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  1. I do not know, if I can manage to add such an over-commander, it would be nice, but would have to write separate scripts for him to manage sub-commanders... Well, probably no big deal, he would oversee assignment of objectives for each subordinates and choosing for them attack/defense Mode etc, unit limit per objective... Of course still will required file sets for these sub-commanders.
  2. Will try this waypoint method, thanks. About multiple commanders... In the near future I will be testing implemented today (see "to do" list for some details) alternative modes of allocating of HAC control over chosen groups. This is the first thing needed to obtain the possibility of many leaders for one side. As regards the second thing, I decided that the only reasonable option would be adding further copies of scripts so that each leader had his own set of files. This leads to two things: first - it will be done at the very end, secondly - the maximum number of commanders will be strictly defined, constant and not too large. So I have a question: how many commanders will be enough for you, folks?
  3. It is, but it's not my job, it was already here... :) Medevacs are regular cargo units now, same as any other except mentioned heal behavior. This may, and probably will be changed so will be no longer cargo, when I implement to HAC medevac and logistic support handling. A - HAC can't react so quick, because it work in cyclic, no realtime control. In Arma2 1.10 even "CARELESS" may not help - unit still may react odd when under fire (land units in this mode then go prone, I think) B - Hmm. This means an event handlers... EH are probably rather heavy, but most difficult will be implement proper reactions, because when chopper is under fire, ceases to listen to any waypoint based commands. Would have to completely disable choppers AI and control it manually, and that HAC should not do.. Will see, but small chances. There is also option, that HAC will use choppers for cargo mission only, when there is no enemy nearby, and something similar is implemented - chopper will disembark group in half of the way, when there are enemies nearby target, but it is still not enough, HAC considered only known enemy units, and even in half the way often means in range of enemy weapons. Not tested, but implemented already (it was easy and quick). With some variables air and/or land units can be easily removed from cargo units category in the next alpha. ---------- Post added at 20:23 ---------- Previous post was at 20:17 ---------- Script checks whether currently the group has its own transport, so will take into account loss of the vehicle. Hmm. Merging of groups will be difficult - means saving in a special variable initial state of the group and cyclical comparing it with the current. It is possible, but ... Well. We'll see.
  4. Thanks a lot. On mentioned strange choppers behavior I can add one thing - if there is an medevac chopper, often will be called to heal somebody and even, if there is cargo on board, will go and stop over wounded unit in Arma 2 1.10. When under fire or near enemy, choppers on cargo mission, especially unarmed, gone crazy and often abandon its target. This behavior: is implemented for such problems backup system, otherwise chopper will to imprison group endlessly... About MV-22 - it is a plane and HAC don't support planes landigs, beacuse they need for this specified airfield ID. Do not know, how to force them to land outside airport. EDIT: or maybe it is considered by game as helicopter? I'm not sure... Separate cargo class for aerial units is great idea. I suppose, that I can add an option that HAC no longer counted air or land units into cargo category. About - these units are also cargo, but often HAC will assign them, as armed units, combat missions and may not be available for cargo missions.
