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  1. Ok so ive had a search about and if anyone can help it would be mega!

    Ive created my GUI , with buttoms etc etc. But i want to have it so when i click a button X text shows up and when i click the next button that last text is removed and new text shows up. So i can basiclly cycle through information while in game.

    Again and help would be very much appreciated



  2. While they have been made by Kiory, if you wanted to cover all weapons in use, a plastic handguard version would still be useful, as a lot of L85A2's still use those handgaurds, the RIS mainly only being used in theatre, or here and there. Guards and L85's at home especially in Gaurds or units which would not see combat much, would be using the plastic.

    Ok , we are thinking about it still .... it still may make an appearance yet !!

  3. I love it ! :D

    I hope you guys will make a Susat and Old Handguard version ( the green one ) and maybe the previous LLM . still, can't wait to hear more !

    Yes on the SUSAT ( Might be in the next WIP ) and Yes on the LLM01 but the older A2 hand guard we are still not sure about , there will be a variant of the SA80 without the vert grip just with the rail covers on.

  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unit_Insignia

    Just seen this which a lot of people here might be interested in. It'll probably mean that I won't actually need to have all the TRF's and logos on the uniforms and can just release a plain version where people can add the stuff themselves. Problem is though there seems to be only 2 spaces to put stuff. So I'd probably keep a uniform with the parachute wings on for the airborne type units. Also Squad xml..I thought looked a bit silly. The badges on the vehicles being so big and shiny just looked a bit odd in anything other than an Altis life server. I'll definitely see how it looks. I'll probably keep all the various uniforms anyway and just add some plain ones. I'm not sure whether you can choose which units/vehicles have squad xml etc? Like the T-shirts for instance, I think they'd look pretty awful with TRF's on the sleeve ;)

    as far as i can see and what da12th was getting at is that you dont use a squad .xml to add them to your units. From what i guess you define the TRF in the config


    class CfgUnitInsignia
    class 111thID
    	displayName = "111th Infantry Division"; // Name displayed in Arsenal
    	author = "Bohemia Interactive"; // Author displayed in Arsenal
    	texture = "\a3\UI_F_Bootcamp\Data\CfgUnitInsignia\B_111thID_texture_ca.paa"; // Image path
    	textureVehicle = ""; // Does nothing currently, reserved for future use

    then call it using [this,"111thID"] call BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia;

    Similar to setobjecttex but on the TRF selections ..... I could be wrong tho but this is how i think it works

  5. Yeah as " no-one " really know's what UKSF actually use at the moment i would say using the M4A1 would be the best bet as its quite common knowledge that the SBS/SAS have seen spotted in recent conflicts with the L119A1's. But from reading on EF site ( which is usually quite good ) , they say the SAS/SBS have requested a weapon upgrade to 7.62 rather than using 5.56 , think the SCAR has been shortlisted ( so they say ) . Also i think due to recent conflicts the L85A2 upgrades have made them more useable by UKSF so it wouldnt surprise me if they are using them at the moment due to compatability with tier 2 units being slightly more interchangeable with tier 1 units.

    great addon's tho and keep it up !!

  6. Looking good but i think the rim shouldnt be as dominate and maybe lessen out the side curvature to the side. I know the NP Aero one looks that way but after they have added the NBC boot and all the other jazzy kit to it , it looks alot smoother. Also maybe make him look more like a mushroom , thicken it out a little like this ( http://img23.exs.cx/img23/4278/451117087kb.jpg ). Just me being picky looking really good tho , cant wait to play with all these bits in game! :yay: