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  1. davids

    Full screen NV

    Yes, it will make all three screen clear.. well, green rather!
  2. davids

    Convince me.

    Why should we? Don't buy it. You seem like someone who wouldn't fit in.
  3. Hello everyone, just another simple mod again, this time it enabled you to eject from helicopters. Bare in mind guys, the reason why this doesn't work by default is because the parachute isn't in game yet, so it was most likely to stop people being killed left, right and center trying to eject! So I suppose I should say, use this at your own risk of being thrown out of a helicopter after accidentally ejecting :p! Helicopters include - MH-9 MH-6 Ka-60 unarmed ka-60 armed Known bugs; You cannot eject from Co-pilots seat in the little birds, however you can eject from the Co-pilots seat in the Ka-60 Download Mirrors welcomed! Change log V1 - BISIGN included. V0.9 - Original release. Enjoy! David Website - BRF-ARMA Teamspeak -
  4. davids

    Full screen NV

    Sorry it took so long! That is the file updated with the BISIGN file.
  5. davids

    Eject from Helicopters

    Sorry it took so long! That is the file updated with the BISIGN file.
  6. Absolute top looking work guys! The textures are great! The models are great! Everything is great! You guys make a good mod team!!
  7. davids

    WIP British Infantry

    Looking rather good so far! Can't wait to see more about it!
  8. Taken from http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148130-Arma3-Characters-Modding-Tutorial Also You may need to fiddle with the placement of the helmet in O2, and you must set have the Geometry LOD added!
  9. davids

    UK Armed Forces

    Just a quick update regarding the PCS uniform, still got a few weeks to do to make it look right with the lighting, but good progress so far. Full Resolution Full Resolution The L85 is the sample that was released by Kiory that has been modified.
  10. Weapon Classname is - "SA80Ris" Magazine Classname is - "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"
  11. Top work! The fact that you released your source files for other to use, edit, and learn is amazing! A shining example for others to follow!
  12. davids

    UK Armed Forces

    Some WIP shots of the L129a1 with CWS and MaxiKite (both given by Da12thMonkey) and Grip pod (again given by Da12thMonkey)
  13. I agree with what Spy_fox is saying, in a shorter version "Just because they are dressed in British camo, doesn't make them special forces!" they look more like regular infantry.
  14. What makes them SAS?
  15. Interesting concept with trying to add them all into one thing. I have one criticism though, these all look substandard to the A3 textures done by BIS and some others.
  16. By the looks of things it's not finished yet, So I'd say he should concentrate on making it before he tries to chop bits off!
  17. Should be interesting to see how this develops! Do you have any other WIP pictures?
  18. davids

    How do i refund my arma3 alpha?

    It's an alpha, the reason you should of bought it was to 'bug test'. So I'd say, best get writing though bugs down and pass them on to someone who can fix them rather than 'quitting'.
  19. davids

    Use Array for Addaction

    Why do you need to use an array? Is it to do with moving teleport points? Do you have any more sample code of what it is you are trying to achieve?
  20. This actually would be a very useful feature, these would really help!
  21. davids

    Not impressed

    I agree with this, not impressed by the standard of the OP.
  22. davids

    UK Armed Forces

    Thanks for the info!
  23. davids

    UK Armed Forces

    Not released yet Porter! Still got a good bit of work to do.
  24. davids

    Full screen NV

    A lot of fighting going on in here haha! I'll look into making another one which has a haze around it if people dislike it full screen.