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  1. Hello! I'm new to ArmA2.


    When I try to run the mod (with parameters: mod=@Addons;@CBA_CO;@COSLX), I get an error: Addon 'SLX_Cartriges' requires addon 'CAWeapons_E'.


    In main menu I get an error: Cannot load material file ca\characters_e\heads\male\defaulthead\data\hhl\white.rvmat.


    Some parts of the mod seem to work, but not all. For example wounds and gore don't work (SLX logo/loading screen shows up, weapons seem to have different sounds and some stuff seems to be different).

    Any idea what's wrong and how to make wounds and gore work? I have ArmA2: Combined Operations from GOG.

  2. If it's an engine problem, I think that it would be better make a larger (wider?) model that would be more stable. While it would look ahistorical, 90% of vehicles keeling over during attack over a slightly uneven ground is even less historical.

    Any chances for guns, tanks, etc. getting sights?

  3. Nice mod.

    I have noticed that AFVs in the mod don't have optics. WWI tanks had optics:

    A7V had a 4x telescopic V sight.

    Mark IV (male) had a 4x telescopic cross-hair sight

    Renault FT had either a 1x or 1,5x telescopic cross-hair sight depending on source.

  4. My first contact with Operation Flashpoint was the demo when it came out. I had too slow computer back then, though.

    I bought a full version in 2006 and it never leaves my HDD since then. It's definitely one of my favourite games ever.

    I have never tried ArmA and ArmA2 because my comp is as old as OFP.