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  1. In that case it may be a scenario about how wrong shit happens on war. Call it "The fire, that was friendly" or alike. 🙂
  2. Well, when time will allow I'll run some tests with mixed allies&enemies in the zone to see, what happen. If it turns out, that it's accidental (ally crossing the line of fire), I probably can't do much about it though.
  3. On purpose aimed at it, or accidental? Was that VTOL (and anyone in it) indeed of same/allied side to the caller? In the code there's a check of friendliness between entity side and caller unit side. If this was on purpose, and VTOL was indeed allied with the caller, then I need to investigate, what's wrong with that check and then, if I find anything wrong, apply the fix, sure. Just not at once, I'm still busy elsewhere.
  4. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Water of certain depth and usually any kind of "house" just at the water - which usually means piers. Used expression for selectBestPlaces looks like this: _expression = "((waterDepth factor [1,1.4])/(1 + waterDepth)) * ((randomGen(houses factor [0.1,0.6]))/(1 + houses))"; In other words, algorithm prefers depth 1-1.4, the closer to 1.4, the better, but the choice is affected in random-per-point degree by presence of any kind of building close enough. The trick was to keep positions deep enough to make boat float, but shallow enough to allow getting inside without swimming, and with tendency to be located close to the piers, but not colliding with them. Thing is, after one of game updates code became too intensive with high accuracy for Altis, which lead to game crash. This was solved by lowering the accuracy, but this mean, now boat sometimes will collide with a pier or even land on it.
  5. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I don't know. Never tested that command with editor-placed "houses". Test if you wish and tell me. 🙂 At the moment no further Pilgrimage version in plans, sadly. If/when there will appear such plan, I wonder, how to make happen, what you request. I would like not to complicate hitch-hiking procedure, but perhaps instead there could be an action on your companion switching, if he should go with Alex or stay. Or perhaps even simplier, no any actions, but he'll stay, if ordered not to follow (assuming, I'll find a command detecting that, I'm unsure about that).
  6. Not sure yet, but preliminary idea would be: when player call CAS, instead of immediate map screen, as it is now, he'll get two mouse actions similar, as for destination choice in transport task, one per variant: current "stationary firing position" CAS pattern and another, based on SAD waypoint (working similar to heli patrols in Pilgrimage). After the variant choice, task proceeds as it is now with map screen etc. Probably variant choice actions will stay there in case, player change his mind on the fly, as it is during the transport. I'll try to make another wip version with this in the scripted version thread after I complete other stuff, I'm doing currently (may take several days...).
  7. Or rather like vanilla "SAD" waypoint behavior... If heli is on the move, can't be used AI-less approach used in current CAS, so such thing would rely on the AI. To smack SAD waypoint at pointed position sounds rather simple, but of course effectiveness of such CAS will be same, as usual for AI-controlled helis - capricious at best against vehicles, abysmal to poor against foot infantry (maybe better with cheating - scripted revealing units).
  8. Rydygier

