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  1. thats great and all- but is there ANY way to edit this mission so i dont have to deal with the enemy helicopter? I play this SP and its rare when i can take it out without losing my whole team
  2. i play this SP and i LOVE this mission- all except for that dang death-copter! is there any way to get rid of it?? I'll have a great mission going, just to lose my entire team to that chopper.
  3. really interested in this game- but maybe im a little misguided. I first thought this was basically a futuristic Arma-style RTS, an instant buy for me-but after reading a few impressions i have some questions... 1. We only control 3 vehicles? aircraft, tank and carrier? 2. Is this purely a capture the island RTS game? 3. no ground troops?
  4. Quick question Highhead...is there a way i can make this SP so that i can save a game in progress and come back to it later? Everything ive tried so far hasnt allowed me the option to save. Its either i abort of respawn.
  5. can i use MCC to save and load various scenarios...in effect making it like an advanced SP mission wizard? or can i only create missions on the fly in game? Ive read the thread and even the manual and it hasnt been clear to me. i would love it if i could just set up multiple saved scenarios and load them when needed. I also only play SP, it seems to be more MP based. Will it work as well for me? if you dont know, ill just repost the question in the MCC thread. THANKS for the link though:cool:
  6. thanks. Is there a way to have all of the cities be automatically registered as random locations? or is this something i need to do by hand? I love how the Secops module works, but would also like a bit more variety. So it would be awesome if i am able to cook something up on my own!:)
  7. i like the idea behind the "My mission" editor, but it is so restrictive. Is there a way to make a simple mission objective like in the editor wizards (seize city, destroy moving target) yet have the key insertion points and objectives randomly placed where it would make sense? So basically im asking if i can set up something with a simple objective like , reach waypoint, with multiple guard post- but have it randomly placed every time i start it?
  8. Gameqb11

    Question about A.I....

    I see, thanks for the excellent response. It makes sense now. In most situations the A.I is great, but i guess it does have its limits. Nonetheless, i still get into very good fire fights more often than not with the a.i.
  9. I set up a quick "get to destination" my mission game in takistan, going from one point to the other. What i noticed though is at the first outpost, when the opfor notices me, they seem to just stand there firing back. After i return a few shots they may go prone and cawl around a bit, but they basically stay in the same area trading shots. I kind of expexted them to run for cover, start hiding and trying to flank me or otherwise. Im playing on Vet difficulty. My question- Is this normal tactically sound AI behavior? or is there something wrong with my game? I have the latest 1.6 patch and toggle asr A.I on and off, same results. The only reason why i may think it may be normal is because, honestly, sometimes i am guilty of the same behavior. Ill just return fire instead of going through elaborate maneuvers to find cover and flank. I would love to see the AI be a bit more protective of its life though
  10. Hi, sorry for being so ignorant- but ive tried searching and googling to no avail. What do you mean by "Requirements: Functions module and one enemy unit on map" Ive been trying to get wrap my head around editing for the last few weeks, so far i havent found anything that properly explains the functions module in language i understand. Now ive made a trigger with fields filled out, placed an enemy unit, and placed a blank functions module. When i place a function, what do i need to do next? do i need to write a anything inside the function module? do i need to sync it with the enemy unit (im trying to use ambient patrol) (edit),,v v Thanks kylania. F7 for Modules then pick Functions and put it on the map. As long as it's on the map somewhere the BIS functions will work This info is more helpful than you can imagine. I somehow felt i was doing something wrong by just placing a function module without any scripting.
  11. Gameqb11

    AI soldiers unresponsive

    no, its a simple Secops module with all of the other ambient modules attached to my character. After the first enemy engagement half of my team becomes unresponsive. Its not the pistol bug either. Im also using a user made map, Lingor, im not sure if that could be the problem. Ive had them freeze at other times too, is there a general fix that i can use for when AI squadmates freeze? ive searched and the best i could find was to unequip pistols. I use zuess A.I and DAC.
  12. My A.I squads always seem to become unresponsive in any user made mission i make. Is there a way to "wake" them up? ive searched and havent found a solution. Is there a patch im missing or something? i do have the steam version
  13. I guess im late to the party....but THANK YOU for this GREAT map IceBreakr. This map blew me away with its quality, its actually fun to explore with a lil ACM going on. Im a fan now and will stalk your work from now on. What is your profession?
  14. Hi, im mainly a SP kind of guy, but these missions seem too cool to miss out on. Is there ANY way to convert this to a SP game with AI squad teammates?? i got the source code and tried enabling Ai, but they act all wonky, and the mission wont let me recruit from the barracks because im just a private. I have no scripting experience- so any help would be greatly appreciated. Maybe a way to change the script to increase my rank? also. i have AI mods loaded, will this mission use it?
  15. Gameqb11

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    Hi, im playing this SP. Are there any tweaks that i can do to help with gameplay? Is there any way i can get A.I support, like helo lifts or airstrikes in these missions? Ive recruited an AI pilot as standby, but its a pain trying to deselect him all the time as my team goes out on missions.