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    Not even an error report or anything? Strange. What operating system are you using? I haven't yet tested the exe on Windows 8 or 10.

    Try going to the folder "CWE\Data\", and see if there is a file called "errorReport.rpt". If there is such a file, please send it to me as a PM.


    My apologies,it appears that it was due to my f***** up registry,so I tried to fix it and f***** it up even more,SO i installed fresh windows and everything works fine!!!!

    I just began to test it,if I find any bugs that are not listed above I'll send them to you.

    And yes,great job! nice to see that someone out there still is working on this game!

  2. Hy guys,can anyone help me a bit with this program,I used it few years ago and forgo how to add textures to model,I load texure but what button/s I have to press to apply texture to model?
    And if anyone have some spare time just to run me thru basics of it,just send me PM
    Thanks in advance!

  3. yes in fact i am working with WW2weasel, and he will make some AA flak effect (for the pacific war it is important when you see the different naval battle with air attack)

    a new exclusive script for japanese kamikaze soldier who charge the ennemy instead of searching cover, he will add bayonnet script for japs and british. For the marines and the british forces i want to add a flametrower but i have to ask ProfT before if he let me use his flametrower system. for the moment that's all. I am still working for correct the different bugs, adding the DOdge WC52 series, the british chindits, M3 lee, Cal 30 MG, Typ 99 MG, hurricane for australians, avenger and wildcat for the US navy and Fleet air arm and maybe some new vehicules if i find something interresting to add.

    This sounds great :D will planes have some sort of effects? smoke,fire,even tracers(I can't remember where I saw it but some soviet ww2 planes had tracers) and for flamethrower(no offence to Prof. T,and maker of original addon) I better like the one from ww2_mp mod,there soldiers and building actually catch on fire and run for some time before dying.