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  1. I was thinking about adding in a firing range in the north part of the map using abit of ' artistic creativity ' ..... any more picture's you can get of range's would be good help more than likely ... will get the " summer " one done first and then look into doing other seasons
  2. tried copy/paste the memory points from the ones that work to the ones that dont? Might be that they are not quite lined up properly Just out of interest what did you change in the config to make them work?
  3. is this a object you are going to place in the editor or are you adding the object in via Visitor onto a custom map? the only other thing i can see that may cause a problem is using the class FlagCarrier
  4. 1) use Oxygen 2 ( O2 ) http://www.ofpec.com/tutorials/index.php?action=read&id=218 ^^ good tutorial for animations 2) Double tap Right Ctrl then press X ?? or in the init line of a soldier ......... this setunitpos middle 3) try this http://www.ofpec.com/ed_depot/index.php?action=details&id=619&game=ArmA
  5. looking very nice Rock , i canni wait!
  6. Rabidus

    Anyone try the Android version?

    i couldn't find it on the Andriod Market :(
  7. yep ... thats what i was saying , like i said more hasstle than it would be worth
  8. I didnt mean you was going to use it to cheat or anything , i see what you are trying to do ... just saying how it could be if it was so easy to do. No doubt this is do able tho , prob's alot more effort than its worth tho.
  9. Rabidus

    New Addon soldiers for Arma:OA

    @magixrima , you have to redefine the backback to the associated parts of the unit ... been a while since i have played about with Soldier p3d's but im pretty sure if you redefine the back pack with ' spine( 1,2,3 ) ' selections you should see it show on his back p.s hotlink your images as they are over 100kb Do you get any errors while loading with your addon .pbo? are all the texture path's correct?
  10. wrong place to post this ( should of put it in the editing section ) as far as i know it isnt possable to override server settings ... people would be able to reverse it then and play with easier settings when the server is on veteran mode and essentialy be using a " cheat "
  11. For some reason units can walk slightly in the rear of the vehicle , i thought it might of been the Geo Lod ... but i have re-done it over from scratch , all closed etc works fine. The side's front etc dont have the same problem it is only the back end .. few shows showing Problem :confused: Side Working fine p.s , ignore my dodgy brightness settings
  12. Rabidus

    Problem.....Geo Lod???

    I have sorted it!! ........ done the GEO once AGAIN!! and seems to work this time :S , not a clue why it didnt work before as i have not done anything diff this time apart from putting the main body as " Component01 " instead of 2 , but dont see how this would of changed it at all looks like it has tho. Thanks for help Myke and everyone else !
  13. Rabidus

    Problem.....Geo Lod???

    thanks for reply , but still the same problem. I changed the part you suggested to be a square to keep it simple , but still the same problem ....... really lost as to what it can be , i have changed the GEO lod a few times now and still the same problem , so im starting to think it must be something else but not a clue what it is ...........
  14. Looking good , cant wait to have a play with these!
  15. Version 1.1 Updates: *Fixed RDG5 Bug *Added bisign *Added key *Included Example Mission *Included Ammo Box Script *Changed to use RAB_ Tags Download : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NZZS8ZGV
  16. Rabidus

    Problem.....Geo Lod???

    no not yet , i will try and let you know Edit : No joy! yes all are in Component selections
  17. Rabidus

    Open Binarized files with o2

    long and short of it ........... you cant , altho people i do believe re-texture bi models etc using programs such as hex edit
  18. Rabidus

    Problem.....Geo Lod???

    Yeah i thought it might of been something like that to start with but then i re done the geo and still same problem. Screens
  19. not sure if this is what you are trying to do but i done something similar like this Trigger / Radio Alpha OnAct : s1 setdammage 0.899 Unit name s1 also added in the medical modules and when you Radio Alpha he will roll around on the floor and you can then move up to heal him.. Not sure about it being ACE compatable tho
  20. Have you tried This setdammage 0.899
  21. F-16 is looking mega! , cant wait to see the paint job
  22. Rabidus

    Four Zero Alpha 4ØA.

    Four Zero Alpha [ 4ØA ] Back Active! After about a year off 4ØA is now back and actively recruiting. We still have the same outset as before , British Based Platoon Sized Unit. Along with in house addons custom built for the unit and comprehensive missions and training. We thrive for realism but not taking it to the ridiculous level. We have a mixture of members at the moment some who are currently serving , ex service men. Any nationality's are welcome!! Any Questions Please Ask Details : Website: http://www.fourzeroalpha.co.uk/ Server Filter: Four Zero Alpha TS3: Email: admin@fourzeroalpha.co.uk Xfire: chrisa1986 or jeza123c
  23. Looking good Rock .... cant wait for this!! on a side note , what is project 210??
  24. nay dramas , thanks for the help Gnat