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  1. [evo] dan

    Greek island protests inclusion in video game

    arma 3 convention in 2012 on limnos anyone?
  2. [evo] dan

    More accessible mission design

    Having respawns is good in case of accidents/ to make up numbers, but having a long respawn time makes people be more careful with what they are doing. I have made quite a few missions for my clan (might release some of my own at some point) and I generally get a good reception from my clanmates about missions. Its all about making them fun and actually having a point to the mission that will make people want to play it (pretty much any type, from a COP sangin style mission to black op's to all out assaults)
  3. [evo] dan

    Future Price options for ARMA games...

    £40 or £50 would probably be what I would pay for the game.
  4. I heard that the Italian navy mod was gonig to be ported to arma 3 if possible. TBH I would just be happy with them allowing us to build big ships ourselves as mods to addin. Possibly they could include the USS America as the base for NATO/US because that is gonig to probably be the newest AW ship type around.
  5. [evo] dan


    Good question actually, will they be enterable so you can capture the facility?
  6. [evo] dan

    Left or Right?

    Excellent to see that the dev's have added this in. Will make doing training of pilots for Arma 3 in TKOH much easier.
  7. [evo] dan

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    Indeed using the RO Ost front way would be good, just might take a while with some of the bigger mods out there.
  8. Maybe have the US forces with a light fighter? They are after all equiping a wing with 100 of these aircraft for COIN, and to train the COIN forces of other nations. Although the plane has not been decided yet there are quite a few to choose from.
  9. Yes, forcing a player to either have walrus's or to have manta's only would be a bad thing, like I said, divide the resources up between them equally so they can build up their own force without depleting the whole teams resources.
  10. Actually that sounds like a very good idea, being able to give timed objectives to members of the side so that they at least have a path to follow and can know what the commanders intentions are better.
  11. Good work bush, is you need any help with any info gathering, feel free to ask and I am sure I can give you some info. (or maybe a sample map that they can put together from parts as a learning experience)
  12. Perhaps we could have a mode simliar to warfare in arma2? Basically, you vote for a team commander who would then oversea construction and command of the carrier, with resources shared equally amongst players which can then be used to buy vehicles and weapons, for them to use as they want.
  13. I have made me a map in visitor that is roughly 204km by 204km. It boots up in bulldozer fine without any objects on the map, however, as soon as i add roads, and then try boot it up in bulldozer, i get an error saying: and then bulldozer exits. how do i get around this or is there no way of doing it at all? Do I need a bigger cell size to fix this perhaps?
  14. [evo] dan

    (My) problems with editing...

    Arma2 main directory is wherever your arma2 is installed to, most likely in your program files, so if you have ever installed a mod, you should know where it is. A folder called addons is in there, but you can use arma2p 2.5.1 which will do all the pbo's for you.
  15. [evo] dan

    Some questions about diving

    If the add decompression, the big question is whose tables do they go by? US navy, BSAC, PADI, or try and use a dive computer like setup for the tables? might be best if they leave it out unless they provide us with a way to tell the times (and yes I am an experienced diver)
  16. I followed this, and used the arma2p 2.5.1.cmd that I came with the package, however, I have not been able to use any of the stuff because I have been unable to locate the OAbuldozer thing that I need to redirect visitor to use. Can anyone tell me where it should be? Edit - don't worry, I found out I just had to put a arma2oa.exe into my p drive and rename it buldozer.
  17. [evo] dan

    Detailed component-driven damage modeling.

    This stuff is a definate must, it would make Arma3 even more awesome.
  18. [evo] dan

    maps under construction:

    Making an island thats approx 200km by 200km, with very little on the map, going to have 2 huge airbases, each with 2 runways, and giant (oversized bis) hangers. The runways are like 3.7km long, and each airbase has 2, parallel, about 200m away from each other with taxiways another 200m away on each side, so plenty of room to operate big aircraft, gonig to put some small towns, some roads on the map, allowing people to use the town gen for missions or puttting buildings down themselves as objectives. It'll be perfect for using aircraft and having long range (and time) op's with more of a realistic feeling to it. Hnagers are big enough to get a c130 in and turn it around at 30. The runway is so long, that you can get enough speed up, so that the plane takes itself off. Link to a video of some of it:
  19. Making the grid much bigger (200 instead of the original 50) seems to fix the error that I was getting, and it doesn't look too bad in buldozer, going to have a look in arma2 as soon as I can, mind you i am using just sand all the way across the map.
  20. Hope you find out how to use the roads soon, as i cannot select any of them without it giving me the error that they are not valid road parts. Also, how do i get visitor to open with bulldozerOA as i cant seem to find the icon for it?
  21. I have seen that you can have infinite terrain around the map, I have seen it done with the Chernarus setup, but how would I go about making it so that it was all water around the map? Here is my config.cpp:
  22. [evo] dan

    Infinite water

    it is water all around, but i seem to see mountains around left and top sides, and i started with a new map in visitor, maybe I just need to smooth it a little perhaps?
  23. I am making a map at the moment and was wondering how would I be able to get rid of the Utes place names and runway on map? I have tried some different things, but it keeps coming up with message saying it cant find grids or find sounds. All I want to do is get rid of the Utes places names, the rest is fine, anyway, heres the config.cpp: Thank you in advance for any help provided.
  24. Thank you, problem solved. Now its working without having the Utes names added. (now i am one step closer to being ready to show some photos)
  25. I am getting this error when trying to run my island in CO, although strangely all I have done since the last time it worked, was add some more trees onto the map, can anybody explain why this could be happening. I did change the name of the folder from sgtscuba to SCUBA, but did change the files within to read from that directory and recreated the layers after reimporting the SAT and MASK lco's. Here is my config: and in the log I get this aswell an awful lot, but have no clue what it means: W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()' W:\c\Poseidon\lib\landClutter.cpp(4130) : Assertion failed 'layerMaskItem->Loaded()'