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  1. Hi all - I'm having a problem with a few missions I've made for Arma3 on my dedicated server, all related to player loadouts and vehicle/crate cargo loadouts. I had previously been using "addWeaponCargo", "addMagazineCargo", and "addItemCargo" on the vehicles/crates to populate the loadouts. This obviously didn't work in dedicated/MP servers because I wasn't using the "addWeaponCargoGlobal" command (and equivalents). Once I did this, each player could at least SEE the available inventory in each crate, but some of us aren't able to pull items out. No one was able to pull out container items (uniforms, vest, packs). When I attempted to just move them to the "Ground" tab in the inventory screen, they'd disappear entirely, or sometimes appear on the ground and then be unable to be picked up. We are using ACE3 and RHS. Does anyone know why this happens, and what scripting commands I can use to avoid it? It also seemed to give us a weird ACRE inventory desync error. The second issue relates to player loadouts. Originally, I was exporting directly from Arsenal and adding those script lines to each player's init box. This obviously works fine in local SP and the editor. On MP/dedicated servers, SOMETIMES a player would spawn without any weapons. It's very frustrating and difficult to figure out. Because of this, I googled around and found a way to "fix" it. I created a game logic with this as the init script: [this] call compile preProcessFile "loadouts.sqf"; Loadouts.sqf looks like this ("p1" is the first playable unit). comment "Remove existing items"; removeAllWeapons p1; removeAllItems p1; removeAllAssignedItems p1; removeUniform p1; removeVest p1; removeBackpack p1; removeHeadgear p1; removeGoggles p1; comment "Add containers"; p1 forceAddUniform "U_BG_Guerilla1_1"; p1 addItemToUniform "ACE_EarPlugs"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {p1 addItemToUniform "ACE_fieldDressing";}; p1 addItemToUniform "ACE_morphine"; p1 addItemToUniform "ACRE_PRC343"; p1 addBackpack "rhs_assault_umbts"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {p1 addItemToBackpack "hlc_200rnd_556x45_M_SAW";}; p1 addItemToBackpack "SmokeShell"; p1 addHeadgear "H_Cap_blk_Raven"; comment "Add weapons"; p1 addWeapon "hlc_lmg_minimipara"; comment "Add items"; p1 linkItem "ItemMap"; p1 linkItem "ItemCompass"; p1 linkItem "ItemWatch"; p1 linkItem "ItemRadioAcreFlagged"; p1 linkItem "rhsusf_ANPVS_14"; Any ideas?
  2. I still can't get it to work. It's really maddening! My mission.sqm: http://pastebin.com/7cKZ2fpQ
  3. OK, so to use the "waitUntil" option, I would place that before each unit's gear script in their init box? Or would I place it into the loadouts.sqf file before everything? Also - for CBA_fnc_globalExecute, would I want to execute the script on all, clients, or server? And would this be executed from the init.sqf file, calling a "crate_loadouts.sqf" file? I'm unfortunately not very good at scripting (despite working in software development...) and the order of initialization for arma missions escapes me.
  4. Hmm... I'm still unable to make it work. I have the C-130 sitting on the tarmac, manned by BLUFOR pilots, synced to a probability of presence 0 Independent unit with rank of Colonel. He then receives a LOAD waypoint directly in front of him on the airfield. This is synced to the AAF squad's GET IN waypoint (with the sync direction being AAF -> C130). The C130 then gets a MOVE waypoint somewhere out over the water south of North Sahrani (with "c130 flyInHeight 1000;" in the onAct box - the C130 is named "c130"). The C130 gets a TRANSPORT UNLOAD waypoint at Antigua airfield. The AAF squad receives a GET OUT waypoint at Antigua (synced to the TRANSPORT UNLOAD). Am I doing this wrong? The AAF squad boards the plane, but it just taxies across Rahmadi until it sinks into the ocean.
  5. Interesting - so the guide I was following had some errors. It was quite old (2013 I think) so I assume an interim arma3 change happened. So essentially creating a function out of the loadout change and then executing it from the unit's init box will do the trick? I don't really see why this would be different, but I'm sure it DOES work. I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow. Shame about the problems with containers. I guess from now on I'll have to incorporate workarounds like having the players start with whatever gear is necessary for the mission... I assume this is a problem with the game itself that the devs are working to fix? Thanks for your help! It's much appreciated.
  6. Excellent - will try it immediately! Thanks so much. It didn't occur to me to sync the waypoints. Much appreciated.
  7. colosseum

