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  1. [evo] dan

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    They technically won the First World War, even though they team switched.
  2. Yes and No. No you can't just press save on the server and it saves. But you can write into the mission a method of saving onto the server (DB or namespaceProfile), but it isn't easy or perfect unless you have a fair amount of experience with them.
  3. [evo] dan

    Dynamic load balancing of AI

    Couldn't putting more load onto the clients bog their FPS down more as well, especially those on weak rigs? or are you going to limit the number able to be transferred. I do think this is a good thing to use with headless clients though, although I am still hoping that BIS will build this kind of functionality into the main server.exe
  4. [evo] dan

    Military Humor

    It was the same guy who has the longest range confirmed kill according to the MOD.
  5. You guys could try making some of the models yourselves since you haven't heard from T_Roc for a while. The IFR team has enough talent between them to make some of them I think.
  6. [evo] dan

    TOH and Windows 8

    Runs fine on 8.1 too.
  7. Yep, that worked, thanks for that Larrow
  8. I have been trying to write a script that would detect any naval mines placed within a certain area and then put the names and position of each mine into an array, so I can store it for later use (persistency purposes). However, I tried to use the "nearObjects" command and it came up with an empty array. I thought it was something wrong with the code, so I tried a speedboat, and it picked it up fine (I was using the classname given in the editor on the popup to drop the unit down). However, when I tried my mine again, it still gave me an empty array. Am I missing something or is this a bug? So, to test here is what I am trying to do: -Place a Naval Mine (Moored) in the editor. (classname used - UnderwaterMine) -Place yourself near it in the water (less than 50m). -Then get the name and pos of the mine and put it into an array. It will do this for multiple mines within the area, but I haven't gotten it to work for even 1 yet. Can anybody help me out with this?
  9. [evo] dan

    Nvidia GeForce 337.50 Beta

    ^ this all over
  10. [evo] dan

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    They've been progressing with that whole attachToWithMovement command, so maybe its not too much of an ask to go a bit further (can vehicles be attached using this and still drive around?, it'll be good enough for me)
  11. [evo] dan

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    Also, post links to the where you distributed them otherwise its just you with no proof as those kind of accusations are taken seriously around here.
  12. [evo] dan

    Wargame Red Dragon

    That was awesome. Can't wait to get around to playing my first game in it. I like how the AI actually went pretty much straight into the water instead of messing around as if they were scared like they do in Arma.
  13. [evo] dan

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    ^this would do me nicely. It'll be a good reason to get us the ability to walk and drive (properly) on moving decks (and inside aircraft too)
  14. [evo] dan

    Wargame Red Dragon

    Finally went and got the game, downloading it now, you can find me on steam with my name if you want to do some cooping.
  15. [evo] dan

    Wargame Red Dragon

    So my question is do you think it is worth buying this game? I have the other 2 (and liked them) so I get the discount as well.
  16. [evo] dan

    Best other military simulators?

    ^took me 20 minutes how to turn the SU25T on, then tried to take off and promptly crashed on take off.
  17. [evo] dan

    Ukraine General

    I guess he means that you need troop helis too in order to get troops on the ground and not just gunships
  18. [evo] dan

    Best other military simulators?

    Thanks for this, I just bought FC3 and Huey on Steam since they were on sale. Still undecided on combined arms as it only has a 20% discount so is as expensive as the 2 I just bought put together.
  19. [evo] dan

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Isn't VBS 3 PE looking at being made more affordable? I think I saw that in the VBS thread, maybe that'll be the Arma replacement
  20. [evo] dan

    DirecxtX 12 for ArmA 3?

    I doubt it, changing the specs after the game has gone gold has always been a bit of a no go as you may end up denying customers the right to use their software (angry customers)
  21. [evo] dan

    HOW TO file a complaint with bohemia

    Nope, has nothing to do with Bohemia, best to consult your own lawyer.
  22. [evo] dan

    Wargame Red Dragon

    I have been looking at this as I really enjoyed the last 2 games, guess its a buy for me.
  23. ^this, we have played PVP or COOP with that kind several times, and lets just say they are very much crippled by it. But each to their own.
  24. setVehicleInit on a logic works as logics are automatically sync'd on JIP, it is the easiest way to do it but not the best. Using the MP framework (look on BIKI under A2) would be the better solution though.