    Nassau 1715

    It's so cool, finally proper naval warfare in Arma 3!
  9. Tested that - called transport, then raised altitude to > 500 meters. Pilot found the signal wihout any problems. Then tested with modlue and set same initial altitude in module settings. No problems. BTW search is conducted around caller's position (where he was when making the call), not around heli, so heli's altitude also because of that shouldn't matter.
  10. That's intended behavior at this point. Map screen here is for optional flight path customization. Final spot is fixed though.
  11. Introduction A singleplayer, semi-randomized open scenario for Tanoa. You're an alien nanite swarm-based entity survivor, for now in roughly humanoidal shape, that crashed on the deadly planet - water everywhere, very toxic. Your mission was to recon for the Swarm, if your race should invade and consume the planet, or leave it be. But now the first issue is to survive long enough to hunt down The Hunter, rogue sub-entity of The Scout, that caused the crash. The Hunter will try to neutralize The Scout as well. Next task is to clean up all debris from the crashed starship, if doable, to leave no trace of your tech while avoiding detection as long, as possible. Lastly - transmit any recon data and evacuation request to finish the mission. Requires APEX expansion. Download Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Dropbox via Orangedox) Descent Trajectory 1.03 (Steam Workshop) Notes and advices I'm open to good ideas, feedback is appreciated and mission may be enhanced with new features; Recommended settings: >1000 meters of object draw distance for intro and outro, enabled post process effects; DT gameplay differs from typical milsim scenario. Player gets new tools and HUD elements instead of usual soldiering stuff. These are simple to comprehend, but not always self-explanatory, thus I strongly recommend to read briefing entries before first play; The basic tools are: the Probe (action menu), Nano Stroke (melee range, 360 degees attack, free of charge, via LMB (basic shooting action)) and Nano Shot (ranged attack, holding and releasing RMB (temporary zoom action)). The attacks will be disabled, when player uses normal weaponry; Under 0-8 support menu one can find few settings: rate of time passage, autosaves, detector sounds switch; Scenario is highly randomized (in main part in quite peculiar way), thus regardless of initial settings, each gameplay difficulty may differ; GUI font is not very readable for purpose (should look alien at first glance). Don't worry, important informations about discoveries etc. are stored as diary entries with standard font; Combinations of some techs may prove very useful against The Hunter or if you wish to play the Predator; Brain scan tech is crucial for understanding local tongue, but also important as mean to gather valuable recon data, that affects the outcome; The only obligatory tasks are neutralizing The Hunter and Transmitting the signal. All the rest is up to you, but situation, you leave will affect the fate of the planet; You can sprint all the time, if terrain allows, fatigue doesn't apply to The Scout entity; Think about The Swarm as about a super-mind, where each specimen, temporarily separated, independent subswarm entity, represents a thought or pending consideration. Thus the same Swarm or his subswarms may generate subentities of contradictory goals, which represents a mind in doubt, during decission making or cognitive process. Thus we have The Scout and The Hunter, while The Scout has a task to convince The Swarmm to change its mind via new data; Chances for further mission development depend on level of interest around this scenario, which is indicated by amount of feedback. Especially proposed ideas and bug reports are appreciated; Known issues: due to Arma engine limitation, for "NAKED VR" avatar Active Camo tech may work only partially, if The Scout and The Hunter will use it simultanously. To Do waiting for requests and ideas... Changelog Terms of Use
  12. Hm. Logical conclusion would be: search for flare/smoke object is 3D, so altitude matters. But it isn't: _nO = nearestObjects [_pos, [], _radius,true]; Where "true" means 2D mode according to BIKI. So that's unexpected, altitude shouldn't change anything. If however search radius would be 3D, then increasing RYD_HAS_SignalSearchRadius value should make a difference. I guess, I need to test that next week. Thing is, by default this value indeed is equal to 150. Weird.
  13. Perhaps try without GAIA and with HAS, then again, with GAIA, but without HAS. Comparing results should shed some light. For sure in HAS heli shouldn't fly anywhere without prior request (and doesn't in demo scenarios, I hope).
  14. Don't know GAIA too well, but first, that came to my mind was to exclude HAS helis from GAIA control. If not possible - do not use GAIA together with HAS. AI mods tend to interfere each other. If GAIA offeres functionality similar to HAS, then conflicts seem inevitable. Pick one. Don't know about GAIA, but better do not do that in HAS.
  15. Rydygier

    Music Recommendations

    Newest WW2 Sabaton - Bismarck. Includes really well made cinematics.
  16. Rydygier

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    You aren't. If deserve (indeed, a man deserves a payment for his useful work if he wants it), why shouldn't expect? That's between BI and DLC authors. Apparently they think otherwise, since they came to an agreement. Therefore uses work done by BI staff and wouldn't exist without it. Also BI acts as a publisher. Is publisher's work worthless? Free stuff may be not replaced by paid here. BTW note history of Iron Front, quite interesting. Some was angry and affraid because of MANW. "End of community" they prophesied.
  17. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    Thinking about not really interesting another part of island, stil kinda empty in overall, and thus about that third faction idea. Perhaps a group of other survivors, but acting more like ruthless gang of looters and extortioners, also hostile against creatures and often but not necessarily against the player, as poorly equipped as the player is so no problem with too much too good weaonry... Not sure yet, need some time to figure out their mechanics and background details. Then also about enriching plot background, narrative aspect, protagonist... Anyway, I plan to switch may attention for some time elsewhere, which should give me that time, meanwhile feel free to keep providing any feedback, thoughts, bug reports etc.
  18. The code, I gave you, switches on HAS actions for unit from the beginning included in HAS, that had them switched off. If these AI units are also included in HAS from mission init, then they work alike - if was switched off, can be switched on by the code, you propose, just be expanding HAS_myUnits array, as you did. But off or on, they should autoexit, as this is only a switch for calls actions, either way they still are "HAS-enabled". If however these AI aren't included in HAS from the init, then they need to be included either from the init, either on the fly, which update 1.7 was focused on: [newUnit1,newUnit2,newUnit3 (etc.)] call RYD_HAS_NewUnits; Syncing them to the module mid game doesn't work. If indeed there's a comma, it's a syntax error. Today and tommorow I'm "off duty" as for scripting, so if above explanations do not suffice, day after tommorow or later I could check your scenario to see, what's going on.
  19. Frankly, it is on purpose that way, to let player know, there are new actions awaiting his decision, but if more people feel that way, as you do, no problem, can be changed. Fast roping seems working OK in my tests, precise positioning may take some seconds, but usually rather 10 than 20.
  20. Steam for broader audience, but since for a long time there are players experiencing "lost my save/can't resume" issue with Steam Workshop scenarios, I usually put there a link to BI Forums alternative and recommend to use it instead. Also I can't update some older content on Steam, so in total it looks convenient, but is not reliable enough to me.
  21. Sadly, can't help with server config, do not know anything about it, also not sure, what's the purpose of autoinit, from what I searched through this forums, this parameter can be indeed a source of various headaches though. Looks like nothing, I could fix my end anyway. No idea, if that makes sense, but what if one would start his mission with HAS scripts, but without HAS stuff initialized, then only after some delay spawn in RYD_HAS_Base logic object, crewed helis (perhaps on the preplaced helipads), synchronize them via script with said object, and only after that initialize HAS?
  22. I'm unable to reproduce it. Tested just now again by doing simple transport task as client on dedi. No such error, all works fine. Settings was vanilla, or changed? What was going on/at what moment exactly the error occured? Does it occur always in the same circumstancies? Server's, client's or both RPT? Also... That error refers to some native Arma 3 content, so if there's such error, it is produced out of HAS scripts, thus may be hard to do anything about it assuming, I'll be able to reproduce it.
  23. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    Hi, thanks. Ports to other maps are considered during script design, so are possible, once I finish basic version. Optimally without any scripting knowledge, so anyone should be able to make own ports just by pastig stuff in EDEN and files to the new port folder. However scenario is not suitable for large areas (performance issues due to amount of warpers), thus on large map such scenario need to be limited to only chosen part of it, or warpers will be very scarce, but that's to consider in the future. Assigning guards - each guard require actual weapon piece from orange stash. No weapon - not possible to assign a guard. Meanwhile - file updated: - fixed too many "near hostile presence" appearing each consequtive day; - now building assignment action names include info about expected capacity/space gain; - redone occupation roster. Now it looks like this: (the aesthetic aspect still under consideration...) Clickable are: all headers, all non-greyed out numbers, both buttons: cancel and OK. Clicking on given header works as sorting feature (alphabetically for names, by skill value for each skill column). Clicking again same header reverses the order of sorting: ascending/descending. As you can see, now normal, basic skill is displayed as 1, not 0, to better grasp, what it is (acutal value in scripts stays as it was, lesser by 1). Clicking on the number (each is a button in fact) in chosen row and column will assign given inhabitant to given job. Number of the job, that given inhabitant can't be assigned to, is greyed out and inactive - non clickable. Reasons may be: it is his current assignment, no more working space, no weaponry in the stash for the guard (as on the above image), current assignement fixed till tommorow. In case of all except guards, they are actually assigned to the job immediately upon clicking the number, inhabitant name will change the color and will get a job description suffix. Thanks to that player can observe on the HUD, what impact on daily production current assignements will have. Guards however aren't equipped nor sent upon clicking the number, only visually marked by the color and suffix (and one piece of weaponry reserved). Clicking "cancel" will restore for all inhabitants jobs, they had before roster was opened. Same will happen if roster is closed by Esc key. Clicking OK will fix chosen jobs and will equip and send to patrol the chosen guards.