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  1. All, Started up ArmA2 today and found that some of the PMC characters (namely, Tanny and those similar "standard" infantry characters with the plaid shirts, Czech vest, and ballcap + Peltor) have suddenly had a ski mask added that clips into the rear of the hat rather oddly. Also noticed they walked slower than other characters??? Small and rather insignificant change, but since this is my favorite character model I figured I'd ask why this change has been done -- and if anyone else has noticed it. Good chance I've botched a patch install or similar. Any ideas? Thanks, Ian
  2. I've searched high and low and can't find any information in any changelogs about this. Maybe I'm just going nuts! ---------- Post added at 05:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 PM ---------- Have noticed this only occurs in ACE. Stock ArmA2 renders the player models correctly. Trying to "remove" a balaclava via the normal ACE mechanic has no effect. The player does not have a balaclava in their inventory anyway. Getting one from a crate, equipping it, and then removing also has no effect. ---------- Post added at 06:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:47 PM ---------- OK, solved it: apparently the @caa1 mod (which ports the original ArmA1 maps into ArmA2) was causing the problem. No idea why, but I narrowed it down to that mod during my tests. So we can all rest easy, this incredibly important and critical problem has been solved! :P
  3. It's strange, since DayZ uses the PMC characters based on Frost, not Tanny. But I haven't played DayZ in a while, so not sure if they have repurposed the Tanny model as the "bandit". I remember reading an update over there saying "bandits have been brought back" and I will be quite disheartened if Tanny has become a bandit. :( It wouldn't be as bothersome if the balaclava mask didn't clip so strangely into the rear of the baseball cap. I just can't use the player model anymore without cringing. Oh well, I guess time to move onto another "favorite" character model. :(
  4. colosseum

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I agree with you... seems it's impossible to find good documentation on most aspects of ACE, so with the group I play with, we literally have to load a map and just figure things out. Not very nice when team members get frustrated and quit from the lack of guidance. Once we figure stuff out, it makes sense and works great, but figuring it out is the toughest damn part!
  5. colosseum

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    I'm always willing to throw more money at BIS. Greatest developer ever. Seriously.
  6. colosseum

