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  1. Friends look, there's a 186-take a look, but no response. Played someone? Does it still make sense for OFP forming something? I am here for about 2 unreleased mission. Publish, or not?
  2. We offer you single mission from OFP, which I created back in 2012. The mission takes place on the island of Everon and is free continuationof the mission `Partizánske leto 2` Needed addons are attached. Slovak with English subtitles. PAPA http://www.om3ktr.sk/hry/mea_culpa.html
  3. papa1

    Fatalness v.2.0

    Jan, something you promised :-(
  4. papa1

    "Competition" for OFP 2011

    I have problems downloading of some addons. I thought the author, once the necessary addons has packaged the mission and addons all wrapped in one package and give it to link ... sorry
  5. translation was made compiler ------------------------------- In the 10th anniversary of the game Operation Flashpoint make fans of this popular game mission of the names of `BLACK DAY`. OFP is a game that is trying on real events on the battlefield, where everything depends on the ongoing events and only to the player what the game of choice. The mission are used only 2 waypoints for the player, a starter and the types of final destination. It is up to players such as when, Kadi and on which device gets to the finish. The entire mission is put into the hands of a player. Are just some recommendation of from their subordinates who respect the player can or will not ... The mission takes place on the island of Nogova. With the help dubbing: Iva JC, Chicago, Dusand, Depe and Ceska. I thank them for what. Some of the dubbing was used earlier from another mission. The mission is accompanied by a translation in English dubbing. / English version / The zipped file is the mission and the necessary addons /3/. One was made for the Mission and two are older data./editorupdate102, objects1 /. Zip mission has about 18 mega. / mission, dubbing, music and addons / Mission is stored on http://www.om3ktr.sk/hry/cierny_den.zip It can already play and just recall the glory days OFP. PAPA