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  1. haha.. I know exactly what you mean. Now you should add these mods for extra fun!! http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?136304-TPWC-AI-suppression-system
  2. Hi Alan, I had a quick look through your mission at work.. can't see anything wrong with the DAC stuff however I can't actually fire it up in Arma to check. Noticed that it is a CTF mission type.. personally I've never tried CTF (with or without DAC) so it's possible there is something there that is screwing up the DAC respawns. I've never seen the behaviour you are describing so that would be my guess. Might be worth copy/pasting the DAC triggers, etc to a new mission (no CTF) and making sure things work there before trying it in CTF gamemode... I'm sure others will chime in with better ideas. I will have a bit of time tomorrow or this weekend to actually try it in Arma if you like.. but DAC respawn does work usually :p
  3. That sounds a bit weird.. do you have respawn camps configured for both sides? Are you generating AI groups dynamically by player count? (ie: ["12",2,36,3] ) Might need a bit more info about your DAC setup. ---------- Post added at 03:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:11 PM ---------- Just re-reading a few posts and I didn't pick up on this earlier. So if I place empty static weapons anywhere inside a DAC trigger it will man them with the appropriate unit automagically? (not referring to camp statics here) Or do you mean that AI groups will man the statics within a certain range (defined in config_behaviour)?
  4. In your DAC folder there will be a file called DAC_Config_Creator.sqf Open that up and look for a value Dyn_weather (or something like it... at work so can't check) - change the first value (300) to 0 to disable the weather (300 = 300 seconds.. you can set it longer if you want more time before the weather changes)
  5. actually andersson you are correct I had the logic and the flag not just the logic
  6. Great job Kremator thanks for the updated missions!! @Cytreen - I believe since 1.02 it works in MP as well
  7. OK thanks guys I will check that setting as it sounds like that's what was happening. Also it's possible the server FPS had dropped although I didn't actually check it during the game as I was having too much fun. Most of the AI didn't actually flee ie: turn and run... most tended to just go prone and not return fire.. which is great IMO.
  8. We had our first real stress test of this script yesterday: - UNSUNG / VTE mod with ACRE - ASR_AI 1.16beta server side only - DAC script version - TWPCAS script version - TWP LOS script version Defend the base type mission with approx 16 AI groups ... around 120 enemy AI as well as a dozen friendly AI. Human players were 10 at mission start. (I only mentioned to the other players that for this mission the AI could be suppressed... no other hints) I had more than one player remark on how the AI was reacting - they were going prone when under fire!! Once people figured out what was happening we actually had groups laying down suppressive fire and were using it in a much more tactical manner. It completely changed the mission in that we were able to actually break out of the FOB we were defending and move in groups hunting down the enemy. One thing I noticed - after about an hour of gameplay (enemy AI groups were being respawned by DAC so they just kept coming...) the enemy AI seemed to ... well.. lose interest in the fight for lack of a better description. Groups kind of stopped behaving tactically and either just a) stood around or lay prone not firing or b) actually ran away. We also noticed that they didn't go prone nearly as much...almost like they were back to vanilla AI behaviour (ewww.....gross). Players were remarking how we had taken away their will to fight by kicking so much ass.. but I'm sure it was something else causing it :p Any ideas as to what might be causing this (not saying it's anything to do with TWPCAS)? As I mentioned any enemy AI groups killed were respawned using DAC and thrown back into the fight. I can't remember if this has been mentioned before does TWPCAS suppression also get applied to AI groups that are spawned during the mission? I know with debug on that the map markers appear for spawned units but unsure if that means that suppression is applied to these units or is it just a pretty marker :p ? Perhaps something to do with courage or fleeing? I tried to reproduce it afterwards with debug on but ran out of time... thought I may have noticed black balls over certain AI? Does that mean no suppression? edit: Sorry forgot to mention - THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS!!!!!!
  9. Yes I think you need to keep the Logic and that is all correct? I know I've done it with just the logic, a tent and some ammo boxes (especially on terrains that are unfriendly to camp generation or where space is a concern).
  10. SavageCDN

    Stalker Units 0.5a

    Thanks for updating these.. now I have to go back and update my Stalker vs GI-Joe mission :p
  11. Well yeah it's a decent test machine but really not that powerful.. I've had a better GPU for the last year or so... and CPU as well. Thanks for releasing this SnakeMan.
  12. SavageCDN

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Just don't call them CPs and all will be glorious :p This does look interesting I will check it out. If MP is working well I might port this to Fallujah and test it out with a group of players. As for JIP (I am no coder) but I would check out the F2 Mission Framework and perhaps there are elements you can use in your mission as it does support JIP. In my (limited) experience a lot of JIP issues come with updating the joining client with mission markers and other mission data that has changed since mission start... of course you may already know this and for that I am sorry :)
  13. facepalm.jpg Sorry of course..not sure what I was thinking of.... was confusing the defend group (needing 3 entries in _units) with the camp static gunners...lol
  14. Thanks I will try the empty arrays (or I'm guessing I'd need at least 3 units in? crew, pilot, leader so that it can assign a gunner to the statics?).. one problem I can see is that I would have to create a camp-only zone and another unit spawning zone.. but that is easy :p Gonna try the zero respawns and see what happens. I'm actually testing DAC in Iron Front to see how it works and I want to have AI artillery strikes available to the units.. but there are issues with respawning using DAC - it does respawn units however adds them to an existing group instead of re-creating the group.. so you eventually end up with one massive group instead of the 6 you started with. edit: actually the massive group problem only happens when you are respawning different unit types (ie: infantry and vehicles).. if your camp is infantry only it just won't respawn :) I've actually seen this before with I44 so it must be either something mod-specific or just that DAC hates WW2 stuff :p
  15. Has anyone tried getting camps to spawn without a defending group? It seems if you use zero as group size it will still create the units at camp. Also can you have a camp with zero respawns... basically just use it for the static arty (so other units can call in strikes)?
  16. Also are you running the lastest beta of ASR_AI? (can't remember version ATM)
  17. Yeah just move the mission(s) out of your arma install folder and try running the game. The error you are getting is due to a typo (I assume) in a description.ext file which actually crashes the game (as opposed to script errors which just show on the screen if you have the parameter enabled)
  18. ^ Correct it will be released as a separate free DLC
  19. SavageCDN

    How is AI driving in the latest patch?

    unfortunatly Saku's AI driving fix no longer works due to changes in a recent patch (1.60 perhaps?). For better (smarter) AI you need to look outside of vanilla Arma. UPSMON does a good job of keeping units driving (-onroad switch) but it's a bit much if you just want AI to keep it together :p Can't check ATM but wondering what ZoneKillers Battlezone missions use for driving as they seem to be able to handle roads at decent speeds without major f**kups.
  20. So I wonder then how DAC assigns ranks when generating groups? Does it choose a certain rank based on # of units in the squad (ie > 5 units make the leader a lieutenant, < 5 units a Sergeant)... or some other factor?
  21. Perhaps DAC assigns them 'random' ranks below the leader's rank? Never really thought about it before...
  22. I think CZ DLC is being released as free separate addon? Or did I read that incorrectly?