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  1. The leave group thing really shouldn't be used in DZS anyway, I'm sure the players aren't starting in a group??? IIRC that function is only there in the original Chernarus Apocalypse to nicely organize the MP slotting screen.
  2. I've received that complaint from several people... the problem I've run into is that, with 14~ objectives, each defended by at least a squad of AI, performance starts to noticeably drop when I add more enemy squads. A solution we have investigated is to just reduce the amount of objectives and beef up the available ones. If I had more time and was a better script writer I'd invent a way to despawn the enemy AI when you're more than 500m away from the objectives, etc. But alas...
  3. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16140164/ArmA2/directspearbanner-logo.png (223 kB) COOP 25 Direct Spear (ACE) Map: Isla Duala (by Icebreakr) Players: 1-25 Story: It's 2005 and things have gone south in this small, failed Central African state. The Molatian government has recently collapsed, leaving two factions vying for control. The United Front for Liberation and Labour (UFLL) is led by former Molatian Army commander Major Tambossa. The communist UFLL is composed primarily of loyalist Molatian Army troops, and has been bolstered by a relatively large force of Cuban 'advisors'. The second faction, the Alliance for Popular Resistance (APR), is a loosely-organized group of rebels and Molatian Army deserters headed by former Molatian Minister of Defence Prosper Kouassi. The factions have reached a stalemate, with the UFLL controlling the northeast and the APR the southwest. Both factions have claimed to have the people's interests at heart, but both have shown ruthlessness, warmongering, greed, and a general disregard for the future of the country. Both sides are hostile and will shoot on sight. Expect fierce opposition throughout the land; there are no friends past the wire. Description: Inspired by FarCry 2, this is a cooperative mission set on Isla Duala. Twenty player slots start at a secure base in the southwest, where they have equipment and vehicles with which to complete objectives scattered across the map. An additional five slots will spawn as downed pilots in various locations. Direct Spear is a blend of every African conflict from the last 60 years; the Rhodesian Bush War, actions in the Congo, Neall Ellis defending Freetown, Green Leader at Westlands Farm, Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone, the South African Border War, and just about anything else you can think of. A wide range of available objectives require different strategies to complete. Opportunity for infantry action, tank warfare, boat insertions, mechanized action, Fireforce operations, parachuting, helicopter ops and more. Features: - Over ten different objectives across the entire map - UPSMON AI - African rebels with realistic loadouts - ACRE support - ACE wounding - Players respawn at the starting camp - Time of day parameter in MP setup Credits: Mission: Colosseum, Mr. Westland Isla Duala and African units: Icebreakr Playtesting: #d Rifle Regiment Requirements: Isla Duala ACE Mod (ACE, ACEX, etc) ACRE Installation: Put the pbo file into your ArmA 2\MPMissions folder. THIS IS A BETA RELEASE. Please report any problems you encounter! Known issues: Roadmap: DOWNLOAD: Direct Spear Co-25 (@)
  4. Please post any feedback here, I am very interested in ways to improve the mission.
  5. Good luck, I hate situations like this...
  6. My apologies but many missions utilize mods so being able to install them is a bit of a requirement. Armaholic has good tutorials on how to install and configure mods, give that a try if you haven't already.
  7. #d Rifle Regiment #d Rifle Regiment is a casual COOP and TVT group centered around the US Central time zone. We play with ACE/ACRE and some other mods on a dedicated server I own. Our games usually average between 6-10 players, maxing out at around 20. We are a relaxed group but enjoy taking the game seriously and using real tactics. Contact me at ibroberts@gmail.com or via these forums if you're interested in joining us for a game or two. We're looking for players who are mature, enjoy teamwork, and like a serious game. Thanks!
  8. Squad name: #d Rifle Regiment Timezone/location:[/b] US Central Standard Time, but have members in GMT and Australia. Gamemode preference: Cooperative Contact email: ibroberts@gmail.com Website address: http://www.statesmanship.co.uk/arma2/ Short description: Casual group of COOP players. Contact me at the email address above if you're interested in playing. We normally have between 6-10 players on weeknights. We play with ACE and ACRE on a dedicated server. Language: English
  9. No, this is a mission file - which to the best of my knowledge are not managed by Six Updater. You will need to download the required mods from SU and get the mission file from the Armaholic link above.
  10. Well looks like you are launching your mods out of order... I'd recommend Six Updater as it's by far the easiest way to play Arma2 with mods. Make sure you are naming them correctly and try again... but in the meantime, just get SU and do it correctly. I've used it for so long I can't even begin to help troubleshoot problems for those who don't use it. Load these mods as a Six Updater preset and try it again: @ACE @ACEX @ACEX_RU @ACEX_SM @ACEX_USNavy @ACRE @Isla_Duala It will download the dependencies for you. Good luck! ---------- Post added at 10:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:19 AM ---------- Thanks to Big for the Armaholic mirror: - Direct Spear Co-25 (@)
  11. Loving ACRE. Any chance we'll get new radios any time soon? I'd love to see some East radios as well as Civilian stuff (UHF walkie talkies, CB radios, ham stuff even!)
  12. Hi all, Am having trouble knocking a fence down in the editor. ;) I've got a game logic with this in the init field sitting on top of the fence to be deleted: (getPos this nearestObject 238539) setDamage 1; deleteVehicle this; Where "238539" is the ID of the offending fence. This works flawlessly in the editor and in singleplayer, but never works on my dedicated server. Am I overlooking something really obvious here? Thanks, Ian
  13. Ought to roll this in with the ACE wounding system as a module or something; would be greatly useful for mission makers to have it as an easily-available module rather than a set of scripts!
  14. colosseum

