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  1. Yeah I might tinker a bit myself if I have time this weekend... camps are an area I've never really bothered fiddling with. I would think it would be a lot of trial-and-error to get a proper airfield to spawn in.
  2. We have run the Battleground missions on our dedi with no issues (Bulge and Merderet for sure.. probably others as well).... and I agree they are a ton of fun. In fact those missions have brought in a few new Arma players to our group as it seems to be similar gameplay to RO, FH2, etc. Hopefully we'll see more of these done in future releases.
  3. ^ that looks like a cross between field hockey and rugby (at least to me...lol)
  4. Added DAC configs - units, camps, arty (still a WIP) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?100617-Dac-custom-config-resource&p=2133962&viewfull=1#post2133962
  5. OK here is my first attempt at Invasion1944 DAC configs. Please note that they are still a WIP and may not be 100% accurate yet. I've tried to merge the various ones I've come across or made myself. If there are any errors please let me know so I can update them. Also note there are duplicate unit entries (Config_Units) as these were plucked from existing missions where I wanted more of certain unit types. DAC_Config_Units German Heer //I44 German Heer case 0: { _Unit_Pool_S = [ "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MCrew_C","I44_Man_G_WL_Pilot_P38", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_NCO_MP43","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_RPzB54", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_RPzB54","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_RPzB54", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_GbLadung3kg","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MG34", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MG42","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Sniper_G43Zf4", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_FmW35","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_Engr_GbLadung10kg", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_PzF30","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_PzF60", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_PzF30","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_PzF60", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_G43","I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_K98k_GGrGer", "I44_Man_G_WH_Camo_MP43" ]; _Unit_Pool_V = [ "I44_motorcycle_G_BMWR75_S","I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH","I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH" ]; _Unit_Pool_T = [ "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwV_G_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_AAMG_Camo_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_Camo_WH", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwII_F_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwII_F_WH","I44_Tank_G_JaPz38_T_WH", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwII_F_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwII_F_WH","I44_Tank_G_JaPz38_T_WH", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_Skirt_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_D_WH", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_Skirt_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_D_WH", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_Skirt_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_WH","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_D_WH", "I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_Skirt_WH","I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_WH","I44_Tank_G_StuH42_G_Skirt_WH", "I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_Skirt_WH","I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_WH","I44_Tank_G_StuH42_G_Skirt_WH", "I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH","I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH","I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH", "I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH","I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH","I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Camo_WH", "I44_ACar_G_SdKfz222_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_1_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_2_WH", "I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_3_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_4_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz222_WH", "I44_ACar_G_SdKfz222_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_1_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_2_WH", "I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_3_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_4_WH","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz222_WH" ]; _Unit_Pool_A = []; }; US Army //I44 US Army case 1: { _Unit_Pool_S = [ "I44_Man_A_Army_Crew_Eng","I44_Man_A_AAF_Pilot_M1911A1", "I44_Man_A_Army_NCO_M1Carbine","I44_Man_A_Army_Medic", "I44_Man_A_Army_RTO_M1Carbine","I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M37DemoKit", "I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M1Mine","I44_Man_A_Army_Engr_M2DemoCharges", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1919A4","I44_Man_A_Army_M1918A2", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3_M1","I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3_M1","I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3","I44_Man_A_Army_M1Garand", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1903A3","I44_Man_A_Army_M1Garand", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1A1Bazooka","I44_Man_A_Army_M1A1Bazooka","I44_Man_A_Army_M1A1Bazooka", "I44_Man_A_Army_M1A1Thompson", "I44_Man_A_Army_Sniper_M1903A4" ]; _Unit_Pool_V = [ "I44_ACar_A_M8_Greyhound_Army","I44_ACar_A_M8_Greyhound_Army", "I44_Car_A_WillysMB_M1919_Army","I44_Car_A_WillysMB_Army" ]; _Unit_Pool_T = [ "I44_Tank_A_M4A3E8_76_HVSS_Sherman_Army","I44_Tank_A_M4_105_Sherman", "I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_Sherman_Army","I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_Sherman_Army","I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_76_Sherman_Army", "I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_Sherman_Army","I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_Sherman_Army","I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_76_Sherman_Army", "I44_Tank_A_M3A3_Stuart_Army","I44_Tank_A_M5A1_Stuart_Army", "I44_HT_A_M3_Army","I44_HT_A_M3A1_Army" ]; _Unit_Pool_A = []; }; German SS //I44 German SS case 2: { _Unit_Pool_S = [ "I44_Man_G_SS_Crew_P38","I44_Man_G_WL_Pilot_P38", "I44_Man_G_SS_CO_MP40","I44_Man_G_SS_NCO_MP40","I44_Man_G_SS_NCO_K98k", "I44_Man_G_SS_Sniper_K98kZf42","I44_Man_G_SS_Sniper_G43Zf4", "I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_GbLadung10kg","I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_GbLadung3kg", "I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_Rohrladung","I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_SprB24", "I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_TMi42","I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_FmW35", "I44_Man_G_SS_MP40","I44_Man_G_SS_MP43","I44_Man_G_SS_G43", "I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_GGrGer","I44_Man_G_SS_K98kZf41", "I44_Man_G_SS_RTO","I44_Man_G_SS_Medic", "I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_PzF30","I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_PzF60", "I44_Man_G_SS_K98k","I44_Man_G_SS_RPzB54", "I44_Man_G_SS_MG34","I44_Man_G_SS_MG42" ]; _Unit_Pool_V = [ "I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Ammo_SS","I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Fuel_SS","I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Repair_SS", "I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Gray_SS","I44_Truck_G_Kfz305_Open_SS", "I44_motorcycle_G_BMWR75_SS","I44_motorcycle_G_BMWR75_S_SS", "I44_Car_G_Kfz1_Gray_SS","I44_Car_G_Kfz1_GrayOpen_SS", "I44_HT_G_SdKfz2_Gray_SS","I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_1_IID_SS", "I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_1D_SS","I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_22_SS","I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_2D_SS", "I44_ACar_G_SdKfz222_SS","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_1_SS", "I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_2_SS","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_3_SS","I44_ACar_G_SdKfz234_4_SS" ]; _Unit_Pool_T = [ "I44_Tank_G_JaPz38_T_SS", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_D_SS","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_F2_Skirt_SS","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_F2_SS", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_Skirt_SS","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwIV_G_SS", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwV_G_SS","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_B_SS", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_AAMG_SS","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_SS", "I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_Skirt_SS","I44_Tank_G_StuGIII_G_Late_SS", "I44_Tank_G_StuH42_G_Skirt_SS","I44_Tank_G_StuH42_G_SS" ]; _Unit_Pool_A = []; }; German SS Winter //I44 German SS Winter case 3: { _Unit_Pool_S = [ "I44_Man_G_SS_Crew_P38_Winter","I44_Man_G_WL_Pilot_P38", "I44_Man_G_SS_CO_MP40_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_NCO_MP40_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_NCO_K98k_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_Sniper_K98kZf42_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_Sniper_G43Zf4_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_GbLadung10kg_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_GbLadung3kg_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_Rohrladung_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_SprB24_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_TMi42_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_Engr_FmW35_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_MP40_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_MP43_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_G43_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_GGrGer_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_Zf41_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_RTO_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_Medic_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_PzF30_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_PzF60_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_K98k_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_RPzB54_Winter", "I44_Man_G_SS_MG34_Winter","I44_Man_G_SS_MG42_Winter" ]; _Unit_Pool_V = [ "I44_HT_G_SdKfz251_1D_SS_W" ]; _Unit_Pool_T = [ "I44_Tank_G_JaPz38_T_SS_Winter","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_B_SS_Winter", "I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_SS_Winter","I44_Tank_G_PzKpfwVI_E_Late_AAMG_SS_Winter" ]; _Unit_Pool_A = []; }; US AB Winter // US AB Winter case 4: { _Unit_Pool_S = [ "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_MGCrew_AG_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_MGCrew_AG_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_CO_M1A1Carbine_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_NCO_M1Garand_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1A1Bazooka_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_Engr_M37DemoKit_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_Medic_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1919A4_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1Garand_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1Garand_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_Sniper_M1903A4_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M3Greasegun_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1918A2_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1Garand_Winter", "I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1Garand_M7_Winter","I44_Man_A_Army_AB_M1A1Thompson_Winter" ]; _Unit_Pool_V = [ "I44_ACar_A_M8_Greyhound_Winter" ]; _Unit_Pool_T = [ "I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_76_Sherman_Army_w" ]; _Unit_Pool_A = []; }; US D-Day // US D-Day case 5: { _Unit_Pool_S = [ "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_ATCrew_M3","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_ATCrew_M3", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_NCO_M1Garand","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M3Greasegun", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Garand_M7","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Carbine", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_Engr_M2DemoCharges","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1918A2", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1903A3","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1A1Thompson", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Garand","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Garand", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1A1Bazooka","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1A1Thompson", "I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1903A3","I44_Man_A_Army_Ranger_M1Garand_M7" ]; _Unit_Pool_V = []; _Unit_Pool_T = [ "I44_Veh_A_Army_M4A3_DD_Sherman_Army" ]; _Unit_Pool_A = []; }; ---------- Post added at 03:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 PM ---------- DAC_Config_Arty // Ger case 1: { _set0 = [20,1,0,45]; _set1 = [2,0.4,75,[],2,30]; _set2 = [100,100,50,500,3,2,1]; _set3 = [["I44_GunMortar_G_GrW34_SS",["I44_S_81L14_WGr34"]]]; _set4 = [5,8,0]; _set5 = [10,30,1]; _set6 = [10,30,1]; _set7 = [0.1,0.5,1]; _set8 = []; _set9 = []; _set10 = 2000; }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // US case 2: { _set0 = [20,2,0,60]; _set1 = [3,0.5,100,[],2,30]; _set2 = [100,100,50,500,4,1,1]; _set3 = [["I44_GunMortar_A_M1_AB_W",["I44_S_81L15_M43A1"]]]; _set4 = [5,5,1]; _set5 = [10,30,1]; _set6 = [10,30,1]; _set7 = [0.1,0.5,1]; _set8 = []; _set9 = []; _set10 = 2000; }; DAC_Config_Camps //Ger SS Winter case 0: { _campBasic = ["I44_object_sign1",["Land_Fire_burning",8,5,0],["I44_tent_a_small",5,0,0],["Logic",10,15,0],0]; _campAmmo = [["I44_AmmoBox_G_MP",10,0,0],["I44_AmmoBox_G_MP",10,-2,0]]; _campStatic = [["I44_GunMortar_G_GrW34_SS_W",-7,25,0,"I44_Man_G_SS_Crew_Eng_Winter"],["I44_Gun_G_NbW41_SS_Winter",25,25,0,"I44_Man_G_SS_Crew_Eng_Winter"],["I44_GunMortar_G_GrW34_SS_W",25,-20,180,"I44_Man_G_SS_Crew_Eng_Winter"],["I44_GunMG_G_MG42_Tripod_Zf40_SS_W",-7,-20,180,"I44_Man_G_SS_Crew_Eng_Winter"]]; _campAddUnit = []; _campUserObj = [["I44_radio_g_20WSd",5,-5,45]]; _campRandomObj = []; _campWall = ["Land_BagFenceLong",[-10,30],[40,56,0],[5,5,5,5],[1,0.2],[0,0]]; _campObjInit = [[],[],[],[],[],[],[]]; }; //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- //US AB Winter case 1: { _campBasic = ["I44_radio_g_20WSd",["Land_Fire_burning",8,5,0],["I44_tent_a_small",5,0,0],["Logic",10,15,0],0]; _campAmmo = [["I44_AmmoBox_G_MP",10,0,0],["I44_AmmoBox_G_MP",10,-2,0]]; _campStatic = [["I44_GunMortar_A_M1_AB_W",-7,25,0,"I44_Man_A_Army_AB_MGCrew_AG_Winter"],["I44_GunMortar_A_M2_AB_W",25,25,0,"I44_Man_A_Army_AB_MGCrew_AG_Winter"],["I44_GunMG_A_M2HB_TripodAA_AB_W",25,-20,180,"I44_Man_A_Army_AB_MGCrew_AG_Winter"],["I44_GunMortar_A_M2_AB_W",-7,-20,180,"I44_Man_A_Army_AB_MGCrew_AG_Winter"]]; _campAddUnit = []; _campUserObj = []; _campRandomObj = []; _campWall = []; _campObjInit = [[],[],[],[],[],[],[]]; };
  6. Thanks for the tips I will try that out. I have DAC arty firing in vanilla CO but for some reason cannot make it work in i44. There is an ENTIRE THREAD for DAC configs?? lol.. don't know how I missed that?? :butbut: Happy to post them there especially since I used your spreadsheet to get most of the classnames. I'll need to do a bit of cleanup so they look pretty and will post them up when finished. ---------- Post added at 09:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 AM ---------- I would think you could do it with camp configs as long as there isn't a 'size' limit to a camp.. would be tricky to get all the objects placed correctly. With object spawning can you specify object locations/orientation within the area (like using a game logic to specify a camp location within a zone) or is it always random?
