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  1. Yes,ATM Belgian gate is capable of stoping Sherman,but soldiers can still run thru it(only if they are sprinting,but i saw the same problem in ArmA II somewhere on Youtube),every other obstacle can stop boat(in my case higgins),but Dragons tooth with or without rails,and rail in concrete are still problem...

    They can stop boat,but tank just drive over them... I'll figure out how they can stop tank with time...

    Yes! And I will possibly add effect that when boat or other vehicle hits logspike,stake with shell or mine will explode,and object boat ran in to will dissappear!

  2. Indeed it was related with my terrain now my beach look like this(elevation) -6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5 and it work thanks Robster

    Bielow; no need for You to upload this file.... but thanks for your advice!

    edit: well same thing again :mad:

    this is driving me crazy!!!!

  3. Oh,sorry for so many informations I gave to you :o

    This is the deal,I made an Island (will release it ,if i manage to clar this up) and i placed height's in this order

    sea surounding the island -5

    beach -1,0,1,2,3,4,5 shingle 11m,clearing in front of the cliff 7m and then cliff 30 m; or picture....so my problem is every time i try to unload units on the shallow part which is 0(zero) boat either drive along the beach and disembark them 300 m away from their actual landing zone,or unloads them all in water which is -1,I've even tried with scripts (thanks Nikiiler) but same thing again...