    co10 Escape

    Love this mission - we've played since the original was made for Arma2. My only small suggestion would be to remove the player's starting headgear and vest. If they really were captured, it's likely the enemy would take these away from them at first opportunity. It would also make it more interesting to have to scavenge for armor and helmets as you play. Great stuff either way! edit: I'm also a little baffled by the complaints about this mission being too hard. It's about escaping, not about amassing a big quantity of weapons and "assaulting a base" after you "clear the hills". If you want that play something else. The only time I've ever beaten this mission was with my two friends and we basically didn't fire a shot after killing the beginning guards and (luckily) finding a map. I purposefully don't pick up AT weapons because then I get tempted to try to duke it out with the BTRs and BMPs that spawn - when in reality you'd just be running for your life in the opposite direction, throwing away everything that would make you slower!
  8. I was able to resolve the issue with the interaction menu not appearing, but only by wasting basically my entire Saturday reinstalling Arma3 and then redownloading every single mod through PWS' notoriously slow client (even with a premium account...) My friend is experiencing the same issue loading the same set of mods as me, and my feedback to him has been to just reinstall everything overnight. I'm unsure why this works but it seems to do the trick.
  9. After whatever update was just applied I can see no interaction menus regardless of the other mods I'm running alongside Arma3. I've tried this with my usual modset (RHS and some of the HLC weapon packs), and also with no other mods enabled except ACE3. I'm using PWS as the mod manager, and am signed up for the development version of Arma3. I'm reinstalling Arma3 right now just in case. I've already tried deleting the local copies of ACE3 and CBA to no avail. The aforementioned workaround (moving the CBA auto XEH PBOs into the CBA addons folder) also does not work. edit: Also, I did not have any extraneous mods inside the arma3 addons folder (I know this would likely cause problems itself).
  10. Your work is top notch, and to hell with anyone who says otherwise.
  11. I think people need to relax, I don't think the wider community has any doubt that Toadie is doing fantastic work here. ;) Is there an ETA on the weapons detailed in the google doc? I'm just curious - quite obviously Toadie is doing this in his own time and it would be beneath us to demand anything from him.
  12. Another niggling suggestion - the traditional "manual of arms" reloading procedure for the FN FAL has the user racking the charging handle with the palm facing yourself and the thumb facing away from the rifle. This is a more "positive" action and allows the operator to use the muscles in the arm to rack the notoriously stiff/heavy FN charging handle (vs. just the wrist). The only time it's advisable to rack with your palm facing out is when you need to lock the working parts to the rear by first retracting the charging handle and then engaging the bolt catch with the thumb. If my wording doesn't make sense, take a look at this video. The guy racks it correctly around 0:55 or so: Anyway, some useless trivia. The animation for the FN reload shows it being done with the palm facing out - which has always bothered me in games. Change it if you'd like, or ignore it - still a great addon regardless! edit: Funnily enough the guy in the DSA video above later racks it the way you've shown in your animations, so maybe I'm just completely wrong. Anyway, the method I've always liked when shooting my own FALs (and the one I've seen in many other places) is as I described. Your choice, of course. I completely understand if you have no interest in reworking the animation just to satisfy some idiot who comments in your threads, though. ;)
  13. I'm actually with you there - the stock FAL handguard is likely not strong enough to mount rails and still maintain a zero etc. I just hate the look of big railed fore-ends - the classic 3 slot handguard is so iconic on the FN. Thanks for the reply! edit: Also, brilliant work with the StG57 - can't wait to see it. Really top notch work in here.
  14. Very good stuff. I particularly like the FN package. Any way we could get the FN FAL 50.63 (the Para model) to accept rail attachments? Ideally without ruining the base model of the rifle (with no rails)... though I admit that I'm less than knowledgeable about how the Arma3 weapons are set up. For example: is it possible for the game to render the rifle with the DSA rail top cover when an optic is mounted, but with a normal lightweight classic top cover when there's no optic? Same for the handguards where you'd inevitably mount a pointer/illuminator and flashlight - when those are enabled, show a small rail section drilled into the handguard, and when not enabled, show the regular handguard. I completely understand if this is wishful thinking. Thanks for all this. It's 99% perfect as it is as far as I'm concerned.
  15. All, Would like to be able to set mission parameters in MP (such as the time of day), but cannot get it to work. I have the following lines in Description.ext: class Params { class DayTime { title="Start time:"; values[]={1,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,25}; texts[]={"1:00am","3:00am","6:00am","9:00am","12:00pm","3:00pm","6:00pm","9:00pm","12:00am"}; default=12; }; }; And using this line in init.sqf: // Skip to parameter-defined time definedTime = (paramsArray select 0); skipTime definedTime; I'm sure it's something very simple but I CANNOT figure it out. Thanks, Ian
  16. colosseum