  5. There is no such variable, but this should be easy to implement. Yes, radius is in meters.
  6. Okay. This is admittedly unstable alpha, but I tried to, that RPT was clean, therefore it is not a bag of bugs, I hope. Of course this is not a release of a new version. As I mentioned, I would like to invite volunteers to alpha-test of what I did so far. HAC 1.1 alpha 1 (only script version for now, included init.sqf with some config) There is not much innovations, but required a large amount of code, so is a good time for the first alpha-test. In this version focused on the aspect of the movement (on foot and with caro units assistance) of units on the battlefield. Crushed quite a few bugs too. About on foot movement: The method depends on the type of mission, the distance to the target and the situation on the battlefield (greater haste, if known enemy is close to the target point, to the unit itself or to commander). If the unit moves fast - provided brief rest stops. About cargo movement: I allow for use both air and ground transport. Group will call for transport and wait for it if target point is far enough. If there is no cargo units available and target point is far, there will be assigned additional waypoint in half of the way with rest stop also speed may be set to "LIMITED". Utilized can be either empty vehicles, and, temporarily assigned to a group vehicles with crew. I advise not to place cargo units and other units too close together, it threatened impediments and collisions during loading. Suggests a spacing around 50 - 100 meters. Vehicle temporarily assigned will take unit to the destination or, if in the vicinity of the enemy, and if cargo unit is unarmed or aerial, disembark soldiers in the middle of the way. Then return to the starting point, or will move on to other tasks. In the event that either unit stuck along the way, there are some fuses impemented that call off mission, if the unit remains motionless for too long. New config variables: (default values ​​in brackets) RydHQ_MAtt - (false) Switches on/off manually defining personality. If false - personality is randomized taking into account the whole package of attributes. RydHQ_ExInfo - (false) - if true - leaderHQ receives information about the enemy also from excluded units. RydHQ_UnlimitedCapt - (false) - Does the commander should withhold sending new units to the objective, once there is a certain number of them. RydHQ_CaptLimit - (30) - What is the number of allied units (not groups) near the objective, that commander will consider as sufficient. RydHQ_ResetTime - (600) - Interval between resets of some values (denoting executed reconnaissance etc.) in seconds. RydHQ_CargoFind - (0) - radius in meters for search empty vehicles. Not recommend too large values - ​​can cause lags. When this variable is equal or less than 0, there is turned off whole cargo transportation system. What interested me the most: - exact version of the game used for the tests; - presence of other addons (preferably none); - short description of the set of mission (roughly the amount of units, their general nature, used cargo units, whatever you feel is important) - whether there are error messages in the RPT, and if so - what errors (optimally a quote from a file) - if noticed something undesirable; - general impressions and observations for example my own report: EDIT: RydHQ_CargoFind is only for empty vehicles. Land cargo vehicles with crew are called in radius of 1000 meters, aerial - 3000 meters.
  7. I'm sorry I'm so silent, but constantly working on new version. If things will go well, soon I'll need some alpha-testers for changes already implemented. For now I deal with bugs extermination.
  8. Thanks for advices. I will try to use them, but rather to a limited extent, otherwise everything gets again too complex.
  9. Tommorow (well... today actually) maybe I will manage to do so, that the group away from its waypoint by more than, say, 3000 meters (?), will look in a specific radius for an empty vehicle with sufficient capacity, which will stay with group. If such is not found, HAC will assign to this group only for travel time capacious enough, currently not occupied vehicle from "Cargo" pool. After reaching the destination and unload, vehicle will return to the starting point and only then will be ready for another orders.
  10. Group will look for vehicle only when it will not have their own, so unlimited vehicles collecting here does not threaten. EDIT: but indeed vehicle once assigned to the group no longer will remain available to other groups... In HAC is much easier to make group use the cargo vehicles, than to make them no longer use it and separate vehicle at the right moment... So will think more about that. Of course I'll have to test everything. Without joining vehicles to a group the problem appears that a vehicle, eg APC, acting as a separate group, will get a waypoint in one place while his passengers will get a waypoint somewhere else ...
  11. I know not much about servers and other MP matters, but I'll try to figure out, what is going on. Are there any RPT messages? EDIT: for now I can confirm this issue, so its pure HAC problem. There is no any RPT errors, so I must just review line by line code dealing with defense mode and determine which commands work differently in SP mode and different when they are running on the server. This may take some time... ---------- Post added at 21:56 ---------- Previous post was at 20:39 ---------- Problem is related with air units handling in defensive mode. Without air units script works fine for me. Now I'll look closely to this part of code and will try to prepare some quick file replacement for script version. ---------- Post added at 22:18 ---------- Previous post was at 21:56 ---------- Try with this: HAC AirDef fix It seems that this problem affected not only MP. In the new, under development, version this bug was already traced. Yet I am not sure if it will do the trick. It may be also something else here...
