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  1. Yep works pretty well.. you can also add/remove respawn points on the fly: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addRespawnPosition Also note you can adjust how the respawn positions behave at mission start with respawnOnStart = X respawnOnStart = 1; //Respawn on start. Run respawn script on start. respawnOnStart = 0; //Dont respawn on start. Run respawn script on start. respawnOnStart = -1; //Dont respawn on start. Don't run respawn script on start.
  2. I think the built-in BIS respawn templates would work although can't say if they work 100% with ACE or not. in description.ext: respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition"}; See here for more info: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn
  3. SavageCDN

    Spyder Addons

    "So you're saying there's a chance...."
  4. edit: this is why we can't have nice things
  5. If only there was a way.... what you'll have to do is split your mods and test - remove half of the mods you are using and test... does it crash? Remove another half and re-test. Keep doing this until it doesn't crash then add back one at a time the mods you removed in the last test.
  6. SavageCDN

    Weird Mission issue

    So on the same server, not logged in as admin you don't see any slots, but as soon as you log in the slots appear? I've never seen that one before... are you using vanilla faction IND_F?
  7. Finally they let me out of my cage!!! :D In all seriousness it's been a great experience working behind the scenes with this group. I'd like to thank all of them for allowing me to annoy, pester, poke, prod and ramble on incoherently.... and occasionally help out. I've been a fan of their work since MSO and hope that they will continue to cook up stuff for the community. edit: anyone looking for HC setup instructions please refer to this post by dixon13: http://alivemod.com/forum/863-headless-client/p1#p1954
  8. alive_fnc_nuke ;) edit: no function for this at the moment sorry From the various reports I've received I would tend to agree with you.. something does not jive between ACE and ALiVE. Unfortunately, no one has been able to replicate it while running just @CBA_A3, @ACE3 and @ALiVE, and there are other groups running those mods without issue. If you can provide server and client RPT files for a crash instance using the above mods we'd certainly appreciate it.
  9. ^ Thanks - added to ALiVE supported factions list: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_Factions
  10. SavageCDN

    Spyder Addons

    The game logic section does not appear until you have at least one player unit (not playable.. but player) on the map.
  11. I'd ask you to please review the rest of the thread then consider your comment. Also perhaps waiting more than a day or two for a response would be in order before pissing off those that would try to help you. It's possible that no one other than the author knows the answer to your question.
  12. There are quite a few ALiVE tutorial videos already on Youtube if you haven't seen them already. Just google "youtube arma alive tutorial" you'll get a bunch of hits.
  13. SavageCDN

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hi Rydygier! This is more directed to anyone who uses HAL - does anyone have a working mission using DAC to spawn units then handing them over to HAL?
  14. You could use an FTP client (FileZilla) which will queue up all the files and upload them one or two at a time. Doing it through your browser interface can be problematic especially on larger files. Some admin panels have the ability to extract files from archives (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc) - if yours does you could upload the zipped file (if you do this make sure to zip up the files already inside the folder @mod_name - so that when it extracts the folder structure is correct) and extract it on the server.
  15. SavageCDN

    [SP] Old MacDonalds Farm adventure.

    Hehe.. still have plans to port it to A3?
  16. SavageCDN

    Airwolf for Arma 2

    Forgot about this mod.. still have both A2 versions on a HDD somewhere. Glad to hear it might make it to Arma 3.
  17. SavageCDN

    Battle Bus

    Yay the bus is back!!!!
  18. if you play the .ogv file outside of Arma (ie: VLC) is the audio choppy? Perhaps there is a problem with the file itself or the conversion process.
  19. Yeah Hetman is the closest out there to what he is looking for and will work with large-scale battles. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/158157-hetman-artificial-leader/ IIRC it's single-player only but that may have changed since the last time I tried it.
  20. ^ Pretty sure he's right you can't have different reduce values for different zones @slendermang - that's something Silola will have to look at
  21. The most recent sitrep has this as well (dev branch only):
  22. Check the object arrays it's possible the classnames are invalid (objects from A2) - I can't recall what the defaults are. Are you getting any script errors (check RPT file or enable -showscripterrors param)
  23. SavageCDN

    Server Help

    So basically on a brand new server with a simple test mission you still get 0 CPS on the server? Or is it when you run ANY mod on the server that it drops to 0? I would review Terox's excellent guide for setup/config of a dedi.. go through it section by section and make sure you have things setup properly. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/139003-tutorial-how-to-run-arma3-on-a-dedicated-server/
  24. ^ do you have roadblocks enabled? if it was a static gun then it was probably a roadblock. Double-check your blacklist marker names (or just create a test mission with one TAOR and one blacklist for simplicity).