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Why wasn't this system built into the game from the beginning is my question? It seems like it would be fairly simple from a "rules" standpoint to develop, and ArmA3 is already simulating a lot of other things that could be considered less essential... this is supposed to be the penultimate infantry sim, so why isn't every part of being a foot soldier exquisitely simulated? Hold off on the "lightning strike" nonsense for your multiplayer games and focus on an extremely well-done core game... Just a gripe of mine...
  17. colosseum

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    I have to echo this man's complaints. Right now, the 5.56mm and 6.5mm weapons just seem entirely worthless. I have to plug and plug and plug away at an enemy before they go down, and it really detracts from the gameplay. The same goes for 7.62mm weapons (!!!!), but not quite to the extent of the intermediate calibers. I agree with RobertHammer's idea re: using the vehicle armour system for infantry, if it's even possible. Anyway, I'm not a game dev - so don't understand the inherent difficulties being presented - but it does feel to me like the current system is not up to par. As always, thanks to BIS for even listening to us in the first place! This is why you guys are my favorite developer.
  18. colosseum

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    That's great for him (I am genuinely glad to hear it) but one experience doesn't mean that what I said isn't true.
  19. colosseum

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Right - I would expect that. The CSAT infantry just have load bearing vests (no plates or even soft armor as far as I can tell). It looks to me like the AAF and NATO have traditional plate carriers - but there's not a piece of body armor in the world that can stop 7.62x51mm NATO rounds and not put the user out of the fight! I think Level IV plates are good for one or two (at most) hits of .30-caliber, but that soldier isn't going to just "twitch" from the impact and immediately shoot back and kill me... Would be great to see this system fleshed out more by Bohemia as it's definitely on the right track otherwise, though. Let's just make the hits seem more realistic!
  20. colosseum

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Ah, that probably explains it... was running the stable branch. Anyway, I'm not "mad" at anyone (the game is still in development after all)... was just extremely frustrated after attempting to play the campaign and realizing my favorite game wasn't working as expected. :(
  21. colosseum

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    I'm just saying, but whatever has been changed recently does not seem to be realistic at all. I just attempted a playthrough of the first campaign level after not playing ArmA 3 since last November. I had picked up a 7.62mm M14 EBR and watched AAF troops take three hits to center mass, twitch, and then keep shooting at and eventually kill me. Yes, they were definitely hits - the enemy troops twitched with each hit. Furthermore, this was at 200m range. I hope this is being worked on as the game is entirely unplayable with this system. 7.62x51mm NATO rounds don't stop for shit (even rifle plates), and a hit to the chest with even one round of 7.62mm ball will take anyone out of the fight - even if they're wearing Level IV rifle plates.
  22. colosseum

    Recommended PvPvAI missions

    Check out Wasteland. It has that sort of dynamic. Or make one yourself!
  23. Agreed about Lingor becoming built up! I had several missions that relied on the remoteness of the southwest corner of the map, and now Icebreakr went and ruined them with buildings! How dare he! ;) But seriously though - I think the above poster has a point. I really liked the remote jungle areas of Lingor. The residential areas are awesome, but I think there's a balance to be struck. Perhaps a new landmass with a few small villages and a bunch of uninhabited areas?
  24. colosseum

    Got game crash? Do this

    Reporting a strange crash that seems to occur after 10~ minutes of playing, both in SP and MP. ArmA2:CO v 1.62 (no beta patch). This is with ACE (which has also been reported in their thread). I haven't had time to test it with vanilla ArmA2. I am running the latest version of the game. Crash report logs: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16140164/ArmA2/errorLogs20121217.rar The game seems to lose its video. It crashes to desktop, but ArmA is still running and mouse commands will still have an effect in game (shooting, etc which I can hear). I updated video card drivers thinking this would fix it but still no luck. Any ideas? I made some hardware changes to my computer before I noticed this happening (installed a new internal HDD). I've opened the case and verified the video card is plugged in and configured correctly and it throws no errors in other games. Going to totally reinstall tonight and report back but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this error.
  25. colosseum

    ACE for OA 1.13

    After the latest ACE update, I get a random crash to desktop after a few minutes of gameplay. Anyone else experiencing this? Strike that - turns out I wasn't fully updated. I'm updating now and will report back if this still an issue. Edit: Still an issue even after the latest ACE update. Any ideas? Here's a link to the crash info from the RPT file and the minidump: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/16140164/ArmA2/errorLogs20121217.rar