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  1. I know this has stg to do with .cfg but i simply don't have enough experience in this part of creating

    static objects...

    So lets say I have this barbedwire,and i want it to be destroyed with satchel,and when satchel destroy every single thing in 20 meters, only my barbedwire is still there...And yes I have changed in config armor to 200,more or less it does not want to dissappear....maybe example config?

  2. BitTorrent technology is not "wrong". It's a tool. Just because something is on P2P network that doesn't automatically make it illegal.

    Only because many people are sharing the same files at once.

    With frequent patches I think it would be pointless to distribute mod that way.

    I maybe missed out few words, i meant after the release of full mod,now i would be much happier with 100 Mb patches...

  3. My first impression is :459::pet13::pc::cc: but when you press right mouse button (after fixing controls) + backwards you will end up with some weird animation... BUT HEY! THIS IS ARMA :CWA AND IT HAS 3D SIGHTS!!!!!

    and almost all weapons can use it with some effectivness...sure you are going to take an aim in real combat when outnumbered or stg worse...spray the ammo!!!!!! Sounds are great,and that island is amaizing,keep up the good work guys!

  4. This is one solution :

    both of you DL Hamachi-free LAN "emulator",after that create your profile on hamachi,give him name of your network so he can join you...

    -and after that you create server

    -then he must RIGHT CLICK on your name in Hamachi,select COPY ADRESS.

    -then he open OFP,or ArmA CWA,goes to multiplayer,go to LAN,then REMOTE,then PASTE your adress(he can do that by pressing ctrl+V) and click JOIN,

    this works for me and couple of my friends when all servers are busy or full...


    btw this should go to MULTIPLAYER section...

  5. Well i used 3ds max 2009.... and i would appreciate your help!

    can you fix 75mm.p3d? And in future i will use paa and pac textures,thanks for your feedback...

    -and try to open it with Gatebuilder(i use that one because i can immediately see textures)

    -later on i will figure out how does everything work and my models will be looking better and wont hit performance as much!