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Where is the new wound system documented? Across all the WAGNs, forum threads, and repos I can't find any good information about what was changed. I make coop missions for our small group (5-6 players) and need some info: 1. Does the "Everyone can use medkits" module still have the same functionality? 2. Does the "Enable full heal in field" module still have the same functionality? During our game last night, some of us were randomly wounded and had the "Remove CAT" option in the treat wounds menu. None of the player characters are medic types; I was under the impression the "Everyone can use medkits" module made everyone a medic in the game's eyes. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  7. Just a question, has anyone ever actually beaten this??!
  8. Brilliant! I'll implement it tonight and let you know the results. Thanks so much! Quick question: when you say "exploit" the timer, does that mean that if they hit Esc -> Respawn, they die and are respawned? Or do they come back into the game? I'm not necessarily against players skipping the bleed out time by hitting Respawn if they just respawn at the side base. -Ian
  9. Hi all, I've recently bought an A2CO server from NFOServers. Great server, great hosting, great provider, et al. Very responsive to my requests. However: with the latest beta patch enabled on all our client computers, we can no longer connect to our server. It shows a red "X" and on connecting, tells us "connecting failed". The server info shows the "Version" as "1.60", and our clients all read 1.60 as well, but the server version is marked in red. My line of thinking was that this was beta patch related, so we all disabled the beta patch on clients and rejoined. Within a couple of minutes we were all kicked out due to BattlEye clients not responding (or corrupted memory, can't remember). Either way, I'd like to be able to play with the beta as it enables some nice features (magazine ammo count bar foremost). Does anyone know if it's possible to run the beta on a rented server? I looked at the batch file my Six Updater generates to run a beta-enabled preset on my machine and it looks like it starts arma2oa.exe from a different location. My provider has told me that running a different .exe is not possible with their service. Trouble is that the server I pay $50/mo for is now useless unless I can get this figured out. I was under the impression that clients could play on a non-beta server if they had the beta enabled but I am not sure. Any thoughts? I really appreciate any help or advice. Ian
  10. Hi there, Can you please tell me how I can set up the following (I've tried and failed many times). I want this to happen: 1. When player is killed, they are able to be revived for 2 minutes (120 seconds). 2. When they bleed out and die fully after the revive time is up (after 120 seconds), they respawn at marker "respawn_guerrila" in the player base. Player units are side INDEPENDENT. 3. Players can be knocked down and revived an infinite number of times. 4. Players can die and respawn an infinite number of times. I have done the following: 1. Revive script is initialized through my init.sqf script. 2. There is a "boot_hill" marker, along with a "respawn_guerrila" marker. I have also placed "respawn1_GUER", "respawn2_GUER", "respawn3_GUER" and "respawn4_GUER" in the same point as "respawn_guerrila" to be thorough. 3. I have modified configuration options, but please let me know what options need to be affected. I am confused by this file. Thanks! Ian
  11. I've made quite a few smaller co-op missions to be played amongst friends. Didn't know there was demand for playable Lingor missions! Maybe I'll have to polish some of them up for eventual release!
  12. Can confirm that disabling BattlEye solved our problem.
  13. Just some background, there's usually 3-10 of us, max of ten, never had more than that and don't foresee that in the future. We play with ACE/ACRE, and a few other mods (Lingor/Duala etc). I pay $39/mo for a server and a TS3 server. NFO's VDS is $79.99/mo. If I was going to pay that much, I'd just go with JestServers (at $89/mo) as they offer beta patching and Six Updater. After work tonight, I'm going to disable battleye and have everyone connect without the beta to see if it works.
  14. Great idea! We're a closed group on a private server. I didn't know you could disable BattlEye. @GR7: We were ONLY able to connect when all our clients had disabled the beta patch through Six Updater. When we did that, we could join just fine, but BattlEye kicked some of us off. NFO Support gave me the same answer; if I wanted to run the beta, I'd basically need a VDS, and they're not cost-effective for what we do. If the BattlEye workaround doesn't work for us, I think I'm going to migrate our group to JestServers as they offer a much more ArmA2-oriented service. The only downside is that they cost $89/mo for just the server, vs. $39/mo for the server and a TS3 server, which I really enjoy. Jest offers Six Updater support and beta patching, though, which is a definite plus. Having to manually upload mod files to our server through FTP is pretty miserable, especially since there's no such thing as a good upload speed in the United States from my experience.
  15. That's the weirdest thing -- up until yesterday, we had ZERO problems connecting with the beta enabled on clients with the server running non-beta 1.60. When we run the server without the beta enabled on our clients, some of us get kicked out for BattlEye corrupted memory/not responding. Is this something that will go away if we reconnect? I admit we never tried. The worst part is that, when troubleshooting, the only results I get are how to install DayZ with the beta patch! So frustrating.
  16. Hey, I checked my server, and as I'm renting, I don't believe I can actually run Six Updater itself on this server -- I have to actually manually upload all the mods I'd like to use. Real bummer! How do most people who use the SU on their server actually do this? I'm a total n00b to server administration. Outside of remote accessing some of the servers we use at work (which run on Win Server 2003), I have no clue where to even start. How do guys host a server out of their bedroom? I've never seen any internet provider that offers the type of connection I think you'd need to host an arma2 game.
  17. Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm a bit of a n00b to server administration so there's a very high probability I'll come on there and beg for assistance. ;) Right now I'm renting a server from NFOServers.com; I assume the repository .yml file can be hosted from there, or do I need an external space to host that bit?
  18. Thanks for the quick response! At the moment, I'm only planning on including some of the mods available on SU already; ACE, ACEX, ACRE, Lingor, etc. When I get home from work tonight I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks again!
  19. Hi there, I've just rented a server for my gaming group, and I noticed that you allow hosting custom repositories for server owners? As we'd like to play with ACE/ACRE etc and we all use SU, can you point me in the right direction for how to do this? Thanks! Ian
  20. Yes, over the past few days I've played this with a few friends with ACE enabled. Truly an awesome piece of work.
  21. colosseum

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Just started playing this a few days ago, and after playing stock ArmA2 for about 2 years now, all I can say is "what the fuck have I been doing??" There are so many features to this mod... after a week of playing with the stuff in it, I feel like I've only scratched the surface. One question: I placed a spotting scope, now how do I actually look through it? I've tried searching, but NOWHERE has the answer to this. I'm sure it's very obvious and I'm just dumb.
  22. I like DayZ -- sure my interest has waned but that happens with everything. It's definitely a great mod and I appreciate all the work put into it.
  23. Any idea when we get Lingor Escape?
  24. Intense server lag earlier today on the US beta servers (4, 5, and 6 IIRC). Great fun playing the mod though. Gets better and better. A guide detailing the UI would be nice.