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  1. Well, that somewhat works, but, like with setVelocity, result is questionable (how this looks). Here, unlike setVelocity solutions, I have full, exact control of heli's movement from-to. But the problem stays same: as soon I lift scripted control, AI immediately climbs up back. So again I have ugly, vertical zigzags instead of straight, smooth flightpath. This could work with some AI-less missile, but here I'm affraid, the only remedy for AI stupidity would be total script control all the way, no AI involved at all. I don't want that, as this in fact is writing custom pilot AI from the scratch. To be exact - fragment of it concerning complete helo's flight behavior from A to B.
  2. BTW still trying to script for 1.5 reliable ultra low altitude flight for helis. The only but decisive obstacle stays the fact, flyInHeight is semi-broken for low altitudes and, as I read, that issue is known for years, still not fixed, thus seems hopeless. SetVelocity makeshifts so far not good enough to me. Anyone anyhow forced flyInHeight to work reliably? For me it works if I set 5 meters, but then, if en route I set it, say, to 15, heli starts to climb up to 50-60 and more and can't be lowered back reliably anymore.
  3. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Blacklists wasn't touched in any way, couldn't be, as these lines aren't even present in vanilla Pilgrimage (did I provide you these lines for your ports? Don't even remember...). Also shouldn't be touched, if worked earlier, 1.951 change is tiny and has nothing to do with this. Their names vary, because each serves for different type of assets, as names suggest, so it uses various blacklist arrays and in different parts of the script. I believe so at least, as said, I do not remember this code, would need to see whole thing. Just be sure, everything you put into proper blacklist array and always all lower case. And so there's indeed everything, you wish to blacklist included.
  4. HAS 1.5 wip3 Changes: - added new type of heli support: CAS with custom heli behavior pattern along with proper comm messages and new user config variables: RYD_HAS_CAS_Distance = 600;//how far from target area CAS helicopter should take firing position (can be lower, if object draw distance is lower, but never below 60% of set value) RYD_HAS_CAS_Range = 150;//how wide around target position CAS helicopter should look for hostile targets RYD_HAS_CAS_OnlyKnownTargets = false;//if true, CAS helicopter will shoot only at hostile targets actually known to its crew or the caller unit RYD_HAS_CAS_reammo = true;//if true, designated CAS helicopter will have ammunition restored at CAS task start Technical details of the procedure itself here (code was improved since then though). Usage: as other types of support. After confirmation map is shown and the heli awaits for the map click marking CAS position. Position may be changed during the mission as long heli didn't reach destination waypoint (as long marker circle is orange). May be also cancelled any time. Recognized as CAS-able gunship helis will be those with some kind of rocket or missile weaponry. It is assumed, heli will shoot straight ahead, thus side/backdoor etc. weaponry not supported. Tested in SP and on dedi, also with vanilla two blufor and two opfor attack helis.
  5. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yep, APEX requirement is a problem. Still, if you use open folder Pilgrimage, you can add this SMG for yourself. Should be easy enough. To do so, modify accordingly SMG classnames, you'll find around exactly same lines of JRInit.sqf, you quoted here: _weapArr = [["hgun_PDW2000_F",["30Rnd_9x21_Mag"]],["SMG_01_F",["30Rnd_45ACP_Mag_SMG_01"]],["SMG_02_F",["30Rnd_9x21_Mag"]]]; if ((RYD_JR_Daytime < 4.5) or (RYD_JR_Daytime > 19)) then { _weapArr = [["SMG_02_F",["30Rnd_9x21_Mag"]]]; }; Simpliest would be to replace one or all SMG classes with desired one (mag class too, if different is used). Or add new entry to the array. Second array with only one SMG (able to hold flashlight) is for night start.
  6. Thanks. Well, that impressive stuff smells like lots of workhours put into it, especially polished GUI functions, no doubt. Great mod. From what I see helis may be aiming same way, I figured out, but maybe I'll ask, perhaps he found something better.
  7. It took a while, but I feel, it's ready enough now, also to consider adding it into HAS mod (that was the intent). Here's the code: and simple demo scenario. Accuracy seems decent, considering dispersion, although I'm not 100% sure of my ballistic calculations. So far tested with Blackfoot and Pawnee. Exemplary usage: [RYD_HAS_Chopper,(screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]),player,600,150,false] call RYD_HAS_CAS; RYD_HAS_Chopper - heli object to be used. (screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]) - intended CAS coordinates (ATL). player - caller unit. 600 - desired distance between the heli and CAS coords when firing. May be lowered, if objects visibility distance is lower, but never below 60% of set value. The closer, the better accuracy of non-guided weaponry (less dispersion impact), but the higher risk of enemy fire from CAS coords vicinity. 600 seems close enough for good accuracy of non-guided, for guided 1000 or more seems enough. 150 - how wide around CAS coords code should search for hostile targets. false - if should be considered only targets actually known to caller unit or to helicopter crew. Procedure: Heli will be used only, if according to the script it is proper attack helo/gunship. It is checked by the presence of rocket/missile-based weaponry (assuming, such weaponry is on firing forward pylons/mounts/turrets, as only such weapons can be used here). After that, heli is set to "BLUE"/"CARELESS" and gets move waypoint in the straight line between heli's position and CAS coords at set distance from the target. When on place, there is LOS check performed (terrain only, I'm still considering, if also should be checked for objects). if no LOS, hovering altitude is raised until there's LOS with several meters of reserve. At this point code checks for enemy targets presence at CAS coords. Ignored will be targets not visible (terrain-sensitive LOS) from heli's position. Targets are engaged in certain priority order depending on expected threat posing to the heli and heli's armament. If no guided AT weaponry available, attacked will be only soft targets, infantry first, but including vehicle's crews even, when inside, the landed aerial assets and cars. Otherwise first heli attempts to neutralize armored targets, then aerial, then cars and then infantry. Guided weaponry will be used only against vehicles. Each target in the queues gets certain amount of time of "attention", then fire moves on next target. This procedure is looped. Heli is quite persistent, if not uder fire, CAS may take few minutes - picking every single AI unit from the grass using minigun takes time at these distancies. If no targets detected at CAS coord, heli will perform shorter unguided fire on the CAS coords directly. CAS will end, when all targets are destroyed, ammo depleted or some point earlier, if code "decide" it's enough/pointless to continue, which may happen earlier, if heli is damaged. Will end also when heli is considered too damaged by returning fire or destroyed/unable to fly/fire. If able to fly, next heli gets land waypoint at its initial position, while flight altitude is resetted. Footage: https://youtu.be/uA0m2dx0UXg
  8. Not so great after all. FlyInHeight initially works, but when chopper is on the move, it gets very imprecise. Heli gets order to lift up from 5 to 15 - heli goes 50/60, and takes lots of time, till it go down back somewhat. No practical use here. Altitude enforced by setVelocity may also be no go, seems, this for some reason blocks AI straight flight. Full velocity control is primitive, looks unnatural and movement is kinda... choppy. Not good.
