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    Anyone try the Android version?

    Your welcome. Tell me something, does openfeint crap out for you too in the game? it is driving me nuts. spoils the game.
  2. stevejau

    Anyone try the Android version?

    It does if you go to web version of android market.. worked for me Cheers
  3. stevejau

    Anyone try the Android version?

    thanks for that. can you implement that option as soon as possible please, before i delete the game. And android market might be worth a phone call or email, for if as you say you do not delete reviews, i assure you i posted 2 and within 15 minutes they were pulled down.
  4. stevejau

    Anyone try the Android version?

    the problem i have and have had since downloading it on my 3G Australian Xoom is that upon opening the game, openfeint craps out and sits there like a deer in headlights, forcing you to re start the game, getting the game restarted is fine then, load up a gun and range, fire away, leave range and openfeint pops up again with the ooops 404 error and sits there again like a deer in the headlights. totally spoils the whole game.. why even put that crapware on the game anyway.
  5. stevejau

    Anyone try the Android version?

    The android version is good on the Xoom, except that openfeint crap errors all the time and you have to restart the game. I made a review on android market but i suspect the devs deleted after about 10 minutes, due to my bad review . Don't get me wrong, the game is cool, but game play is spoilt beyond belief due to open feint crapware.. Recommend NOT buying until they fix the problem.