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    UK Armed Forces

    Looking good but i think the rim shouldnt be as dominate and maybe lessen out the side curvature to the side. I know the NP Aero one looks that way but after they have added the NBC boot and all the other jazzy kit to it , it looks alot smoother. Also maybe make him look more like a mushroom , thicken it out a little like this ( http://img23.exs.cx/img23/4278/451117087kb.jpg ). Just me being picky looking really good tho , cant wait to play with all these bits in game!
  2. Rabidus

    British Para Beret

    very nice !! ... saves me working on one ;)
  3. Look forward to seeing it all caged in!
  4. Looking good jez!! ...... alot better than your previous screens!
  5. Looking good mate !! ... cant wait to bez about on it . any chance of getting some top down pictures of the terrain?
  6. Looking well snazzy jez!! ... looking forward to it
  7. I was wondering if it was possable to detach parts of a .p3d from itself ..... Basicly i want to create a bridging vehicle that will animate then detach then be useable like it is a static object . Any help on this would be great
  8. L11A1 Practice Grenade http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/6106/l111a1.jpg > 100KB The L111A1 is a practice grenade used by the British Army , It is essentially a blank firing grenade. For classnames etc read the readme included in the download. I know rhaggan had the idea awhile ago about it but it looked like the thread was closed and i had this laying about so thought i would give it out for people to use. Any bugs etc please let me know and i will see if i can fix them. Download Link : - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NZZS8ZGV
  9. That's strange .... glad you got it sorted tho ish lol Thanks It is ment to go bang and act like a normal grenade but inflict zero damage .... well 0.000003
  10. Strange ... you running any other mod's with it? I tried them just running Vanilla ArmA and they seem'ed to work fine. Tested in MP etc etc , altho i dont use ACE mod so that could be where the problem is if you are using that??
  11. there is similar things around that area that will go well with section/platoon training ... nothing custom for that tho , altho the area's terrain is pretty much perfect for that kind of training. Cheer's fella!
  12. yeah would be great if you could PM me it or what not. thanks! ......... sadly its not me , too much of a tight arse to buy VBS2 lol
  13. noooo no no lol .. got enough work with this map as it is! Just a little update on how its coming along There will be minimal BI Buildings added into the map ( if any ) so 99% of the map will be made just for CHD. I already have 1 two room building 90% done with working window hatches that can be open/closed individually I will be adding in a small firing range to the north of the map that isnt there in real life but i thought i would make use of the empty field. Once i have all the buildings and objects complete.. it wont be long till i release it but for now im going to be working on accuraccy and quality rather than just getting it " done " :cool:
  14. nice video!! ..... quick question , will AI see this as a road? and drive along it? or isit just objects placed down looking like a road?
  15. Looking good Jeza! ....... much better from the first WIP's ref what topas said , i have some bits you are more than welcome too ( road signs being 1 of them )
  16. Rabidus

    Flashbang, Yay!!!

    Thats not the attitude isit? ... If it was that simple surely it would of been easier to tell him rather than make him look stupid. @ famematt , I have sent you a PM with config.cpp file that you will have to edit abit to suit but should work nicely for what you want it to.
  17. little update showing the new Sat Map and the BP petrol pumps. Also a small video showing the transfer from Sat_Lco to ground textures. Also the ' infinite ' textures are more or less seamless ( more of less! not completely ) Video :- http://vimeo.com/27158555
  18. @Jeza , i know what the problem more than likly is mate. its to do with the class OutsideTerrain .. ill get you on TS in abit if you're about
  19. i was thinking about it , but cant find any ref pic's of it !
  20. maybe you should have a look at the tracked vehicles config's. They do a similar thing with tanks. with driverForceOptics = X; X ( 1 or 2 ) Or you could do it via the mission using player switchCamera "External"
  21. cockpit looks mega , Rock ........ cant wait to see the baked down version. side note , you still working on the MAN trucks?
  22. Just a little update on one of the objects ive been doing today ... the famous BP sign! not placed in the right position , just plonked on the map for now for testing.
  23. Boxter S and SLK i think it was ..... should do a beach landing in a Fiesta too! :cool: