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  1. SavageCDN

    Some Addons Not Showing UP?

    Try lumping all the addons into one @folder.. .also try turning off sig checks to see if that makes any difference. re: asr_ai - you don't need it on the clients if clients are not spawning local AI - ie: Zeus
  2. Try disabling the "Michael Bay" setting in the module :D
  3. Thanks to 3CB and Apollo for the repro mission which helped nail down the server freeze issue. Thanks for the report. Issue added for that particular base - I assume they are spawning on the helipad there? Also feature request added for arty code line.
  4. ^ Your best bet is to launch the game without ALiVE loaded if you are not using it. This is generally true for most mods, especially ones that significantly alter the game (ACE, etc). A dev can correct me but I believe it has to be this way in order for these functions to work properly.
  5. SavageCDN

    Some Addons Not Showing UP?

    Is your server running Linux? If memory serves (it often doesn't!!) there was an issue on Linux with the number of key files - ie: after a certain threshold it would stop loading addons... although I thought that had been fixed in a previous update.
  6. I can't think of a reason why it would not work with ALiVE.. .have you tried it without success?
  7. Remove your router/firewall from the equation - ie: if the unit has a DMZ option try that to rule out any firewall issues. I can't recall but maybe A3 needs UDP/TCP?
  8. SavageCDN

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    I've added it to the TO DO list of maps. Very shortly you'll be able to index your own maps, but for now it has to be done by the ALiVE dev team. Great work BTW - did the 'blowout' module make it to the A3 version?
  9. Would you be willing to share your server specs and config files (server.cfg and basic.cfg)? As Terox said if you're running over 200 simultaneous connected players then you're doing something that no one else in the community has been able to accomplish (at least to my knowledge). This info would be very helpful for other server operators.
  10. My guess would be things like loadouts, position, etc will not transfer to the new slot (since it is a different 'player'), however your ALiVE markers and any progress you've made should get saved.
  11. ^ I think so but not 100% sure. I think the issue with switching playable slots is that your saved data from the 1st slot you choose doesn't carry over when you reconnect in a different slot. What you are describing should work fine.
  12. Sorry for jumping in here but I'm going to assume the CUP team follows the Arma standard for release dates... either "When it's ready" or "Soonâ„¢"
  13. SavageCDN

    Knock on Vehicles

    Don't knock it till you've tried it
  14. SavageCDN

    Dedicated server, mission issue

    While it's good to have maxPlayers = playable slots in your mission it will not cause the issue you describe. Was this mission created in the 3D editor? I've never seen that error msg before. Try creating a simple test mission in the 2D editor and try that.
  15. As Heroes mentioned can you try removing this module and test again? Data module is only used for persistent missions in conjunction with the War Room.. although it would be nice if it handled it a bit better than an error msg .. will add to the todo list.
  16. Thanks for the reports - looks like the static mappings to make RHS work with ALiVE need some attention. @gibfender - if you have a repro mission with just RHS, ALiVE and CBA then PM to me if you can... thanks! Thanks Dogpatch will take a look - are you placing the ALiVE data module in your mission?
  17. Hi Dogpatch - can you post the full RPT file to pastebin and link back here? Are you using the War Room with persistence? If so double-check you've setup the server properly (instructions are under your group profile in the War Room). If not, then remove @aliveserver from the list of mods for your server (and do not run it on your client).
  18. SavageCDN

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    See Maquez's releases: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188116-vnpa-missions-factory/
  19. Usually this error means the server (or HC) does not have the required mods loaded for the mission. I would try using this format for your mod params: -mod=@cba_a3;@ace3;@alive;@DAC
  20. It almost sounds like a problem with A3 itself - have you tried re-installing the server files from Steam? You are OK to have mods, files, keys, etc in the server directory even though you are not running them.. although be aware any mod .bikey files in your \Keys folder will mean players can join the server with that mod enabled.
  21. Are you sure the problem is not with the 2nd mission? I would try renaming the first one that works to a different filename then try to run that as the '2nd mission'. Are the required mods for the 2nd mission loaded on the server?
  22. SavageCDN

    Listen Server Configuration

    Sorry but in order to use a server config file you must run a dedicated server. You can do this easily by downloading the Arma 3 dedicated server package and running it alongside your client on the same machine (assign it different cores than the client).
  23. SavageCDN

    Battle Bus

    austin_medic has a sandstorm script http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27610
  24. Nice congrats on release!
  25. Yeah I figured you might be back for that one.. .it screwed me up at first too ;)