  7. + 1 we can live without civs :p Edit: or we can help with bug reports
  8. I would be happy to help out if I can.. also I have most i44 units now in various DAC config files (camps, units, arty) although having problems getting DAC arty to work in game (always aborts the request). Let me know if these files would be useful and I can fire them over.
  9. Quoted for truth... the difficulty in Arma mod management keeps a lot of players from bothering. Let's hope they fix this in Arma 3. I've been tinkering with HAC in SP mode.... very cool scripts. This HAC + DAC campaign of your sounds very interesting :bounce3:
  10. Ah ok that makes sense then... thanks. For some reason I was remembering being able to do this as just a 'cargo' item but I guess I had a few beers that night or something...lol
  11. Thanks for adding Emita City to your list!! I was playing a bit using the Celle version yesterday and I noticed when I get in the back of say an IFV I cannot order the vehicle commander to move to a location. He will still 'hunt' around and bark out new waypoints but I cannot click on the map to get him to move where I want to (the IFV is not in my player group). I swear in previous versions I was able to do this (I did not try any other maps). Also note I was playing on my own PC not a dedicated server. Now it was still a ton of fun the guy drove around searching for bad guys.. we got attacked by an enemy chopper and took it down before getting ambushed by a BMP and some infantry.
  12. Damn you Kremator.. I was going to do some yard work this weekend!!! Because of you my lawn will now be brown and patchy :mad: In all seriousness this is a lot of work so THANK YOU!! :bounce3: Edit: did I hear correctly there are 'naval' versions of this mission that include frigates, etc? Also since you killed my lawn I'm going to burden you with a request for Emita City.
  13. Yay more I44 missions...THANK YOU!!
  14. SavageCDN

    I44 coop nuts 1-16 edited version

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  15. You have to press J while in the Construction overhead view.. move the little circle over the unit and press J they should join your group right away. Make sure you have enough space in your group if you have the # of units in player group setting configured (ie: 5 units in your group max)
  16. Absolutely brilliant map... excellent work. My only suggestion is with regards to the rock walls by the roads and it's been mentioned a few times before. The AI cannot seem to figure it out even using ZoneKiller's AI driving scripts (from the BattleZone missions). I know it's realistic and accurate but it would prevent mission makers from using any kind of AI-driven vehicles. I left my machine running yesterday with Kremator's ports of the Battlezone missions (he posted it a few pages ago I think), and I came back to lots of AI gridlock at various points on the road. Again... I cannot thank you enough for this map. Our group includes a guy living near Dublin and he swears this is the view from his back window :)
  17. hehe.. can I forward my wife's complaints to you then?? :p
  18. Wow Kremator hopefully you'll get some sleep soon. I've been distracted with the new I44 release and come back to this thread today and see all these wonderful maps now included!! Thanks for your hard work!!
  19. Well thanks for doing all the heavy lifting.. .it is appreciated. If there is anything I can help with regarding I44 ports I would be happy to - my two favorite things ever - Arma and WWII
  20. WoW Kremator thank you for doing this.. when I first found the BZ missions I looked at porting to other islands but found it confusing and couldn't seem to get the hang of the BZ editor. I'm sure you are now swamped with map port requests so I'm gonna hold off and see what comes out!! Do you think it would be a ton of work to port this to something like Invasion 1944 mod?
  21. Cuel try using DAC in your mission (comes with I44) - AI will most certainly flank/smoke/suppress.. and quite well I might add :) Happy to show you the DAC ropes if you like... hop on ts3.veterans-gaming.com