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  1. davids

    Eject from Helicopters

    Are you certain you have the addon activated? It seems to work fine for me.
  2. Top guide! Explains everything relating to re-texturing! Couple that with Stillman's Config explanations and you have a really in-depth guide to re-skinning units in ArmA3!
  3. Hopefully if the devs release more info on how to make custom stuff, they might release some stuff relating to NVGs and how they work, I think that might be the only way to shed some light on this.
  4. davids

    Russian Raven PMC

    Looking really good! It's about time we saw some old foes in the game (even if they are PMC). I have 1 question, how did you get the camo helmet to work:p? I have found 1 bug, the camo helmet doesn't have shadows from the environment, which makes it glow rather bright in the shade. There is a lot of stuff which has not been added into the cfgs, I found a lot of re-skinned coveralls as well as other goodies, seems a bit off to include the content in the alpha and not cfg it in!
  5. davids

    Eject from Helicopters

    I shall look in finding out how this works, and have it singed for tomorrow!
  6. davids


    That's some good side by side shots! Really shows it off. If you click on file types, select all types, and then at the end of the name type the file extension, so if you wanted to save it as a png, name it "nameoftexture.png" and click save and that should do the job!
  7. davids

    .psd templates [NATO]

    If you go to this website - http://www.kegetys.fi/arma/ - and download the 'ArmA tools' inside there is a plugin for cs called .paa plugin, this will allow you to open paa files in photoshop. However bear in mind this is a very old plug in and you cannot save it, as it doesn't format properly! You must save it at as a .tga, and convert it with texview 2!
  8. davids

    UCP Soldiers

    Looking good! I sent you some hi-res pictures!
  9. davids

    Matchmaking (Small PvP gamemodes)

    I don't think a rank system should be introduced at all, that is everything that ArmA is not in my eyes. It seems to me that if you would like to play a COD/BF style game, it may be easier to play those games.
  10. This seems like on of those things that you need to ask "is it really needed?". If you want to limit someone from taking a hat, don't put it in the ammo box, or on their person. If you want them to wear a certain uniform, add it to them and don't add other ones into the box, that too me seems like the most simple solution for this 'problem'.
  11. davids

    [Feature Request] 180 degree turn

    I agree with most other people in this by saying 'not needed', it seems like this will be one of those things that just clutter the keyboard! As already pointed out, it would be faster using your mouse to do such an action.
  12. davids

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    These seem far more plausible than the current OPFOR if I'm being honest. Looking good so far, like Leaulux already said it would be nice to see this progress into a full addon.
  13. davids

    Tao Folding Map

    Finally got the chance to use this after downloading it for A2 and wow! Really good job on it, this has been missing from the ArmA series for a long time. Nice work!
  14. davids

    .psd templates [NATO]

    These are really good, and will come in handy for a lot of people! Great job!
  15. I think the movement stances seem fine, the only thing I think is wrong is I haven't learned all the new buttons! Once that is learned, it should be super smooth!
  16. davids

    MARPAT Request

    Looking good, I can't wait to see more of these!
  17. davids

    OPFOR too Futuristic?

    I do agree with most of what has been said here, I think an enemy that is on par or even better is not the problem here... It seems like the problem is the enemy looking very very silly and far to scifi!
  18. davids

    Illegal Copies May Degrade

    It was a hosted game from my computer, so I doubt that was the case.
  19. Makes a lot of sense! As well as ensuring that we get some top quality work released from it!
  20. - I think I may know the reason behind that, so that will be fix for next release. - The icon I will have changed for the next release also - I know about this, it shall also be fixed! Thanks for the feedback! Thanks for that, I'll look into getting that fixed! When turned out as the commander, you can still go into 'optics mode' by pressing 0 on numpad, I think that is a bug with all vehicles in ArmA? It may be that you turned out in that mode, and if that is the case, simply press Enter would fix it. 1. I am unsure yet as to whether the vehicle has a commander scope that rotates independently from the turret, as soon as I find that out I shall correct the issue, if it is an issue. 2. I did not know about that, I'll look into getting them to see it as a viable target. 3. While on the main gun, the magazine count on the right is the total for both magazines. 4. Answered previously 5. The speed was to compensate for the slow uphill speeds I was getting, I have still to test and tweak various aspects of the cfg. Thanks again for everyone's feedback! Stand by for future updates.
  21. Scimitar Alpha Included in this pbo; Temperate Basic Scimitar Scimitar with slat armour Scimitar with slat armour and camo nets [*]Desert Basic Scimitar Scimitar with slat armour Scimitar with slat armour and camo nets Media Download Link Scimitar Alpha Mirrors welcomed! Please bare in mind, this alpha is an alpha! Some thing on it are not complete, if you find any bugs with it at all, please let me know here! Thanks
  22. Just some more WIP pictures The beginning of the Scimitar Mk2. Full picture The beginning of the Sultan/Samaritan. Full picture The beginning of the Spartan. Full picture
  23. The vehicle on it's own will cost 5 points, and the vehicle with 10 Fusiliers inside will cost 25 points, I will set a limit of 24 with infantry in it though! Another progress report! Ali has made up some new fancy looking scopes for the turret, so once those are textured and put on to the vehicle, and I fix the shadows I shall look into getting a beta release of the Scimitars out! That might be as soon as Friday, so who knows.. Stay tuned!
  24. The Spartan will be done last, this is mainly due to two reasons, it requires a custom 'turret' and an interior. This isn't a big deal however, it will hinder the initial release of the Scimitar, and Mk2 variants! It is on the to do list however. Thanks for the information! I'll remove that feature then :p