  9. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    You mean blufor classes for arty etc? It's just default part of FFE mod, I pasted that mod "as is", had no reason to remove blufor from it. IIRC there's no AI blufor arty in Pilgrimage... unless you play with some mod, that will add it, then FFE indeed may utilize it against blufor enemies.
  10. I did some tests out of curiosity. I was mistaken in one thing: I remembered it wrongly, or it changed since previous tests, either way I actually can make heli fly say 5 meters above the ground towards a waypoint. However I was right about second thing - heli's AI completely ignores map objects, like buildings (AFAIK no way to change that). So still there's required scripting to manually lead the heli with objects avoidance. Perhaps I'll test some possibilities in this regard, because it would be cool to have indeed, but better do not have high hopes here. Maybe calculated, pre-planned route? But in this case entering extremely low altitude mode on the fly wouldn't be possible. Or easier/more flexible: vertical avoidance done via dynamic flyinHeight changes if any obstacle detected close ahead... Stuff like that could work while simple enough. We'll see if at least this one thing could be done or not...
  11. Heli's AI simply ignores flyInHeight below certain altitude, as I tested. I know no way to convince it otherwise. For a reason, that AFAIK it will simply not avoid map objects (simple check for objects ahead changes nothing, as AI will not use this data by itself). To have it fly, say, 5m above the ground AND avoiding obstacles in the process, you need to write complete pilot AI replacer, I think. Doubtful, and if possible, only using some long stick like constant setVelocity etc. at least.
  12. Thanks, but man, you're asking for a lot (like hundreds of workhours), most of which sounds as for my knowledge not really possible to script reasonably/reliably, even if cool, some at most rigidly scripted for certain, repetitve situation, but not as universal AI mod. There are limits of what you can achieve with SQF in Arma 3. One can't control AI in such advanced/precise ways AFAIK, the AI is too clumsy and uncontrollable for that and SQF too sluggish and limited to replace the AI. Flying below treetops alone is something, AI most likely will never agree to try and if it would be forced to try somehow, it will crash very soon. That alone would kill CPU. And on the top of that one would need to script step by step whole heli flight model/behavior, basically universal SQF replacer since AI can't be used for such maneuvers. Simply: no go for me, sorry. Thats some nice script indeed. But it simply in rigid way attaches objects in chosen formation, then sets velocity for it. It looks cool, but does nothing more, nothing, what you desire, I'm affraid. Useful stuff for a military parade planes flyby cut scene perhaps, that sort of things. I understand, it is about separate mod request. Not sure about Gunters plan, as for me - it's unlikely, I'll pursuit what you desribed, I'm currently investigating some possibilities as for heli CAS missions and if successful, some form of it perhaps may be added to the HAS in the future (too early to say anything more though), but it would be much, much simplier, than your dreamed heli mod 🙂 (and still quite time consuming). But hey, I know, how it is, when you feel, Arma lacks something so cool, that you want so badly. That's how I started my adventure with scripting - good motivation. If you're persistent enough, perhaps try yourself and prove me wrong? 🙂
  13. Sadly. That's why it was plan "B". Exactly! Sure thing, I'm working on it.
  14. After some tests and analyze found such solution: Crucial fix lines: _actVec = vectorDir v1; if ((abs((_actVec select 0) - tV0)) < 0.001) then { _actVec set [0,tV0] }; if ((abs((_actVec select 1) - tV1)) < 0.001) then { _actVec set [1,tV1] }; if ((abs((_actVec select 2) - tV2)) < 0.001) then { _actVec set [2,tV2] }; Basically, after analyzing exact vectorDir values each frame found out, there are very tiny differences, where shouldn't be any. These differences was probably accumulating in time or something like that. Above lines stabilize vector values - counters the change if it is too small to consider it intentional. Feels like makeshift workaround (because it is) but works: So, after all, it is possible to make AI heli to shoot at area from hovering position. But that was just preliminary step, far from desired final solution yet.
  15. Yeah, I know the charms of AI and in general I would agree. But I feel almost there. If not via using AI, I can at least make heli shoot despite AI moods, it works, and I nearly can make him aim, where I want via setVelocityTransformation. The only blocking me issues at this point are described unwelcomed side effects of my implementation of setVelocityTransformation, I pasted. Perhaps someone more experienced with this command could tell me, how to fix this, I'll try myself too. First snippet issue (too wide rotation) looks like this: Second snippet, most promising, issue (crazy vector changes) like this: