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  1. The addon will come with a vanilla compatible version, with extra configs that users can add or remove to add ACE and ACRE, functionality! More pictures coming up! Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture
  2. Hello again everyone! Time for another WIP report. As you could tell buy the last pictures, I was spending most of my time working on the Scimitar, which are now almost complete! I have made the 'Spartan/Samson/Scimitar2' chassis and have been toying around with the Scimitar Mk2, once the Scimitars are done, I'll get to work on the Mk variant. Here is a quick 'Done' and 'To Do' list to show you what progress has been made Done Basic Scimitar/Scimitar with slat armour/Scimitar with slat armour and cam nets Two colour schemes, temperate and desert Two 'Vehicleclass' - CVRT (temperate) / CVRT (desert) Changed weapon/ammo/magazine cfgs Added ACE FCS functionality Added ACRE Bowman mod functionality [*]To Do UV map ECM kit for Desert variants Add any extra 'bits and bobs' Fix shadow for Scimitar mk2 hull WIP pictures Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture
  3. I was thinking the same thing a few weeks ago, I'm just glad someone else thought the same as me!! I'd even say I'd be willing to even pay a bit for the map on it's own, maybe even up to the value of £5! (which is huge for just 1 map if you consider what came with the other DLCs)
  4. After some thought I think it's best to make 3 variants of the Scimitar in both colour schemes. These will be as follows; Temperate basic Scimitar Scimitar with slat armour Scimitar with slat armour and cam nets [*]Desert basic Scimitar Scimitar with slat armour and ecm kit Scimitar with slat armour, ecm kit and cam nets I still have a few things to add onto the vehicle before it is done but below you can see some of the current progress pictures. WIP pictures Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture Full picture
  5. So after some testing with proxies, getting them attached to vehicles etc, we felt it was time to model the proper slat armour that is on the scimitar. We tried to make this as accurate as possible, it is still WIP. Full credits go to Ali for another exceptional rpg cage
  6. I will try to make two variants, a more 'conventional' one, and one kitted out for COIN ops.
  7. @Messiah, I can't seem to find the Mk2 pictures on that website, I've checked in the CVR(t) section which I assume where it would be, and couldn't find it.. Do you happen to have a link to it? EDIT - I found it!
  8. I suppose I could see what could be done about adding a Sultan, but I wouldn't hold your breath for it, the exterior model wouldn't be too big of a deal, its more the interior that would cause problems.
  9. Yes it is! The main reason for the Spartan being included is because the Scimitar Mk2 uses the Spartan hull, So I figured it wouldn't be much more hassle just making it a vehicle on it's own.
  10. It is a very useful tool indeed! I can't remember where I got it from but you can have the version I have on my computer. Download link - http://www.mediafire.com/?r3tu27o5zcezdta
  11. If you're talking about playing on foot then I do not suggest using a controller for that, there are just too many buttons! However if you're talking about flying, or driving, then you just remap them like a regular key! the controller is 100% configurable. For example, you want the helicopter to go forward (nose down). You simply go to the controls menu, go to the drop down box at the top and select the aircraft controls, once you do that you just look for the one that describes what you want, and remap it. If the key is already in use you can simply remove that and do the same for the rest. Downloading a premade profile for this is silly, it only takes a few minutes to set up after all.
  12. Hey! I use an xbox controller to fly in ArmA and it was as simple as plugging it in. When you plug your controller into your computer, windows should automatically download the drivers from their website and install them. Once this is done, follow these simple steps Load up your game Go to the options menu Go into the controls menu On the bottom line of the controls menu there is a button which says 'Controller', go into that menu Once in that menu you can activate your controller if it's not already done. After you activate it you can map the keys the same way you would a normal key on your keyboard. You shouldn't really need a configured one already, just go with what feels comfortable and just base it off the industry standard. For example, left trigger will decrease speed while right trigger will increase, etc, etc. Hope this was of some assistance!
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    It was the BAF chinook and the cars were Jackals, HMG & GMG.
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    Great job on the release guys been anticipating this for a while now! Did notice a few hi-cups though, take name one was the lift script you guys used. For some reason when you attached a vehicle it was offset to the left underneath the helicopter. I did a bit of hunting and found the line that was wrong. Common\Lift\Heli_lift.sqf Line 91 - it was _nearest attachTo [_vehicle,[-1,0,-8]]; instead of _nearest attachTo [_vehicle,[0,0,-8]]; That aside I look forward to having this hosted on our server! Keep up the good work guys, because it's one of the great MP missions!
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    UK Roads Pack

    Nice work, hopefully we can now see some more British maps! However I have to say your roads are all wrong.. they are in far to good of a condition to be roads from the UK :p!