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    porn...a really lot, most of it, hentai, cars, planes, carriers, astronomy, biology, fisic, etc.
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    i born in the year minus 666, i am the death, a soldier, however, i am a doctor, i kill, i cure.
  1. dr_death

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Jesus christ ive researched here since the announcement of 0.4.2 coming to SW was like a year ago and i find out that the lastest polishes to the update are being made. Cant wait for this.
  2. Try going co-pilot and rightclicking, it works for some choppers.
  3. Tell me if you want me to kiss you next time i see you on the street.
  4. we have been asking for this since a long time. When will it be added?
  5. You see, the thing about asking for updates its that this thread is less about asking for a solid ETA/RD and more about asking if the mod is still on development.
  6. dr_death

    Firing from Vehicles feedback

    the air turbulence from the H9 at high speeds its VERY annoying
  7. dr_death

    United States Air Force

    Wait, aren't we waiting for the 0.4?
  8. dr_death

    United States Air Force

    Isn't that too much? USAF its so far a WIP addon for realistic aircrafts, and if what you say its real even to this day then the development will be slow, making plans for even bigger things on the future can screw the moral if the development is stuck. Its easier to make an addon when you just think you are gonna make an aircraft than when you know you are basically gonna make gbs and gbs of addons.
  9. Does the same rule apply when there has been a month without even a reply?
  10. dr_death

    ALICE not working

    I got that well, although the modules are still causing big framerate issues. Now i just need to decide wether i should get CIM or GBL AIM.
  11. dr_death

    ALICE not working

    After taking care of the addons, it seems like if the ALICE modules break when you put both the basic and the extended one together, using just the extended one it works fine. Although i am still getting script errors
  12. dr_death

    ALICE not working

    I deleted pretty much the addon folders of all DLC, A2 and OA, after making steam verify the cache (this is gonna be around 10 gb by the way, so its gonna take a while) i am gonna check again what is happening, i also want to check ALICE 1 on chernarus, just to see if the few civilians is a problem or its just how it works on Utes. ---------- Post added at 04:57 ---------- Previous post was at 04:38 ---------- Quick note, just tried OA standalone with ALICE 2 on takistan and zargabad, it DID worked, but the game sent me more error scripts to my screen than a wild monkey throws shit, and the places were, to say the least, underpopulated, to the point in wich zargabad, a capitol, had under 30 people walking through the street in the mid day.
  13. dr_death

    ALICE not working

    well, this is the thing. Alice 1 seems to work jsut fine, in UTES there were barely any civilians, but there were. Then i also added ALICE 2, and then there was no civilians, then i tried with the OA maps, but because they are not made to work with ALICE 1, no civilian spawned. Alice 2 is the problem.
  14. dr_death

    ALICE not working

    So, i found out that it was the MSO folder making the problem here. It has the "ca/modules/ALICE..." part, i tried taking it out and restarting the game. However, the same problem persisted
  15. dr_death

    ALICE not working

    I did that log with a complete vanilla edition, just ArmA OA, + ArmA 2, + the 3 DLC. No mods, no maps, nothing, not even CBA. I would just delete the route of the ALICE modules and verify caches to see if it would fix, but to be honest i dont really know where ca/modules or the modules themselves are placed in the installation folder.