommerce is less effective. Looking into blockchain for export documents (shipping bill of lading, etc). Lots going on there.

    3. SavageCDN


      BIS forums keeps eating my replies this is my 4th try!

    4. whiztler


       :don11:4th try is a charm!

  2. Hopefully I'll have more time by the end of this year to troll the forums again :)

  3. Hi Rocket - I saw your forum post re: LHA AI Airboss and would love to check it out.