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  1. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    @zukov That is absolutely fantastic. I will add those tonight! Any other cool textures I didn't know about?
  2. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    @kinglespringles @TPM_Aus I just added the balaclavas back, as well as a bunch of new Kryptek patterns! Make sure to help us out by rating the mod!
  3. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    The package has been updated with a new Flat gear including Coyote, and Ranger. We have also added new headphones and plaid shirts. Enjoy! IIIE Contractor Package
  4. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    That's exactly what I'm on right now, as well as mix and match uniforms!
  5. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    Absolutely! That's my plan for the next update. Add some mix and match versions so that soldiers can have their custom flair during operations!
  6. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    Yes, I believe you need to be running any version to remove the error. It should work with the old version too! You can ignore the error either way, it'll still work. It's just there for those that want to use the feature!
  7. Fros7bite

    IIIE Collection

    The package has been updated with a full set of Kryptek gear including Banshee, Highlander, Mandrake, and Nomad. Enjoy! IIIE Kryptek Package
  8. Echelon International Media Information This special forces and private military company inspired gear pack built for Echelon International includes backpacks, masks, uniforms, vests, patches, objects, and equipment. All equipment is textured in all standard flat colors, the entire line of Kryptek patterns, as well as 5.11 Geo7 variants. All assets are retextured from vanilla assets, and include additional TFAR functionality should you want to use it. License This work is licensed under the Arma Public License No Derivatives Patterns Flat (Coyote, Ranger) Kryptek (Banshee, Highlander, Mandrake, Nomad) Geo7 (Terrain, Night) Download IIIE Contractor Package IIIE Kryptek Package IIIE Patron Package
  9. Same issue, my server provider has told me to wait.
  10. Is there any way to get your templates for this and give you full credit? I would love to make some custom uniforms for my unit and share them with everyone.