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  1. [evo] dan

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Loving the C130 guys!
  2. Yet another feature that got flushed....
  3. Now they would be a nice change (but please make the Tiger the French one and not the German one which doesn't have a cannon)
  4. Wasn't the A2 ACR DLC based on a mod? I paid for that but never remember it being fixed.
  5. [evo] dan

    Arma 3 Roadmap for 2015. Likes & Dislikes.

    ::Cough:: Undo button ::cough::
  6. [evo] dan

    Next DLC poll what would you want it to be??

    I'd almost forgot about Physx in this game. I definitely think improving it via a logistics DLC would be good. They could include not only military vehicles, but also civie vehicles so it might sell a bit better to those Altis Life people. It would have trucks, smaller boats and some sort of lifting mechanism's such as a forklift truck and a crane.
  7. We tried the RHIB back in beta, my clanmate drove it into the back of the hemmit then drove away ok with it. We changed it around and it worked for me too. However the problem came when he drove it into the truck, got out, and then i drove the truck which caused it to then fail to move, probably due to locality issues.
  8. [evo] dan

    Next DLC poll what would you want it to be??

    A naval DLC would be nice, but i'd also go for some transport planes or even better, a 'logistics' DLC. It would have physx improvements for transporting stuff on land, sea and air. It could include stuff that could be used in 'life' missions (they'll sell more copies then) such as normal transport trucks and then you could use it on the speedboats, small boats (such as a landing craft) and the trucks already in the game too. The DLC could include a small number of transport planes and some trucks and boats for all factions including the civies.
  9. I like the idea of the medium sized boats (some sort of Rhib carrier that you can use to transport troops) or even a small landing craft. I do feel its a great shame that BIS put all this work into water to do essentially... well essentially nothing with it. I'm still hoping the expansion pack builds on it though. BTW Dark, was that MP or SP? You should try it in MP, we used to have issues with stuff like this but this was back in beta and I haven't tried since so i'm not sure how well it is working now in MP. I'm guessing you were using ACE for that menu and to carry stuff?
  10. On init of the mission, get it to check the variable with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/profileNamespace Use saveProfileNamespace to save the vairable. Just use getVariable on the namespace to retrieve it on init and then use any spawning code to place them correctly.
  11. have you tried looking at the BIKI for saveProfileNamespace?
  12. [evo] dan

    Sniping in Arma 3

    Press C to deploy bipod.
  13. have you tried using "marker" in your getPos instead of marker?
  14. [evo] dan

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    Were always the bad guys! Cant the US suddenly be the bad guys?
  15. [evo] dan

    addAction for tent/sleeping bag

    Ahh, ok. Just wanted to know as I may be using it for the respawn tents being built and adding it to a serverside variable. Just tried it, got it to work locally, i just need to figure out how to get it to trigger on both the server and the client. (i'm hosting a local dedi via TADST for testing). I get the logged output, but not the server, I guess I have to change the 'player' to something else, but i'm not sure what. init.sqf: player addEventHandler ["WeaponAssembled", "hint 'event triggered'; [] execVM 'evhscript.sqf'"]; evhscript.sqf: "meh" call BIS_fnc_log; I get the hint and the log both turn up on client, nothing in the server rpt. ---------- Post added at 11:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:25 PM ---------- Heres what I've done to get the thing I wanted to work: init.sqf: player addEventHandler ["WeaponAssembled", "hint 'event triggered'; [[[],'evhscript.sqf'],'BIS_fnc_execVM',false,true] call BIS_fnc_MP;"]; evhscript.sqf: if(isServer) then { "meh" call BIS_fnc_log; };
  16. [evo] dan

    addAction for tent/sleeping bag

    So the event being fired off by either of these will only be triggered local to the unit that did the assemble/disassemble and not serverwide? Would be useful to put up on the Biki.
  17. [evo] dan

    Battlefield: Hardline

    Exactly, even today Arma is struggling to get that. It was the whole reason I got A2 was for something similar.
  18. [evo] dan

    Jet DLC?

    A400M is a turboprop :D I guess a logistics DLC would allow for loading cargo into vehicles such as ammoboxes in very much the way that the R3F scripts do, which I wouldn't actually mind.
  19. [evo] dan

    Hinds at Chernarus....

    If i'm honest, I would much prefer if they brought more civi choppers to A3 or a standalone as I find Altis a much much more interesting place than the South Asia or Seattle maps.
  20. Already has the TOH flightmodel in with some advancements.
  21. [evo] dan

    MP: Hinds request "Patrol"

    Btw, if you want any scripts to look at, feel free to debinarize any of my missions that I made for TOH. (i've gone to A3, but could probably help you with the scripting if you need it)
  22. [evo] dan

    Google Sketchup To arma 3?

    I have given up using Sketchup because it was a PITA for the models and learnt how to use Blender fully instead to make my models, nothing for Arma yet as I still suck at texturing, even by SR's low standards.
  23. [evo] dan

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Yup, you need at least 1 playable unit on the map before the empty class becomes available
  24. [evo] dan

    British army creates team of Facebook warriors

    They should call those guys the "Keyboard Commando's Brigade"
  25. [evo] dan

    Arma 3 Server monetization

    +1 to that Terox