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  1. SavageCDN

    Isola Di Capraia Crash

    lol what a mess!! Some dependency issues there it might be best to post in the CUP thread with this problem.
  2. In the unit properties window there is a height setting which you can adjust. You can also add some code to the init of a unit like: this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, 20] Where 20 is the height in meters. This still won't help for exact placement in the editor - you'll need to do a lot of previewing :) You also have the option of using Zeus to place the units.
  3. SavageCDN

    [TVT-18] Arma 3 - Olé

    Love this kind of mission will check it out
  4. SavageCDN

    Retexturing Underwear?

    No idea but I'll be checking to see what missions you release :D
  5. Both items are considered weapons in Arma so this should work: player addWeapon "Binocular"; You cannot remove a single weapon you would have to remove all weapons then add back the ones you want.
  6. You say you do NOT have RHS in your modpack? If that is the case I think one of the addons you are using requires it: Warning Message: Cannot open object rhsafrf\addons\rhs_infantry\gear\backpacks\rhs_rpg.p3d That RPT file is a mess ;)
  7. SavageCDN

    Multiplayer Co-op Save Game / Load Game?

    https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/141462-inidb-save-and-load-data-to-the-server-or-your-local-computer-without-databases/ ALiVE mod also has a saving feature see here for more info: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ALiVE_Data
  8. SavageCDN

    Persistent Mission, trigger question.

    Are you using tasks assigned by ALiVE (ie: C2ISTAR module)? If so these should be persistent between server reboots (assuming you are setup properly with the War Room - see here for more details - http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ALiVE_Data)
  9. 14 years and counting I know exactly what you mean :wacko: So you want to delay the init of ALiVE until other stuff goes through the init process? Or are there specific parts of ALiVE you are trying to delay @ startup?
  10. SavageCDN

    Isola Di Capraia Crash

    Might be an AiA problem... have you tried using CUP_Terrains? Other than that I don't know what the issue could be....
  11. SavageCDN

    Isola Di Capraia Crash

    Haven't tried that map in about a year... it certainly did not have this issue back then. Are you also running AiA at the same time?
  12. Thanks for your excellent ALiVE missions.
  13. IIRC there are issues currently with running an HC on Linux dedi.. there is a thread here somewhere for this
  14. SavageCDN


    Looks like I have some editor work to do this weekend B)
  15. Originally the auto-tasking system was just a temporary 'fill-in' to give players something to do and I don't think air roles were ever considered. Perhaps after the release of 1.0 there will be some work done on this... not sure. We've had a few reports of crashing but it seems to be a broader problem (ie: not something with ALiVE). BIS has been asking for crash reports for those that experience server crashes - you can upload them to the feedback tracker. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=26775#bugnotes https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186339-out-of-memory-errors-since-154-update/ https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186449-massive-desynccrashes-after-154anyone-else-experience-this/
  16. If you have further questions it's best to post them here: http://alivemod.com/forum/
  17. SavageCDN


    Thanks for releasing this. Does this mean Celery's "Road Rage" missions are on the horizon? :D
  18. This is something everyone new to the editor does eventually :) Saw your similar post in the ALiVE forums but was too rushed to explain what was going on! Armaman did a better explanation than I could have anyway....
  19. OMG this is sexy as hell!!! Thanks for releasing it! (Go Habs) Have you considered releasing it on Armaholic as well?
  20. Are you referring to the auto-tasking part of C2ISTAR? Do you get an error when the task is assigned and you are in a plane? With regards to the CQB module there is a setting in the module that specifies spawn distance for planes (default is 0 meaning baddies won't spawn if you fly over them). You'll need to adjust this setting.
  21. SavageCDN

    _this select and _x

    You missed 'steak' and 'sleep' :lol:
  22. SavageCDN


    Thanks for releasing A3 versions of these!
  23. SavageCDN

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    YAY FOR POOKIE!!@!*&$!@#(* :wub: edit: nice work on the PDF manual
  24. SavageCDN

    _this select and _x

    Best. Script. Evar.
  25. SavageCDN

    Using CBA in missions

    Nice will check these out!