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  1. Hey guys. I've yet another question. I am about to combine a lot of textures using pal2pace and it's -combine function. Well, everything works fine, but.. When I am trying to load any texture made by pal2pace (the initial textures were in .tga format) in WrpTool - it says "out of memory while expanding memory stream." Well.. I have tried to open up randomly picked up texture in TexView and it opened it without any trouble. After saving combined .pac to .paa using TexView WrpTool had no problems with reading the texture. Here is the question: is there any way to fix this problem, or do I have to open texture in TexView and save it to .paa for all these textures I combined with pal2pace? That's the formula for the conversion (used in input.bat file, in the same folder as pal2pace.exe and pal2pac.dll is): pal2pace -combine t1.tga t2.tga t3.tga t4.tga t1t2t3t4.pac I hope that someone knows, how could I solve this problem. Thank you ;-)
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    Aligning objects to the ground

    That's it! Thank you :-)
  3. =-PL-=LetsOWN^

    Aligning objects to the ground

    Hello BI community! I have problem with aligning objects to the ground. I've tried to help myself out by looking on either BI objects and config files, but.. Well, no results. All what I want to do is to make my objects (such as railroads or pavements) align to the terrain (especially in slopes). Anyone has an idea how could I do such thing? Thank you :)
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    Red Fire - coming soon

    ---===--== Heeloo Everyone :} ==--===--- I'd like to present you my upcoming project for OFP.. Red Fire: Main objective: Sneak into enemy's HQ at Northen Nogova, and steal secret document's from the Conel's tent. Additional objective: US intel. found military installation in one of Nogova's forests. You can go and find out, what's there. US inteligence has found a military installations near one forest. You can go and see, what's there for extra points. THAT IS NOT ALL. This mission include 5 'hidden' objectives (I won't tell now about them, because it will destroy the *surprise*). There will be possibility to positive finish mission in 3 different ways. Player's choose. Why 'Red Fire'? Because this mission name connects with hidden, secondary main objective, which you will receive after he'll steal the docs. Mission will include auto-save-game (1 auto save for 5 minutes) and before biggest events (e.g. before entering Russian HQ). Summary: - Includes intro - Includes outro - Includes overview & briefing - Includes additional stuff at mission briefing (i mean weapons, ammo, etc) - Includes 3 different ways to finish mission - Includes also 3 different ways to f*ck up mission (escaping from operation zone, getting owned by russkeys (if you just get killed), getting CAPTURED by russkeys (Littile 'something something' :P)) - Includes image, stringtable (I'll allow to translate mission's strings into ur own language) - 2 languages (English and Polish (POLSKI BEZ ZNAKÓW SPECJALNYCH! (polish without special signs!)) // Well, I've already created a plot, so I know what I've to do. Right now, Im finishing with scripting the Intro (cameras, timers, etc). That's what I've so far did (please note, that I've began with creating this mission today.). I will post here about progress, give some screenshots, to make you know, that I'm not just beggining with making project and throwin it away, but that I AM WORKING, and to give you as much infos as I can, and try not to tell all secrets of this mission (I'd like you to see it by yourselfes :P). PS. This mission will require special animations and objects made by me (they will be uploaded with mission file, when I will relase it) - so it is another littile 'something-something'. Own anims (They will be used ONLY at cutscenes (as they were did for)) and objects. P.S. I am looking for 2 voice actors (I am also voice actor in this mission). I'll be glad, if someone agrees. The best effect will do, if these actors will have good US/British English accents. Of cours, it is not necessary :) Please let me know, if you're interested. More coming soon, good night! :) =[PL]= LetsOWN^ Aha, one more thing.. OFP WILL NEVER DIE!
  5. =-PL-=LetsOWN^

    Red Fire - coming soon

    Yo world, here's me again. It is time to update status of my mission. So: Intro is already done - it took some time, but I've been trying to do my best. Right now I am working under outros. As you know, I've to do 2 outros, one for good end and one for bad end. It might take about a week, or littile more. Next step will be to create a STRINGTABLE, which will include all text's, titles, etc. what'll be used in this mission. After this, I will begin with making a main part of mission, scripts, and something kinda this. And the last step - most difficult - I'll try to find out these 2 "wanted" speakers, to tune this mission. After this, there will left just tests, make briefing 'n' overview, make a credits, compile into .pbo, pack 2 RAR, send into net and publish the link in this forum. I hope you will enjoy my "first-seriously-done" mission :) Greetinz LetsOWN^
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    Hello guys. I am looking for program called "cpp2bin" which converts .cpp files into .bin.. I've been looking for it much time, tried to google it, but nothing found.. Someone can help?
  7. =-PL-=LetsOWN^

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

    Look's very nice :) I'd like to test it by maself when it will get relased :D
  8. =-PL-=LetsOWN^

    Does it pays to?

    Hello world. I'm wondering about one thing. I'd like to make'n'relase mission for OFP.. Does it pays to? I am asking, because I know, that making of mission takes some time, but it is fun (well, for me it is), but I don't want to make something, that nobody will use. So, how do You think: Does it pays to :confused: Greetz, LetsOWN.
  9. =-PL-=LetsOWN^

    Does it pays to?

    That's what I know. I miss those days, when thousands of players was playing OFP. I hope, that some time OFP will be back on top, I keep my fingers crossed for that. Thanks for reply, Rellikki.
  10. =-PL-=LetsOWN^

    Does anybody still play Operation Flashpoint?

    I play this game since 2006.. This game is very old.. But for me, it's best shooter that I've ever played. I will never uninstall this. OFP CWC/RES WILL NEVER DIE! Greetz, LetsOWN.