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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR ECHELON! Here's to another year of badass Operations!
  2. Same issue, my server provider has told me to wait.
  3. Is there any way to get your templates for this and give you full credit? I would love to make some custom uniforms for my unit and share them with everyone.
  4. Fros7bite

    [WIP] Terrain - Woe Betide, UK

    This looks fantastic, hoping for an Alpha Steam Workshop release!
  5. Does this mod require Apex with the newest update?
  6. So absolutely none of them will work on my dedicated server?
  7. How would I go about adding this to my server? Does the client need it too? Do I just add the mod to my mission files, and move the userconfig to the proper folder on the server and it'll work as long as long as everyone has the mod? What is known and tested to be working in MP? Thank you!
  8. I'f there was mercy taps I'd be all for it. Otherwise I have to hear this guy making silly yelling sounds for ages. Really takes me out of it!
  9. I loved the idea of this mod but because of how obnoxious the sounds are I swapped over to SFX Project. The sounds sound like the dead unit is about to burst out laughing from dying.