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  1. This is actual problem:

    1. I use original BI Soldier's NOHQ texture and edit it.


    2. I save it as .TGA 32bit with Alpha channels enabled.

    3. I open it with Texview2, and save it as .paa format

    4. I edit .rvmat file us_soldier_body.rvmat


    5. Lets not talk about model parts, i know all about that. I renamed texture ways and these things.

    6. When i Open my model in Mission Editor, it says "Cannot load texture "myaddon\us_soldier_NOHQ.paa"

    -Name of addonfolder - myaddon

    so can anyone tell me how to make _NOHQ file works ?

    anyway here it is: http://uploading.com/files/get/8944a3bd/us_soldier_NOHQ.7z

  2. Hy everyone,I'm new to ArmA,so please have some understanding....

    I just tried to make my _NOHQ material file for arma1, but it does not work. It always says (in-game) this message: "...\us_soldier_nohq.paa" not found. Its because i dont know how to make vaild file that will work, i already created .rvmat files and i have no problems with it but with creating NOHQ files. Can someone show me exacly in detail how to make it ? I have program CrazyBump and NVIDIA's xNormal plugin for Photoshop ... and its all nice, but when i save it (with texview2) from us_soldier.tga into us_soldier_NOHQ.paa in game it does not work.


  3. I have imported my model from 3ds,and now i wanted to add some textures in Gatebuilder,but i had to create some parts i could not create in 3ds in GB,and after applying texture,those parts which are originaly from my imported model are darker then parts made in GB,can someone tell me where have a made a mistake?

  4. Thanks Revan,this will be very usefull! If I manage to gather up some more addons,and create couple of mine,and if I find scripting person,it can be released in matter of weeks...

    P.S. Islands won't be needed since i am creating my own...

  5. I'm planning to create open ended post-apocalyptic mission,maybe mini-mod (yes,fallout like),so I would need couple of addons ( and possibly,creator name,nickname,mail,as long as I can contact him)

    Addons needed: gasmask,rucksack or bag,wild animals,all kind of ruined buildings(houses,factories,towers)

    And don't think I will not look for them as well! I'm looking for Your help because there may be someone who know where to find addon others didn't even heard of (or just understands russian :tongue: )

  6. // Objects by Matteo1944

    #define TEast 0

    #define TWest 1

    #define TGuerrila 2

    #define TCivilian 3

    #define TSideUnknown 4

    #define TEnemy 5

    #define TFriendly 6

    #define TLogic 7

    #define true 1

    #define false 0

    #define private 0

    #define protected 1

    #define public 2

    class CfgPatches


    class WW2


    units[] = {



    weapons[] = {};

    requiredVersion = 1.01;



    class CfgVehicles


    class All {};

    class AllVehicles: All {};

    class Land: AllVehicles {};

    class Static : Land {};

    class Building : Static {};

    class Strategic: Building{};

    class bbwire: Strategic





    vehicleClass="Matteo1944- D-day Objects";