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  1. Conveniently nuke / drop atomic bomb to any point on the map with help from GlovePIE advanced voice commands for Arma 3. Move closer to the spectacular mushroom cloud via Arma 3 Zeus.


    then map automatically opens asking you to click for ground zero (coordinates) and finally, wait for the big bang. That easy!

  2. Just for laughs...

    Voice-activated Fus Ro Dah with help from GlovePIE Advanced Voice Commands for Arma 3.

    Saying 'Unrelenting Force' in game would make your player (avatar) do the Fus Ro Dah thing, Arma 3 style with matching 'fus ro dah' scream and lightning effect! :thumb_down:

  3. Try GlovePIE Voice Commands. Freeware. Its PIE script can be tailored to suit your specific Arma 3 needs. Very easy

    . :)

    How GlovePIE (and others) works:

    Say for instance you want to issue a command "Two, three five, assign team red". To accomplish that in game, you need to manually press in consecutive manner, the following keys: F2 F3 F5 9 1.

    With voice commands, what happens is that it (the software) would pick up what you say, for example "Two, three five, assign team red", then emulate the keys F2 F3 F5 9 1 in game so that in effect, soldiers two, three and five are assigned to team red.

    In other words, it would press the keys for you in a very fast manner. So, there are two components: speech recognition and key emulation. First it listens, then once it picks up something and that something (command) happens to be in your script, it does something (basic key emulation).

    That is why in all videos about Arma 3 voice commands you see on YouTube for example, you will notice that there is the talking part first and some very fast menu interaction thereafter.

    Voice commands / control have a lot of conveniences to offer in Arma 3 game. Take note though that (GlovePIE) voice commands in Arma 3 is not limited to just basic commands such as team assignment, squad control, stance, movement commands and the likes.

    That's all that I can share now.