  12. Default is 200 meters. This value is always multiplied by individual weapon factor. For mortars this factor is equal 1. Biggest for GRAD - 4, because of biggest dispersion. Default value is also preffered, but in battles on close distances this means, that battery will rarely fire at enemy because often some allied group will be within safe zone. Variable for this purpose is RydART_Rate, but by default is equal 0, it means, that batteries will fire their salvo as fast as they are able to (maximum speed allowed by Arty module). I don't know, how to override this limitation. There is one thing, that you may try - default salvo consist of 6 rounds. If battery will consist of at least 6 units, the whole salvo go at once, without additional interval in the middle needed for reload. You can also accordingly reduce the amount of shells per salvo (eg RydART_Amount = 4;)
  13. Yeah. Yummy. :) If you want greater chance for arty support, set smaller safety zone: eg to 100 meters: RydART_Safe = 100; but then arty will be less accurate against moving targets. And if you want more frequent arty barrages: RydART_Interval = 15;
  14. Unfortunately I can't use single variable for this purpose, because behavior may be different for different units; but it's not a problem, there are other ways. Your mission with adjusted accordingly marker text: http://www.multiupload.com/ABX5Y8K4C0 Thanks again. :)
  15. Looks very elegant. One note: instead of: This setVariable ["RydHQ_Personality","GENIUS"]; use: RydHQ_Personality = "GENIUS"; And for leaderHQB eg: RydHQB_Personality = "GENIUS";
  16. Great! Personally can't check, because there are some OA (haven't) units (characters_e missing)... but thanks.
  17. Yes, that is correct. HAC will delete previously added waypoints only when actually issues an order to given unit. Will see, if something change here in new version...
  18. All right. Guests gone, house is quiet and calm - to work. I shall start from simplest matters.
  19. Thanks. It seems that soon it will be created a separate topic for RHQ configs. @stupidwhitekid75 Missions for bombers added to "to do" list... Will see, what can be done.
  20. @stupidwhitekid75 Also thought about dosing information in dependence on unit rank / function. :) ---------- Post added at 22:14 ---------- Previous post was at 21:50 ---------- Currently, if commander is aware of the presence of anti-tank weapons on the battlefield, rather will not send armored vehicles, in analogy with air units and AA weapons. Although there is some chance. Depends on the situation and RydHQ_Recklessness attribute. Formula of condition looks like this: random 100 > (85/(0.5 + (2*RydHQ_Recklessness))) Number (here 85) in the fractions numerator varies depending on the situation and ranges from 50 to 90. A smaller means a greater chance. For RydHQ_Recklessness = 0 chances should be 0 for numerator >= 50. However this does not apply to units sent to take objective and those used for large-scale flanking maneuver. Hmm. In principle should control units of all allied factions except civilians regardless of multiplicity their own troops... But not generic Arma 2 units without config too? Yes! Its possible. I had not foreseen this, but there are some special circumstances (recon, objective capturing and no special recon and own infantry units available... a small number of own groups increases the chances), when he can use almost any units as long, as they are friendly and non-civilian. My own script surprises me... :)
  21. Thanks, some other folks also requested more info for player, though personally I like, just as you wrote, feel like insignificant private, which totally does not know, and does not need to know, what is the plan, he has only obey orders and know only, that some plan is... This approach, for me, enriches experience of being on a battlefield. So probably will prepare something and probably it will by optional. Optionality is nearly always a good option. :) As for the other mentioned addons - I admit that I never used most of them, and about this "Epic Battlefield System" heard just now. :) I hope that I doesn't duplicate here something, what someone has already once done, but reading description of the EBS come to the conclusion that, however, is used for slightly different purposes than HAC.
  22. Interesting indeed. I suppose, you can simulate this chain by some script (maybe by "Killed" event handler, cause there must be "leaderHQ" unit on map nearly all the time to script work proper - its orders often refer to this unit or its position) giving "leaderHQ" name to another unit... or rather maybe "RydHQ" name for other group and redefining attributes variables. Crucial code: executed once, on first cycle: RydHQ = group leaderHQ;//for this purpose there must be defined leaderHQ/leaderHQB for B side unit on start waituntil {not (isNull RydHQ)}; and then executed every cycle: leaderHQ = leader RydHQ; BTW: As you see, in fact script in every cycle on its own set leaderHQ as actual leader of this "RydHQ" group... which is the group to which belonged leaderHQ unit defined in the beginning. Thus, if this, initialy defined as "leaderHQ", unit dies or is not actual group leader, the new "leaderHQ" unit will become actual leader of "RydHQ" group (but if actual leaderHQ will die before all orders of given cycle is issued, there may occurs some errors, beacuse of temporary lack of "leaderHQ"... Hmm). So in manual is inaccurately expressed, because scripts work is completely over only when whole commanders group is destroyed. Probably this idea can be implemented using this mechanism... Well. I will not bore you. Better will think about optimal solution. :) Also will look at those markers.
