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  1. Want to live? Head for the hills. Don't go to Cherno or Elektro and expect to survive... it just doesn't work. Get as far away from other players as possible. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing some form of "group spawn" capability, where a team could spawn in the same area and play through the game together.
  2. Everyone's a cheapskate... Arma2 Combined Operations costs $30 and people still won't spring for it, yet they seem to have no problem shelling out $65 a month for the next blockbuster grayed-out gunfest call of duty "combat" game of running down halls with a laser gun shooting pop up enemies....
  3. Well I think the DayZ mod has totally killed all the other arma zombie mods. ;)
  4. colosseum

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    The I44 mod has the Vickers. All Vickers MMGs (at least those deployed with infantry) were water-cooled.
  5. Not really. I'm able to scout barns and houses out in the wilderness and raid them for baked beans and canned soda, or refill canteens at wells. Just like real life, it's not very fun, but survival isn't about "fun" it's about surviving. Hence why I hit "respawn" and started playing like everyone else. :P
  6. My first real playthrough of this mod, I grabbed some beans and headed for the hills with my Makarov. Scouted around a few houses and barns and whatnot and found a Lee-Enfield. By doing this, sticking to the wooded areas, and above all else avoiding other players, I could pretty easily survive indefinitely. I eventually just hit "respawn" so I could do something else!
  7. :arma: Just a question for the devs: so I've gone off into the woods with a backpack full of baked beans and sardines. How long can I be "inactive" (i.e., not playing) before my character starves to death? Same with thirst.
  8. This is by far the best "survival" mod ever made... The secret, just like real life, is to grab some beans and head for the hills!
  9. I've experienced it on the US4 beta server as have several people on there as well.
  10. I sat at the "Requesting character data from server" screen for 15 minutes earlier. Then I got into the game and spawned out in the wasteland outside the map along with a bunch of other player models. Not sure what the deal is. I'm assuming it's a problem with the database server being tremendously overloaded because literally everyone is trying to play this right now? LoL
  11. Seriously, a good quarter of my monitor was taken up with idiots getting kicked for having non-signed mods.
  12. Said to hell with my schoolwork and downloaded the mod, after some frustrating attempts to get into a server, finally did and all I can say is WOW. This is the best zombie mod ever made, hands down. Great stuff.
  13. Sweet! Any idea when we will get this for Lingor v.1337? :P This is probably the most fun I've ever had playing arma2.
  14. colosseum

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Sorry but I didn't know that you considered asking when a release date might be (a perfectly legitimate question) spam. I'll just stop posting!
  15. colosseum

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Any idea when we'll get a release (even alpha) of this?
  16. I've pretty much given up on this. While the first versions were really fun and we had a great time, the lag introduced with v0.95 makes the game unplayable. If a better version comes out I'll play it, but I'm not going to bother with DZS until the problems are fixed!
  17. colosseum

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Finally a mod or video game that features the XIVth Army and the CBI theater in general!!
  18. Craig pops in and out from time to time, he is probably just busy is all. Mission makers aren't here for your personal troubleshooting. ;)
  19. colosseum

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Well unfortunately I didn't have time today to read through all 62 pages of posts! Also I doubt an Arma clan would appreciate someone joining solely to beta test a mod with them. ;) At any rate I eagerly await the release of this mod, and as someone who has done both Slim's XIVth Army and USMC Pacific reenacting and research in my spare time, I do think I could be of some use. ;)
  20. colosseum

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    How can some of us get in on beta testing?
  21. If you want that stuff play Degeneration. Craig, I've noticed that objects moved about with R3F don't always prohibit zombie movement even though it blocks players from moving.
  22. People seriously just need to get Combined Ops...
  23. We had the same problem. It only happened once during the mission though. My listen server computer locked up for a good minute while I think the game synced. The client computer on the LAN network kept working as usual. We had a great game last night, fighting it out with the entire Insurgent army before finally escaping the initial starting area. Found a map on an officer and trekked to Stary Sobor, started attacking the garrison but got killed by BMPs. This mission type is fantastic and no game has been similar in nature. My only recommendation might be to substantially decrease the amount of enemy soldiers at the comm centers. At one point we were fighting 3 BMP-2s, 1 BMP-3, a BRDM, and approximately 20 men on the ground! It's just not really doable with only two guys. We are going to try it again tonight and I will let you know what happens.
  24. This game mode is fantastic. That said we have encountered a few problems just playing on LAN: 1. Client/server weather/time states get horribly out of sync. One guy was total pitch dark while the rest of us were in bright sunlight with pouring rain and thunder/lightning. 2. With view distance anything greater than 400m I get terrible lag (5fps or less). Not sure if this is a machine specific thing or game related. 3. The option for players to start together places them in the same position every time. Not sure if this is intentional or what but it gets annoying doing the same thing every time! 4. There are random sandbags, barbed wire and bunkers scattered about - not sure if this is intentional? 5. I have never encountered hordes. 6. Crash site mission enemy soldiers are dead on spawn. 7. No marker placed for gear cache side mission even when params set and previous side mission completed. 8. US base generated side mission is not "zombie proof", they can somehow walk through H barriers! Massively annoying This is tested on Isla Duala. How do I access the construction module or something similar?
  25. I would love to see this on Lingor! I don't think it would be possible on Duala... too much open area and not enough cover.