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hey guys, love the new M14 models but wondering if we could get some love for the FN FAL as well? Right now ArmA2 only has the stock FN FAL Para carbine variant used by the Takistani Army. I'd love to see a full length variant and maybe some versions with optics. Dream rifle is the para carbine with the ACOG/holo switchable optic. Thanks!
  15. OK, got another requirement for this script that I can't figure out. I'd just like the following: 1. Players can die and be respawned infinitely. 2. Players will remain down and be able to be revived indefinitely (forever). 3. No respawn of players. I just CANNOT get this to work! Thanks, Ian
  16. Hi all, Working on a mission and desperately need help with scripting custom loadouts. The problems I'm having: 1. How do you force a weapon to use the "on back" slot in ACE? 2. How do you add a backpack to a player, empty the pre-set contents, and load in your own equipment? I've searched high and low and found some stuff that looked relevant, but was from 2009 and the commands have been updated. As an example, I'd like to create this loadout: FN FAL - 5 mags 2x RGD-5 hand grenade OD Rangefinder Mk.13 grenade launcher (on back) ACE Arc-Teryx Charlie backpack - 1x Blue smoke grenade - 1x Orange smoke grenade - 2x VS-17 marker panels - 4x M203 HEDP - 2x M203 Smoke Red - 2x M203 Smoke Yellow Just having a hell of a hard time figuring out how to do this. Would also like to execute the script to load the unit from the init box in the editor (not from .sqs or .sqf file). Thanks, Ian
  17. colosseum

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    Ah, so it's a custom script -- OK, I feel a lot better about myself now! A couple friends and I played the mission last night - great fun, excellent and challenging mission. You just have to avoid the AI!
  18. colosseum

    [TVT/CO-55] Wasteland

    Mission seems great but the AI are almost like lasers - I'm a pretty experienced player and I stand absolutely no chance against them... wondering if it's supposed to be this way? Am I playing normal AI and I just secretly suck? Seems like I poke my head around the corner for a second and get one-shotted by laser AI. Also there seems to be no provision to heal yourself - so if I get nicked at all, I'm basically useless for the rest of the mission. I realize this is realistic but it's not very fun when I want to just play a game with friends.
  19. In my experience, Celery's zombie scripts are best used for what Celery designed them for: point-to-point, objective-driven missions. They generally don't perform well in open world scenarios (excluding Dynamic Zombie Sandbox, but I think Craig/bobtom has had to do a lot of optimization and customization for it to be successful). Also, vehicles are best avoided; stick to missions where the players hoof it the entire way. Just makes things easier from a mission-design perspective. I reverse-engineered the zombie scripts from Chernarus Apocalypse 2, but was unable to get the scripts from CA3 to work correctly. I am a relative newbie at mission scripting so it's no surprise. The zombies are relatively easy to set up in your mission, though. PM me if you've got questions and I'll try to help you out -- though I think someone with more mission-making knowledge than me would be better suited. There's a very good chance that my missions are using the outdated and incorrect version of Celery's zombies. ;)
  20. All, Tired of manually placing OPFOR units on the map - was wondering if there was a script anyone can think of which will dynamically generate enemy soldiers as the player characters move around the map? Would be nice to have this capability as my missions get laggy due to the amount of enemies I place trying to populate the whole map. Surely someone has created a script that will do this? I'm creating a mission where the player is a guerrilla, so the entire map (Lingor in this case, but would use on any map) needs to have an enemy presence. Was thinking something like 1 squad + 1 technical at least per town, but can obviously change this. Any ideas? Thanks, Ian
  21. Right, I'll give it a shot once I can track down the demo missions etc. Thanks all!
  22. Ah, fantastic! Any idea where I can find some tutorials on how to use it?
  23. Looks like DAC requires a separate addon - I'm really looking for a script more than anything, preferably one that will interface cleanly with ACE?