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    Dayz is awesum:d

    Hello, my name is john and i have a problem, l purchased dayz from steam 1 week ago (and i got the arma 2 mod aswell it good :D), i joined a server and evreything works ggreat, however latley whenever l join a server it takes soooooo long to get in, how do l fix this? oh btw, great job bohema interracting on making dayz
  2. Hey, My name is john and l been playing arma 2/oa for a month. am looking for a active and well orginised clan whit coop and pvp. l prefer to play as a normal rifleman but l can also the basic fly things (transporting troops ect) am 13 year old, but that dosn't mean l can't be mature and play the game in a realsim way. am living in sweden so l would prefer time zones around gmt-1-gmt+2 Mvh chama :)