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  1. Wouldnt the J20 be much more appropriate given the fact that the Iranians are supposed to be supplied by the chinese?
  2. [evo] dan

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    Just goes to show, you make decent games, you get decent sales.
  3. Cant wait for this either, already been learning how to do stuff with it! Hopefully we can import our swing GUI's into game for doing stuff :)
  4. Guess its time I began to learn a new programming language then. At least I can use this with minecraft :)))
  5. I personally use a PS2 controller with a USB adapter and it is really good when trying to fly on expert mode. You could also use a xbox controller for it as they have charging leads which are USB.
  6. I assume we will have to wait till next patch to see the MP performance improvements from arma 1.6?
  7. [evo] dan

    Doors Off

    Yeah I am still struggling to get the camera to work. Can anyone give me anymore help? edit - I have got it working using the BIS fnc PIP but I have no clue hoiw to move the camera around. Also the view isnt coming from the camera but instead from the underneath and I can see inside the helo with it. How would I get the view to stick to the camera? ["rendertarget0",[[heli1,heli1 selectionposition "slingload0"],cargo1],heli1,false] call BIS_fnc_PIP; is what I am using.
  8. [evo] dan

    Will large ships be able to move?

    Just putting in the capability to do it should be important, including working units, not so much as the community will fill the gaps hopefully.
  9. I wish there were more servers playing on expert, i am planning on making some missions for MP so hopefully we can have much better choice of what to play.
  10. [evo] dan

    Development Blog & Reveals

    if you use 15016 as a latitude on google earth it gives you Ghana's coastline (assuming lat is 0) so it couldnt be a long / lat unless it is the first of the two (this could be the lat, the next hint could be longatude. I also noticed that Venezuela is on that line as well, maybe they are a planned faction for a expansion pack or something?
  11. [evo] dan

    Development Blog & Reveals

    150 16 could be where obj omega is perhaps?
  12. Awesome mod, just tried it out. Good work with it. Can I make some missions for release on the forums using this mod please? I have had a few ideas for missions and I am going to start working on them soon.
  13. [evo] dan

    C&C Generals 2

    Guess EA have never seen the Supreme Ruler series, now that is a strategy game and a half.
  14. [evo] dan

    Will large ships be able to move?

    Being able to walk/land/ store vehicles on board without them falling off would make movable ships actually useful.
  15. I have found it really annoying that when I transfer controls to my copilot, it forgets my trim settings so it can lead to some bad moments. And it also forgets when the controls are given back to me. I am suggesting that the trim controls should transfer when you give someone else the controls, as they are probably setup for a good reason in the first place.
  16. [evo] dan

    Wont Install Either

    I got the game from the same source and it installed perfectly fine for me.
  17. [evo] dan


    It would be nice to be able to land aircraft on moving ships, walk on moving ships, and of course walk around the inside of a helicopter whilst its flying, will this be possible with physx?
  18. q1 2012 actually means they have until the end of march to finish the game.
  19. I like the way that ACE does these kinds of things, where you have to manaully guide a lot of missiles. I hate the tab lock system for most things as it makes it far too easy to shoot stuff down when it shouldn't be. Weapons like the stinger should have to have the aiming reticule over the aircraft you wish to target then wait for it to lock on manually, beforec firing (and make it so it can lock onto either side so you need to have aircraft recognition)
  20. [evo] dan

    EVO island - WIP

    Quick update on my progress: I have sorted out some of the names which were causing errors within the map. I am also trying to find a white patch that is in a L shape too. I am also going to sort out the runway ILS at some point although this may be after the alpha is released. - edit : cannot find the white patch, may just have been my laptop playing up. I have also been having a go at building hills that look kind of convincing to the eye so that at least there is something around points that I have placed down, although i may add some in the middle of nowhere as well at some point. Planning on releasing an Alpha version of the map in roughly 2 weeks time as well.
  21. this, same problem as in OA, desync makes it a pain to play with your mates.
  22. [evo] dan

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    when i mean role, i dont mean a rank, but an actual comabt role, i.e. medic, sniper, pilot, tanker and so on
  23. [evo] dan

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    a lot of the trouble is that people seem to give up because they cannot find a role that they enjoy, much more noticable in vanilla, with ACE you have much mroe distinct and involved roles for each person, so if you can get a person to try most of the roles out, they are more likely to stay from previous experience because they find something that they actually enjoy, and actually stay.
  24. [evo] dan

    Take On Demo!

    Something to keep me going until my disk copy arrives.
  25. [evo] dan

    ARMA 3 needs to revamp their vehicle interface

    yes the targeting pod should definatly add to the flying. Make it so that you have to slew, then put laser on, then tab to make sure your plane is picking up the lock and can hit it, then drop the bomb.