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  1. 12 hours ago, Ltf said:

    I am not a texture master but I think gimp would be enough and simple for small objects. Search for the material's texture on google and choose a white one. Make it transparent and put it on your texture and normal map. You can make it shine like metal by making the metal areas yellowish on smdi. Check the vanilla textures, examples might help

    I've been using gimp but I'm a bit of a noob at using it so ill have a look later.


    wouldn't making it transparent hide the image though or should I just change the transparancy a bit to suit?

  2. I've added a render of the jerry can to the imgur album.




    As you can tell, the texture isn't very good so i'm looking for some advice on how to improve it so it looks nicer in the game. I'm thinking of adding a little bit of rust to it to be honest, but I get the feeling it might need a bit more than that.


    Here is what the base layer looks like at the moment. As you can see its very plain. I need to add some details to the label at some point.



  3. 42 minutes ago, diesel tech jc said:

    You should talk to the ACE guys and find out what needs to be done so the jerry cans and such can be integrated into ACE for things like refueling etc. Not sure what else you have ploanned but I'd love to see more logfistics stuff myself..maybe a backpack that acts as a toolkit in the game so you dont have to carry one seperately. Actual jackstands you can put a vehicle on in the editor,or ramps for when you change oil etc etc.




    I've made it so it can refuel anything within 2m of it at the moment (same way as you would from a HEMMIT or the like. The oil drums hold more fuel than the Jerry can, but they are still quite limited in their capacity (I think I set it to 80 fuel). Hence the plan to mount 4 on a pallet to make airdrops even more useful.


    I still need to work on the textures a bit though as they look terrible. Also, you can see through the handles on the jerry can only on the side your looking at so i'll need to find out what causes it and fix it (I guess its my view geometry?)

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  4. I've decided to begin doing modelling in Arma as there are things that I think are missing in the game. To this end, i'm making small objects for the game. Hopefully this will lead to moving into a small logistical objects mod with some vehicles included for moving objects around on both land and on the sea.


    I've made a oil barrel and I have skinned it both as a oil drum and a water barrel. Both of them can be slingloaded via a helicopter and the oil drum can even be used to resupply vehicles fuel levels. I have this working in game and ready to release once I've got a few other models ready to go alongside it.


    I have also been working on making a Jerry Can. I've made it as a standalone object for now but I might make it so that it can be carried within a soldiers backpack or use up the slot itself.


    The next model I plan on working on is making a pallet mounted version of the barrels with 4 barrel on the pallet which will then be slingloadable and provide more fuel for a single lift. I'll be using proxies of the barrel on a pallet to achieve this I think and will do one for the water barrels and one for the oil drums too.


    I plan on releasing the UV layouts when I release the mod so that you can make retextures of the models yourselves.





    <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/qD920"><a href="//imgur.com/qD920">Arma Modelling Take 3</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


    Any input is welcome on this mod.




    - Jerry Can as a object to go in backpacks.

    - Small Crane prototype.

    - Small barge which can be towed by boats via the use of ropes.

    - Pallets of barrels.

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  5. I would like a marine dlc, with a focus on littoral areas. This would consist of the following:


    -Marine Infantry

    -Small patrol craft (around 40-50m max)

    -Landing craft up to the size able to carry a single tank

    -Assault Vehicles

    -A fixed launch pad (LHD/LPD) with working dock door and some self defence weapons


    However, unless project Orange is this, then your probably better off having a go at making them yourself.


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  6. For some reason, I cannot get the second texture to show up on a new model. I've defined it in the configs and created the selection in the p3d file. Could anybody help me with this as I've spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out what it is as I've copied what I did for the other model.


    I even tried putting the wrong path in and it showed an error saying it cant find the texture so it must be changing something but I cannot figure what since the whole object is defined as the "CAMO_All" selection.


    Heres my folder:



  7. 2 hours ago, granQ said:


    The hovercraft is meant to be a "boat" only, just simply too much work to even get it to work on water, even tougher on land.  Maybe one day we could define it as a car. 


    Yes, submarines.. my dream is to make torpedos work perfectly, some sonar and all, but its tricky and we are no experts. I will try to fix the Nacken for next patch, but its mostly guess work.

    Fair enough, I thought that might be the case. I guess BIS never brought a HovercraftX into the game. I think CUP is making the LCAC so maybe its worth talking to them for some advice?