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  1. Doatg

    Ground Textures

    If your talking about in game setting i moved slider up is this something in my nvidia control panel? I have a Phenom 965 3.4 Nvidia gtx 570 and 6 gigs of corsair for memory is that enough or am i at another stage again for hardware upgrade?
  2. Will the ground textures improve it reminds me when i played FSX the blurries. Once i get out of heli the grass and ground radius a few feet looks good but look further out not so good. When flying the ground looks the worst i know when using addons in ie fsx that helped.:eek: I have played about an hour in beta just fyi
  3. Doatg

    Arma 3 engine

    My brain is getting ready to explode from reading all these good and negitive postings is there any BIS guys in here to elaborate and put this to bed. I dont really care about all this BF3 and Arma 3 graveling going on both games will be great in there own right. This is about Arma 3 there is a forum over at EA site... Please BIS say something in this post!!!!!! for my eyes bleed red......... lol :)
  4. Doatg

    Environment :O

    I say just make the world as organic as possible and let things blow to pieces terrain buildings and yes to weather changes. If it can happen in real time enivironments then it can happen in sim one too. Tree's and vegetation moves from the wind etc I guess we could go on and on. :)
  5. Doatg

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    You know I am one of those who would like to see this done with the game. Because when i first started playing the arma series this was the most frustrating things for me to deal with but thank god im more patient then most. Even today the mods out there still cause problems loading into server different version etc. This is a problem for new people i agree i see so many new people come and go that dont even get to play on our server. What matters to me is for everyone to enjoy this great game and not pain over this diliema. Ive used the sixupdater also but if these files are filtered thru and implemented into game than all they really need to do i just play the game. Over time the files sizes wont be so huge just little update. And after that the user should be able to make a choice on the size if they decide to get it latter. Well i hope this gets done :)
  6. Doatg

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm A Big Yes Indeed :)
  7. I Really dont know why it would be a sim but nobody can speculate until it comes out. :) ---------- Post added at 04:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:58 PM ---------- Problem is too many Fps Shooter fans rip the arma series to shreds from there buddies bashing it. Its too bad those guys dont have patience to master any real mil skills. LOL
  8. Here's my take on this subject of E3 nominations. Battlefield 3 to me is the best sim to date I've seen, but what Arma 3 is doing will be better in its own right. They are still working very hard to make this one the best it can be. So i say give these guys their props for even making the next one in series. These guys know what the complaints were about previous arma series up to date and to go forward they will fix these things and bring more people into our community. Im sure they are watching what Battlefield 3 as a game and will even make armra 3 just as good and even better because of team tactical game play and big terrain to travel in. So im not worried one bit just sit back and enjoy the ride because the game with be here and the talk will be forgotton due to this awesome game. Link on website is even doing a free to play arma 2 so lets just hope this will help them in the long haul. Go Bohemia and thanks again for arma 3 :)