  23. For first look this config looks fine. And what errors was occured? Can you quote them too? Meanwhile try to compare with this mission set up: FallujahB All configs are removed from init fields and put into init.sqf: RydHQ_Debug = true; RydHQB_Debug = true; RydHQ_Personality = "GENIUS"; RydHQB_Personality = "GENIUS"; nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf"; This is only for script version (without HAC addon loaded). With yours RHQs init.sqf should look like this: RydHQ_Debug = true; RydHQB_Debug = true; RydHQ_Personality = "GENIUS"; RydHQB_Personality = "GENIUS"; RHQ_Inf = ["Winter_SOF_DA1c", "Winter_SOF_DA1", "Winter_SOF_AT", "Winter_SOF_Medic", "Winter_SOF_AC", "Winter_SOF_GL", "Winter_SOF_MG", "Winter_SOF_Marksman", "Winter_SOF_Sabot", "Winter_SOF_DA1b", "Winter_SOF_TL", "RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; RHQ_Snipers = ["Winter_SOF_Marksman"]; RHQ_ATInf = ["Winter_SOF_AT"]; RHQ_Recon = ["RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_LArmor = ["RW_LAV25_HQ", "RW_AAV"]; RHQ_Cars = ["RW_MTVR", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_Cargo = ["RW_AAV", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_Crew = ["RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf"; and for B side too: RydHQ_Debug = true; RydHQB_Debug = true; RydHQ_Personality = "GENIUS"; RydHQB_Personality = "GENIUS"; RHQ_Inf = ["Winter_SOF_DA1c", "Winter_SOF_DA1", "Winter_SOF_AT", "Winter_SOF_Medic", "Winter_SOF_AC", "Winter_SOF_GL", "Winter_SOF_MG", "Winter_SOF_Marksman", "Winter_SOF_Sabot", "Winter_SOF_DA1b", "Winter_SOF_TL", "RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; RHQ_Snipers = ["Winter_SOF_Marksman"]; RHQ_ATInf = ["Winter_SOF_AT"]; RHQ_Recon = ["RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_LArmor = ["RW_LAV25_HQ", "RW_AAV"]; RHQ_Cars = ["RW_MTVR", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_Cargo = ["RW_AAV", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQ_Crew = ["RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; RHQB_Inf = ["Winter_SOF_DA1c", "Winter_SOF_DA1", "Winter_SOF_AT", "Winter_SOF_Medic", "Winter_SOF_AC", "Winter_SOF_GL", "Winter_SOF_MG", "Winter_SOF_Marksman", "Winter_SOF_Sabot", "Winter_SOF_DA1b", "Winter_SOF_TL", "RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; RHQB_Snipers = ["Winter_SOF_Marksman"]; RHQB_ATInf = ["Winter_SOF_AT"]; RHQB_Recon = ["RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQB_LArmor = ["RW_LAV25_HQ", "RW_AAV"]; RHQB_Cars = ["RW_MTVR", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQB_Cargo = ["RW_AAV", "RW_HMMWV_Armored", "RW_HMMWV_M2"]; RHQB_Crew = ["RW_USMC_Soldier", "RW_USMC_Soldier_Crew"]; nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf"; Just tested this mission with yours config and there is no errors. Works fine.
  24. @Hobbesy In current version there must be unit named leaderHQ on the map. Without it HAC will exit. LeaderHQ unit may be also OPFOR side, but in this mission it was US commander. So when you remove this unit from mission, HAC will not work. But you may give this name eg to russian commander or any other OPFOR unit, and then HAC will work without marines. About config - can you quote here used init.sqf and mentioned errors? Generally RHQ arrays, as other config variables, can be initialized with any effective method. Eg see US commander's init field in Fallujah mission. This is one way. Same code you may init by separate sqf, or in triggers/waypoints act field (eg to set HAC "on" with certain radio channel)
  25. It will be a good move to add third commander, but it is not enough. You still need to rename all global variables by pattern: RydHQB_Something -> RydHQC_Something, leaderHQB -> leaderHQC etc. and make appropriate changes in the lines with command execVM. Should also be completed RydHQInit and Surr.sqf files, and yet make a small changes in SitRep file. Well. At the beginning of next week I plan to get to work on a new version, and on the list "to do" have among other things, adding more commanders. But now you can allocate to independent forces as well leaderHQ or leaderHQB. They are not assigned to a particular faction or side.