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  1. Just wanted to give you a status report on our use of the dedi-only COOP version last Saturday. Mission was on Cinder City 16 human players Approx 10 AI groups (4-5 units per) with another dozen or so single AI units. AI groups were using either UPSMON or Zorilya's Garrison Script Single AI units were using Tophe's HousePatrol script ASR_AI running server-side only ACE and ACRE (always :cool:) Embedded tpwcas_dsc script with these params changed: tpwcas_ir = 20; tpwcas_maxdist = 600; Embedded LOS enabled with these params changed: tpwlos_maxdist = 50; tpwlos_mindist = 15; This was indeed a close-quarters mission with some house clearing and almost all engagements < 200m. If I were to guess I would say a max of 5-6 AI units firing at any one time (so not an all out war or anything with TONS of firing). Happy to report absolutely no lag experienced from any players and server FPS was good (never below 28). A HUGE difference especially when it comes to LOS - with both (non-dedi) script versions running in the same mission it completely kills the framerate. As soon as LOS is disabled it is fine. One problem I did notice however was with LOS script - it seems that it works great for the first time an AI unit 'encounters' a human player.. but if I come back a minute later on the same AI unit it's like he's forgotten how to look around again.. .in fact one time I stood beside the guy looking out the window.. even fired a few rounds at his feet.. which then prompted him to turn and shoot at me :p Anyway great results and thanks once again!!
  2. Thank you good sir you have a better response time than most companies that charge for the service ;)
  3. SavageCDN

    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    +1 six-updater request
  4. Thanks for your reply.. we are in fact doing 20 players in close quarters (Cinder_City map).. in my testing on non-dedi I had to remove LOS as it was causing a lot of stutters, etc. If I cannot disable this in the dedi version I'll wait for the update... thanks for the info :)
  5. My advice is to read the manual all the way through.. it's a lot to go over but with the demo missions you'll be able to figure it out. The DAC thread here has some good info as well and there is a custom DAC configs thread somewhere too :) Also.. while ACE comes with DAC I personally tend to use the script version as it is much easier to change the default configs.. but that's just me :p
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    Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis

    YEAH BABY!!! Thanks Sumrak :bounce3:
  7. SavageCDN

    Namalsk island, v1.10

    Thanks for the update Sumrak
  8. Don't you mean DAC 3.0? (which BTW is the best fraking AI script ever for Arma)
  9. Script lag can also cause this behaviour.. if you have a heavy part of the mission (lots of units spawning in at once) that could be part of the problem. Have you tried with a lower unit count to see if the problem still exists?
  10. What about Wolle's armed civilians? (I've never used them but that's the extent of my assistance in this thread :p ) No they would not work for ALICE spawning but you'd get plainclothes with guns..lol
  11. Very good work - you should ask Sickboy to put this on the Six-Updater network
  12. Thanks for your continued work on this script/addon. Wanting to try out the dedi-only version this weekend - is this the most recent one? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?136304-TPWC-AI-suppression-system&p=2213377&viewfull=1#post2213377 :o
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    Lots of Bombs

    looks interesting can never have too many ACE missions...thanks for sharing!
  14. ^ hey boffin been following with interest your Insurgency Simulator progress on your blog... Insurgency definitely needs more ACE/ACRE :)
  15. ^ Cuel is correct.. you use a different .exe to run the server which does not do any key checks (this is true for Steam as well)
  16. ^ hmm.. now I must try this out in coop MP :p
  17. I see now.. OK so just use another trigger for activation, de-activation and set the DAC zone to start de-activated. I've only had one coffee this morning but it should work :p
  18. Haven't run into this problem before.. make sure in your zone that there are at least 4-5 waypoints generated (ie: dont set it to just 2 wp) I think you should lose the activation line at the end: OnAct : fun = ["z1",[1,1,0],[11,4,100,20],[],[ ],[3,2,50,0,100,999],[0,11,1,11,1]] spawn DAC_Zone; There is no need to create the zone de-activated then immediately re-activate it unless I am missing something? Also you should use a separate repeating trigger for the unit detection and put [Z1] call DAC_activate in the OnAct field.. [Z1] call DAC_deactivate in the deactivation field **Actually I'm pretty sure that when DAC deactivates an already activated zone it will create new units instead of bringing back the existing ones.. ie: you have 11 groups spawning in.. you kill 4 groups then the zone deactivates due to leaving area.. then unit re-enters zone DAC will re-create the 11 groups instead of 7 I don't have the manual in front of me but I'm pretty sure this is how it works.
  19. yes will try.. what about adding that line at the top of init.sqf?
  20. How did I not see this before?? Looks very interesting will try it out. edit: the link is dead.. any chance of a repost?
  21. Thanks for this!! I get the same issue.. how are you calling the loading screen? In init.sqf? I've tried that as well as creating a trigger with time > 0.1 in the editor which calls 'loadscreen.sqf' (as you cannot use waitUntil in init.sqf).. but neither seem to give me a black screen immediately.. there is sometimes a very short delay and other times a good 5-6 seconds before black screen.....
  22. SavageCDN

    Urban Conquest by tvig0r0us

    Welcome Back!! +1 - also what about adding a Team Status dialog of sorts so players can join up in groups? Or is that not possible?
  23. That was my thought as well with regards to ZeusAI... really ASR_AI is the only AI mod being actively worked on as far as I am aware (present company excepted...of course). Keep up the good work:yay:
  24. I would guess that you need to use an external script outside of DAC to add backpacks.... if adding them in DAC_Weapon_Config.sqf doesn't work. Does I44 use an ACE-like backpack system?